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July 30, 2016, 11:45 am

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Vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 relief

Vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 Ever think radiology was, vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00well, vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 boring?

Vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 Ever think that being able to actually see something on an xray or CT scan was immpossible?

Vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 Well, vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 think again folks, vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 because Radiology Grand Rounds, vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 aka The Carnival of Medical Imaging is up and running!

Vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 And I have spent a bit of time on a Sunday morning checking it out so you know it has to be interesting!

Vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 Be sure to check out the dude with the dart in his head and see if you don’t get some sympathy pain!

Vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 And mostly, vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 congrats to Dr. Vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 Sethi for a great initial edition.

Vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 I wonder what he’d think of the internal workings of the guy in this advertisement….

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July 30, 2016, 6:49 pm

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Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 diet

Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 What’s wrong with this picture?

Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 The nurse is sharing her Pepsi, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 that’s what.

Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 I don’t nevah share my (diet) Pepsi.

Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 You get your own!

Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 Why, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 if I had known my own facility sold Coke, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 I’d have thought twice about accepting my position!

Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 Maybe we can negotiate a “Pepsi Only” clause in our next contract.


Now what’s right with this picture?

Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 Yep, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 you guessed it!

Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 On the KCS (Kim’s Cap Scale), zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 this nurse is wearing a 10/10.

Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 No flat cap syndrome, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 perfect arch over the scalp.

Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 Life doesn’t get any better than that!


Shameless self promotion:  new post on Scared to Health


I wasn’t sure what to call this post.

I’m sitting in a local Starbucks, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 which, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 bless their caffeinated heart, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 has my wireless internet lifeline, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 aka T-Mobile wireless.

But the music is too loud, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 they only have two cushy seats with two very comfortable butts already ensconced in them (for the last three hours). Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 Now if it was my butt in the chair, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 I’d sit there for three hours too, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 so I totally understand.

But the barrista is calling out the drinks in the same manner as a World Cup announcer yelling “Goal!” and Sting is singing rather loudly about some esoteric subject.

They were playing Dylan earlier. Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 Tres cool! I’ll take Bobby any day. Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 He makes me wanna get up and protest something.

Which brings me to my next topic.


Why, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 you ask, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 am I sitting in an uncomfortable seat at a loud Starbucks when I could be hoarding one of eight thick, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 leather, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 cushy chairs at my local Seattle’s Best?

Because I’m boycotting Borders Bookstore (long story, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 link to issue in an earlier post) and my precious Seattle’s Best is attached to it.

So if I go to the coffee shop that is an integral part of the bookstore I’m boycotting, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 then I’m not really boycotting.

If I could get past that logic, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 I’d be at Seattle’s Best right now.

Trouble is, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 nobody informed my lumbar-sacral area about the boycott and it is presenting me with painful anti-boycott counter-arguments as I write. Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 It’s like my brain is Bob Dylan and my lumbar sacral spine is Ann Coulter and they are violently arguing.

And that has to be the most stupid analogy on the web.

Let us just say that “Ann”‘s arguments are Vicodin strong.


Nobody ever told me that protest was painful. Zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 If you ever see a protest on TV and someone is holding a sign that says “Protect Your Butt, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 Protest Standing Up!”, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 it will be me.


Ever wanted to sit down and have lunch with an ER nurse?

Learn the real scoop behind what goes down when you are a patient?



Well just in case you decide it might be interesting, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 I thought I’d have a post called “Ask the Nurse”.

You send in a question and I answer it.

No medical advice, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 of course, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 just my experiences in how things work behind the scenes.

Questions like “How do you nurses manage to stay so beautiful after running into and through body fluids for twelve hours?” will be given top priority.

The question, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 “Why would someone go to an ER for an enema?” is unanswerable and will be sent to the great blog commode in the sky.

If I get enough questions, zoloft 100mg pills $113.00 I’ll make a post out of it.

If not…..well….

I’ll make some up!

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July 30, 2016, 11:00 pm

Abana 60 Tablet Bottle $342.00

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 logo

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Welcome to the first edition of what I hope will become a tradition akin to the wonderful “Grand Rounds”.

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Welcome to :”Change of Shift: A Nursing Blog Carnival”

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 My goal was to find new nurses and nursing blogs and urge them to contribute to the medical/nursing/patient blogosphere. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 I hope to include submissions on the topic of nursing from doctors and patients in future editions.

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 I believe you can judge the sucess of this endeavor in the following submissions.

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 My links have certainly expanded accordingly!

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Enjoy!


Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Rosebuttons presents a poignant ICU vignette in When They Open Their Eyes, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 They Break My Heart posted at Knitting in the Dark.

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 And as a special guest, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 we have Cherry Ames, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 herself wondering When Does the Nursing Start?

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Our favorite Nurse Practioner student sends in a post that’s all about collaboration and respect in The Use of NPs and PAs in Hospitals. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 I have worked with both and find them a wonderful addition to the care of patients. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 I know my ER runs very smoothly with ours!

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 MamaDoc represents the medical profession this round as she reminisces about her experiences with nurses as a student in Memory Lane, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 posted at Fat Doctor . Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 My favorite memories of my brief stint at a teaching hospital are about working with the interns.


Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Alec presents Today Is Where My Book Begins. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Non-traditional and totally cool, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 not only has Alec grasped all the excitement and the unknown future of the graduate nurse, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 he has given me a reason to go check out iTunes for a great song. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 See which one at Cowman’s Corner of the Web. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Congratulations, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Alec!

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Hannah at Milliner’s Dream discusses what constitutes a loss, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 and it’s more than you can imagine. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 She submits If I Should Die Before I Wake.

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Katy, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 an oncology RN and one of my new nurse links at kt living discusses taking care of her patient before she even realizes a second one is developing at Full Moon Mania.

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Remember what it was like when you first received notice that you had been accepted to nursing school? Well, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 it just happened to Nicole at Nicole, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Student Nurse. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Check out OMG! and join me in congratulating her on her accomplishment.


Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Ever wonder what it is like to work as an outpatient dialysis nurse? I have. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Janet at Chocolate and Raspberries vividly describes these duties in her post Hustle and Flow.

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 oncRN presents e. posted at oncRN. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 There is nothing I can add that would make this post any more powerful.

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Nursing student Marisa has an exciting experience in the OR in CABG! at Nursing Student Hell. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Great story.Great title for a blog!

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Anonanurse presents Give yourself a hug and push with your heels. posted at Messadventures Galore. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 And get ready to laugh at the hilarious post: Your Boyfriend is Hot.


Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Erica presents a touching post about a horrible tragedy at Blissful Entropy: Low-tech healing, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 followed by another heart wrenching look at the loss of a child at Blissful Entropy: At a loss. She then writes a “keepin’ it real” post on exactly why she sees the cost of healthcare rising at Blissful Entropy: A little whine. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 . Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 . And if you haven’t figured it out yet, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 all these are posted at Blissful Entropy (And I do believe that is the record for the number of links in one submission!)

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Join me in welcoming a new RN to the blogosphere as she introduces herself at RuralED.

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 PixelRN presents a profound dilemma in Round One: It’s a Tough Business posted at PixelRN. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Kudos to MICU nurses everywhere. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 I don’t think that’s something I could handle today.

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Jodi at Coffee and Conversation pulls from her archives to describe the difficult position of being a nurse and a daughter at the same time, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 as she watches her mother deal with a terminal illness at Inevitable.

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 I never tire of hearing how someone was led, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 or called into nursing. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Each story is different and demonstrates how we all bring something unique to the profession. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Pam over at Pammiecakes descibes her voyage into the nursing waters in Why I Want To Be A Nurse (In Third Person).

Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 As I posted Jodi’s submission, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 I started thinking about my early blog days, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 meaning last August, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 when I started this whole idea of writing my thoughts down for posterity. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 And so in keep with my obsession with my nursing cap, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 I present one of my very first posts, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 entitled Cap-tivated!


Thanks to all who contributed to our very first Change of Shift. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed all the submissions.

A link back to Change of Shift would be appreciated as it will help spread the word amongst the medical blogosphere that there is a nursing carnival that welcomes all submissions.

Doctors, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 patients, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 family members of patients – your experiences with nurses, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 both postitive or otherwise are always welcome as are your opinions, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 rants, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 poems or however else you choose to express yourself!


The next Change of Shift will be posted on July 13, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 2006, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 with a submission deadline of July 12, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 2006 at 1700 PDT. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Until we get a routine established, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 I’ll continue to host.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of Change of Shift using the carnival submission form at Blog Carnival. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Past posts can be found on their blog carnival index page, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 in addition to the Emergiblog Change of Shift Page. Eventually, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 you will also be able to submit via The Medical Blog Network. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 I hope to set that up soon.

Of course, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 you can always email me your submission directly.

And please, depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 don’t forget to contribute to “Grand Rounds”. Depo-medrol 4mg pills $248.00 Keep the nursing voice a prominent part of our preeminent compilation of all that is good in the medical blogosphere.

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