September 29, 2016, 12:24 am

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Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 Since when do patients leave the hospital looking like they are on a business trip?

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 This guy even has had his shoes shined!

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 The sentiment at the top of the photo is quite nice and very true.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 However, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 on the new nursing cap rating scale instigated by KACNAC (Kim’s Accreditation Commission on Nursing and Caps), fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 this nursing cap is a 6.75 on the 0-10 scale.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 However, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 since very few nurses wear their cap, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 except me, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 I don’t believe this will put a cramp in anyone’s work habits.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 And besides, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 I don’t think I have the authority to impose it.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 But one can dream.


It it’s Tuesday if must be Grand Rounds! Today our host is our favorite New York nephrologoist at Kidney Notes.

I was surprised and honored to find that an Emergiblog post was selected as an “Editor’s Pick”.

Again, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 an amazing selection of stories, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 education and information. Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 “Walk” your keyboard on over and check it out (with or without your suitcase!).


I was happily blogging via WiFi at a local Seattle’s Best this afternoon (see above) and it totally rocked! I’m going to do it on a daily basis. Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 Being there during the day is wonderful because

  • Everyone who is studying is in school.
  • Everyone who works 9-5 is working 9-5.
  • Seattle’s Best, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 although owned by Starbucks, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 has better coffee and cleaner shops.
  • The coffee shop is attached to Borders bookstore so I am 20 feet away from a vast expanse of written literature and fun stuff like totally cool pens and stationery.
  • I’m easy to please.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 During this idyll time I received an IM from my son who informed me of the results of my husband’s visit with his surgeon today.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 His gallbladder was gangrenous.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 I’ll save the full story for Scared to Health.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 My reaction was one of total, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 retroactive shock. Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 My legs went numb.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 It’s a good thing I was sitting because blogging face down in a coffee shop would have attracted attention, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 I’m sure.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 I then did the most stupid thing I could have done. Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 I googled “gangrenous gallbladder mortality”.Wrong.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 It’s between 25-50% if surgery is not done in time. Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 The mortality rate was zero in one study of over 200 patients with a 21.5% incidence of gangrene when the surgery was performed on a timely basis.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 The problem is that a gangrenous gallbladder presents no differently than a regular gallbladder in terms of symptoms – the type of symptoms that bring people to an ER.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 How many times have we taken care of people with gallbladders that are, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 unknown to us, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 gangrenous, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 taken care of their pain, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 given them an ultrasound and sent them home to follow up with a surgeon in 1-2 days?

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 The surgeon said she was surprised hubby was not sicker than he was given the state of the gallbladder upon removal. Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 It only had two tiny stones in it.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 I took the last sip of my latte, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 closed down my computer and on legs that weren’t exactly steady, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 met the kids after their movie and drove them to cross-country practice.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 Life goes on now, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 pretty much as it did two weeks before.

Fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 I said a prayer of thanks as I walked to my car, fosamax 35mg pills $256.00 shedding a few tears in the process.

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  • Brian

    May 31, 2006 at 9:33 am

    You are in our prayers.

  • may

    May 31, 2006 at 12:46 pm

    warm thoughts coming your way kim…hang in there…

  • Gimpy Mumpy
    Gimpy Mumpy

    May 31, 2006 at 4:34 pm

    I think anything with “gangrenous” in the diagnosis would scare the hell out of me. Although for some reason my brain keeps calling up an image of Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street. Not sure why, probably some deeply rooted defense mechanism. 🙂

    I am sure your husband will be fine, he has the best nurse in the world!

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