July 29, 2016, 12:10 pm

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Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 On August 3, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 2005, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 the first Emergiblog post was published.

Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Eight years and 935 posts later, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 and with a part of me dreading this even as I write, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 it is time to say good-bye.

Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 It’s been 10 months since my last entry. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Many times over those months, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 I’ve run into a situation and thought, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 “this would make a great blog post!”

Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Yet, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 I did not put my thoughts into writing.

Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 The passing of time has not rekindled the passion to write, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 and when the desire to write is gone, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 one is no longer a blogger.

Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Damn, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 that was hard to write.


There are still topics I could write about: the metamorphosis of my hospital into a corporate appendage, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 the uselessness of electronic medical records (very sad realization, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 that), indocin 25mg pills $53.00 the feeling that as nurses advance their education, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 basic nursing care is being forgotten (oh, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 the stories!).

Topics like this used to rev me up, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 make me head for the keyboard and blow out a rant.

Now, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 all I want to do is reach for the Prilosec.

Even if I still had the urge to write, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 I wouldn’t want to sound like a bitter, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 sarcastic nurse who is angry all the time. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 And I would sound like that (I wrote the paragraph above four times before it stopped sounding like I was ready to punch the wall.)

That isn’t fun to read, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 and it certainly does nothing to help the profession.

These days, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 frankly, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 I’d rather spend my time off in Portland with my grandson, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 catching up on Doctor Who episodes from the last 50 years and cheering my head off for NASCAR every weekend.


But it was a hell of a ride! 😀

I have met and made friends from around the world.

I connected with nurses who shared their stories and was inspired. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 In fact, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 it was student nurse bloggers who inspired me to go back for my BSN.

I connected with physicians who shared their stories and was shown a wider perspective.

Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 I connected with patients who shared their stories and I became a better nurse.


Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 And now, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 some thank-yous:

Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Shane Pike has been with me from almost the very beginning, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 keeping things running behind the scenes. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Emergiblog would not have been what it is without him. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 “Thank you” doesn’t even cover it.

Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 The “medbloggers” were able to meet at BlogWorld for four years, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 thanks to Rob Halper and Marc Monseau, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 who spearheaded the Johnson & Johnson sponsorship of our track. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Thank you both! For BlogWorld and the chance to speak in Orlando!

Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Of course, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 those meetings would never have happened if Rick Calvert, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 CEO of BlogWorld (now known as New Media Expo) had not seen my rant decrying the lack of medbloggers at conferences. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 He said, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 “We have room for you here!” Not only did I meet my fellow medbloggers, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 but also my “Blogfathers” Hugh Hewitt and James Lileks! Thank you, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Rick!

Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Bora Zivkovik gave me my first link. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 I remember waking up and seeing that 35 people had read the post overnight and realizing that I didn’t have that many family members who knew I blogged, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 so something must have happened! Thank you, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Bora, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 for the encouragement that link provided!

Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Terri Polick, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 aka Nurse Ratched’s Place, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 is my “Blogdaughter”, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 BFF and partner-in-crime all these years. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Terri has moved on to a new blog, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Mod Mother: Modern Design with a Motherly Twist. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Thanks for all the fun/commiseration/support! We had quite a ride, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 didn’t we? 😀

Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 And last, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 but certainly not least, indocin 25mg pills $53.00

Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has stopped by to read Emergiblog. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 A blog without readers is just a diary. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Emergiblog was a success because you came to read.


(The actual blog will remain up. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 Comments to all old posts have been disabled (this post is still open.) The “Contact” button still works. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 I’m still on Twitter as @emergiblog and if you can stand cat pictures and a lot of NASCAR talk, indocin 25mg pills $53.00 I’m also on Facebook. Indocin 25mg pills $53.00 )

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July 29, 2016, 1:52 pm

Suprax 200mg Pills $162.00

Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 Oh! what I would give for a paper chart!

Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 …for a clean, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 crisp empty sheet of nursing notes!

Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 Oh! to see perfectly horizontal black lines, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 inviting me to hover my delicately-balanced pen above, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 poised to create a work of art.

Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 Oh! to eloquently describe my nursing care in cursive so beautiful my great-grandmother would cry.

Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 What would I give?

Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 I’d give my (expletive) Cerner workstation a shove into the San Francisco Bay.

Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 Yeah, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 we finally entered the 21st century at work.

Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 Computerized charting. Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 What a crock.

Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 Boy, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 do I have a rant all ready to explode for this one.

Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 But that’s the next post.


What do you do when you lose your voice?

Your blogging voice.

It used to be so easy.


When I started blogging in 2005 I just talked about what it was like to be a staff nurse. Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 That was my “voice.” The stories flowed off the keyboard. Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 Blogging was a creative outlet.

Blogging was fun.

Today, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 an old-school Catholic nun sits in my head, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 rapping my knuckles with her ruler if I even consider posting something that isn’t “prim and proper”.

The trouble is, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 “prim and proper” is not my style.

Now, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 I can write “prim and proper” with the best of them. Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 But a blog is not the place for that. Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 This blog is not the place for that.

And to be honest with you, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 I have not been all that enamored of health care in the last year or so, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 of watching my wonderful small community hospital become an appendage of a corporate behemoth. Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 Or of reading about health care in terms of partisan politics every single day in the news.

I wanted to rant and blog. Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 But I didn’t know what to say, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 or how to say it. Ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 Sister Super-ego wanted prim and proper, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 but I couldn’t produce prim and proper.

So when I went to “speak, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00” nothing came out.


I don’t know where Sister Super-ego came from, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 or where I got the idea that everything produced on this blog had to look like it was ready for a peer-reviewed journal.

This blog never was and never will be a “professional publication”.

It’s just the story of the life and times of an emergency department nurse.

Time to get back to my “roots.”

If anyone is still reading, ornidazole 500mg pills $157.00 thanks for hanging in there! Smile

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July 29, 2016, 11:03 am

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Colospa 135mg pills $109.00 Apparently even one-eyed alien nurses wear caps!

Colospa 135mg pills $109.00 For the life of me, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 I cannot remember where I found this photo, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 but it looks straight out of Doctor Who circa 1963.

Colospa 135mg pills $109.00 There were nurses in one episode of Doctor Who: a race of humanoid feline nuns called the Sisters of Plentitude.

I was about to say, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 “You can’t make this stuff up!”, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 but obviously someone did!


You would think that after 18 years online and more than 7 years as a blogger, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 I’d know better.

But no, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 I actually fell for a scam this week.

No money changed hands.


They ticked me off.


It has been a long time since any sort of scam-type email has come through to me.

They have improved! They don’t misspell. Colospa 135mg pills $109.00 The grammar almost passes muster.

It seems a company wanted to use “Emergiblog” as their domain name and keyword in….wait for it…China/Asia.

You’re already smacking your head, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 right? “Doh!” Ding, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 ding, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 ding….scam!

The email wanted to know if I was connected with this “company” and if they were my distributor in China/Asia, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 because there was a conflict.

The company is a UK construction firm.



I sent a cordial email back that said (a) I was not affiliated with the company who wanted the name and (b) I did not want the name registered by anyone else and (c) it would be a cold day in hell before I’d give the name up.

And that was that.


Then, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 a second email arrives from a Yahoo address in….wait for it….China (with broken English, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 “Dear Sirs, colospa 135mg pills $109.00”…ding…ding…ding!) saying basically, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 we got your message and we are going to do it anyway even though the guy who sent the first email advises us to find another name.

Okay….now you’ve done it.

Now you have pissed…me…off.

And you do not want to piss….me….off….


The first rule of internet correspondence is that one remains cordial.

So, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 I sent a cordial response stating “oh, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 HELL no, colospa 135mg pills $109.00” indicating that legal representation was being obtained.

You can’t swing a cat two feet in this family without hitting enough lawyers to form a firm.

It wouldn’t be hard to get exactly what I need.



I decided to let Web-guy extraordinaire, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 Shane, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 know what was happening.

About ten seconds later, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 I got the response:

“Oldest scam in the book.”

Followed by my Facebook blogger pals telling me the same thing.

How could I not have seen this?

It was only as large as a neon, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 freaking billboard!

I smacked my head so hard I had LOC for ten minutes.


It won’t happen again.

I’m chagrined it happened at all.

How embarrassing.

The only consolation is that the threat to my blog identity brought out my killer instinct, colospa 135mg pills $109.00 even if I’m not blogging as much as I would like to.

One does not mess with another’s domain name.

It just isn’t done.

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