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April 4, 2006, 4:26 pm

Jurassic Blog?

There’s tonic in the air!

Actually, it’s called air conditioning. This is an ad for air conditioning.

Supposedly it made a better environment in which to heal.

I mean, like, who wants to sweat when you have measles?

Take a good look at the photo.

Doctor, nurse, three young male patients.

This child obviously need assistance with ambulating.

The two kids in bed don’t even look sick.

Is this some wierd hospital stuck between “The Twilight Zone” and “Groundhog Day”?

They’ve all aged at least 50 years (including the nurse and doctor).

They’ve never left the hospital room!

The two guys in bed still don’t look sick.

The kid still needs assistance ambulating.

The only activity that seems to have occurred during the previous half century is that the doctor has decided to stand up.

Now that’s progress.

I do believe they still think Franklin Delano Roosevelt is President.

Someone should break the news to them…..

So you see, air conditioning didn’t do a thing for these people.

Another case of false advertising.

You may have noticed some new buttons on the Emergiblog sidebar. Best Blogs Media now has their site up and running and it looks like my blogger colleague over at Gasbagging has decided to take the plunge along with me (okay, I took the plunge after him…) and have our blogs syndicated through Best Blogs.

But, and this is the exciting part, you will find a button for nursingvoices.com. Emergiblog is also syndicated through this site, which is part of the Nursing Jobs.org group.

With May from About A Nurse and two other nursing bloggers, we comprise the “Advisory Panel” for Nursing Voices.

Nursing Voices is not an exclusive club (although being invited as a “leading nurse blogger” was rather flattering. Some women want chocolate and flowers. All I need is to be called a “leading blogger”. I’m so easy).

You can also have your nursing blog syndicated. Just go to the site and click on the appropriate link.

And I am hoping soon that Emergiblog will have a new look as it becomes part of a new blogging platform.

Same old writing though.

What, you thought I’d turn into Michael Crighton just because I spiff up my site?

In my dreams, baby…..

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April 2, 2006, 9:35 am

A Note to Fellow Bloggers: Don’t You Do What I Have Done!

Oh fellow bloggers,

Do not do what I have done.

I backed up my Blogger template because I was trying to switch to putting Emergiblog over at Yahoo, complete with my own domain name (which I own at enom.com) and an emergiblog.com mailbox.

But it didn’t work right.

So I put my Blogger template back. Only now my posts are all screwed up in terms of line breaks and symmetry and all the obsessive-compulsive things I put into each one.

Now they just read like big, fat paragraphs.

Only when I go to edit them back, they are in pristine condition, but republishing them does not change them back to normal.

Don’t ever do this, trust me, I’m very depressed right now.

And certainly don’t try it after a night shift……

UPDATE! UPDATE! In the “Formatting” section of Settings? There is a tab to select “convert” line breaks. Somewhere in the process of trying to move things around, “No” got selected when I wanted “YES”! Geeze, I feel like someone just gave my “baby” a miracle cure!

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