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January 11, 2006, 8:08 am

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare Some Robitussin?

Oh yeah? Well I got one too, chickie baby and it’s gonna take more than a 50-year-old package of Vicks to get me moving.

It started with a simple little case of what I call “Lauren Bacall-itis”. A little laryngitis that gave me a deep, sexy voice for a day. All I needed was Humphrey Bogart and I would have been a happy woman. Didn’t even feel sick.

Then the aching. That was yesterday. No sweat. I little ibuprofen and I had a good six hours of relief. I coughed a few times, but hey, who doesn’t?

This am I woke up with a tight chest, a wee bit of stridor cleared by a now painful, non-productive cough and a voice that sounds like a longshoreman.

Pardon my language, but WTF? I had the flu shot. And I have too much to do to be down-for-the-count.

I bit the bullet. I called in sick. I don’t think that was a cause for joy amongst my co-workers who now have the dubious privledge of trying to cover my 12-hour shift.

That’s another thing about being a nurse.

You can’t ever get sick without feeling guilty about it.

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1:16 am

Personal Space and the Race to Replace

This is not exactly a nurse I’d like to run into in a dark hallway.

But she’s right! It didn’t hurt a bit!

One of the Emergiblog posts was accepted into the Carnival of the Vanities, hosted this week by The Hip and Zen Pen blog.

The topics are varied, and you can submit what you consider your best post for the week. I submitted my “Who Let The Dogs Out”.

I felt a little strange submitting to a non-medical carnival, but I am in good company – “Doctor” (formerly of the Medical Madhouse – see sidebar link) is also represented! So if you are looking for a very eclectic group of bloggers, check it out!


I have never minded having to commute to work.

It gives me a chance to gear up , to change from wife/mom, maid/counselor, chauffeur and accountant/chef to my much easier job of working as registered nurse in an emergency department.

As I drive, I exercise my vocal repertoire of songs. I practice my harmonization techniques (I swear I could have been in the Eagles) and quite often give Steve Perry (formerly of Journey)
a run for his money in the high-note department.

Unfortunately, no one appreciates my talent.

I’ve had absolute strangers tell me to shut up as they drive by.

And this is with my windows closed.

But I digress….

I stop and pick up my 44 gazillion ounce Diet Pepsi that will last me all shift and assess the parking lot as I drive in and park in an area that, well, isn’t exactly dedicated to the staff.

Now before I go on, let me tell you that when it is the end of my shift, which is usually sometime during the night or early morning, I give the oncoming nurse time to acclimate. Get a cup of coffee. Survey the department. Take a breath. I’m in no major hurry to leave, I know my relief is there and I don’t want the oncoming nurse stressed the moment she walks into the unit.

I wish I had someone like that waiting for me when I got to work.

But no, I get Whirling Dervish, RN.

She meets me at the sliding doors and proceeds to follow me.

To the breakroom where I place my purse.

To the bathroom where I get my various accoutrements (pen, stethoscope, scissors, tape) out of my locker. Talking continuously the entire time, reporting on patients before I even know which assignment I have. I’m sure she would join me in the actual toilet but there is only room for one in the cubicle so she talks outside the door.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if a chart was pushed under the door for my perusal while peeing. Which tends to be copious after all the Diet Pepsi.

After awhile she sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher: “wah, wah, wah-wah wah!”

I don’t even think a Diprovan drip would settle her down. Must be why she works the day shift.

But that’s a whole different topic……..

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January 10, 2006, 12:46 am

It’s No Mystery, It’s Grand Rounds!

Look, up in the sky!

It’s a link to Clinical Cases and Images Blog

It must be time for Grand Rounds!

There’s no mystery science there, just real-life stories and information from the medical blogosphere.

Emergiblog is proud to have been chosen as one of the contributors this week.

So grab your ‘bots, settle in and get yourself up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of health care!

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