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September 25, 2016, 11:19 am

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Fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 I call this composition “Homeless Man Diagnoses Appendicitis in ER Waiting Room With Mother Draped in Blanket While Child Freezes With Wreath on Head”.

Fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 There was no HIPPA back then, fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 you know.

Now, fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 regarding next week’s Grand Rounds here at Emergiblog.

Fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 I will be doing the majority of work on the submissions over the weekend and would appreciate all submissions by Monday morning, fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 1700 (5:00pm) Pacific time.

Fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 Please don’t wait until the last minute or visions of Eneman will haunt your dreams forever!

Fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 The theme will be “Grand Rounds in the Emergency Department” and because no one is ever turned away from the ED, fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 all posts will be included in one of the triage categories.

Fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 I shall say no more.

Fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 Except that you should send all submissions to: kmcallister911 at yahoo dot com.

Fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 By the way, fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 that is Hippocrates up there.


Fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 I was going to ask for pity on myself because I have to do three twelve-hour shifts in a row this week to make up for the time I was in Portland.

Fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 Then I thought of all the residents and registrars out there who would split a gut laughing at someone complaining about twelve-hour shifts with actual sleep in between each one.

Fosamax 70mg pills $270.00 Guess I don’t have it so bad after all!

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11:13 am

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Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 Write what on the chart?

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 She’s in love with the neuro surgeon who doesn’t know she exists?

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 That she’d rather be waxing her bikini line than working at this particular moment?

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 That she’d like to dot her “i”s with tiny hearts but they told her to stop?

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 Would you believe this was actually part of an ad for razor blades?

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 It was.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 All she has to do is write “Patient states less pain and skin irritation when “x” razor is used.”

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 There, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 problem solved.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 What a wimp.


Some advice from a person who has been there, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 read it all and freaked out.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 Do NOT search the entire known world via the internet if you or a loved one is diagnosed with a medical problem.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 An abbreviated search is fine. Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 Stick with WebMD, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 perhaps the site of a national organization devoted to patients with that specific diagnosis (with their approved links) or a patient oriented medical site that will give you the information you need without giving you every nasty statistic, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 horror story, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 photo or urban legend that will scare the hell out of you.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 You CAN have too much information.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 I did. Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 And I had needless anxiety for weeks.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 If it can happen to a nurse, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 it can happen to you.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 An informed patient is a knowledgable patient. Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 An over-informed family member is a heart attack waiting to happen.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 On the upside, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 I am now an self-designated expert on any possible cyst your gonads can produce (and what’s inside them), sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 but it came with a virtual encyclopedia of unnecessary, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 frightening information on ovarian cancer, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 testicular cancer, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 cancer staging, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 wigs for cancer patients.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 You get the picture.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 By the time I was done I was pretty sure every living thing in the house had ovarian cancer, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 including my husband.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 All for two ovarian dermoid cysts the size of quarters.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 The moral of the story? If you need information, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 look at a few sites and talk to your doc if you have questions. Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 Don’t go searching for information you don’t need to have.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 Trust me.

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 Oh, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 and by the way, sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 I am also quite an “expert” on parasitic twins!

Sumycin 250mg pills $113.00 Don’t ask…..

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1:52 am

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Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 No riffing on this photo.

Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 It kind of made me melancholy for the “old days”. Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 “A symbol of American strength.” Wow!

Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 I actually had a primary physician who would take care of generations of patients in the same family. Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 They called them “general practicioners” back then. Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 He delivered me and took out my tonsils 5 years later.

Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 My parents had to switch to Kaiser when I was six and I became a medical record number.

Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 My old doc is still around, coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 albeit in a very reduced practice. Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 His son followed in his footsteps and is now also a popular doctor in this area.

Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 Tradition.

Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 Speaking of tradition, coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 it is Tuesday!

Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 And Tuesday means it’s time for Grand Rounds ! This week Dr. Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 Bard Parker is hosting at A Chance to Cut Is A Chance to Cure and I am honored that an Emergiblog post is included.


Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 Guess what?

Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 Next week I’m the host for Grand Rounds!

Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 I guess you could say I’m just a wee bit excited with a bit of nerves thrown in! LOL!

Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 This is going to be a blast – I’ll be posting information regarding where to send your submissions and the theme and when the party starts.

Coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 Hey, coumadin 1mg pills $81.00 what can I say? I love this stuff!

Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 232 user reviews.

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