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June 1, 2006, 4:20 pm

“Change of Shift”: A Nursing Blog Carnival

rnphoneCall me crazy.

Call me nuts.

But I am banking on the idea that there are more nurse blogs out there that would like to be seen and heard.

I am a great fan of “Grand Rounds” and I believe that as many nurses as possible should contribute.

Not many do.

But what if….

…..we had a forum just about nurses and nursing.

I know it has been tried before and did not last. Things have changed dramatically in just the 9 months that I have been blogging and I think there is a niche for nursing blogs that may not have been as fully developed before.

Here are the basic ideas:

  • The topic must be about some aspect of nursing and not necessarily job related.
  • I’d politely request a link back to “Change of Shift” when your post goes up.
    • If you contribute to Grand Rounds every Tuesday, and I think we should, the post you send to “Change of Shift” needs to be a different post.
      • If you are only going to post once a week, send it to Grand Rounds.
      • If the host for the week chooses not to use it, I’m happy to include it.
      • I don’t want the nursing contribution to Grand Rounds diluted.
    • Anyone can contribute
      • Nurses: we’re blogging already! Send your latest post!
      • Doctors: how do nurses come across at work? What could we do to make your job easier? What could you do to make our job easier. Anecdotal experiences with nurses, good or bad and what can we learn from them?
      • Patients: What has been your experience? What makes a nurse a good nurse from you perspective? What did you get or not get from your nurse? If you could lecture a class of nursing students for one hour,what would you say

Now, I’m no Glenn Reynolds from Instapundit so don’t expect an “Emergilanche”. But I do get an average of 300 readers a day, hopefully more if this takes off. So there is some exposure/advantage to be gained by submitting.

Okay, so what do I get out of this and why am I willing to take it on?

  • I am absolutely, 100% addicted to blogging.
  • I am absolutely, 100% addicted to encouraging nurse bloggers and bloggers blogging about nursing.
  • I am absolutely, 100% addicted to more traffic.
  • I am no longer a slave to the whims of Blogger (bless you, Shane) and am not as nervous about hosting anything.
  • I hopefully will see an increase in ad revenue which would make me very happy as there is a MacBook Pro with my name on it at the local Apple store.
  • I really, really want to do this!

And that folks, amounts to full disclosure. My motivations are an open book. Hopefully a best-selling open book but open none-the-less.

All comments welcome; thanks especially to Nick and Geena for their google-group advice and encouragement.

More details to come.

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