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Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Welcome to the the third volume of “Change of Shift: A Nursing Blog Carnival”. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 This edition includes a beautiful piece of art, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 an interesting essay on spirituality from a non-nurse, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 wonderful contributions from our future colleagues, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 a look at “us” through the eyes of two different patients’ parents and even we even get a bit controversial! Enjoy!


Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 This volume opens with a beautiful piece of artwork by Stephanie E. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Robinson. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Stephanie herself describes it thus:

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 “I created this lithograph through my own process of healing, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 but have found since that it resonates with patients as well as their caregivers in many disease states.”

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 And resonate it does. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 The story behind it makes it even more amazing. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Stephanie presents Seasons of the Soul posted at Artist’s Biography for Stephanie E. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Robinson.


Amanda of Imagine Bright Futures has nominated two posts dealing with how nurses can affect the hospital experience of parents with critically ill children.

The first, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 from Healthcare Hollaback is entitled “Jen and Holly, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Nurses AND Guardians of Sanity”. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 A, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 shall we say, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 creative solution for a Mom on the edge?

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00

We then hear from Postcards From Holland via a post entitled “Not Your Everyday Miracle”. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Ever seen a photo of a miracle? Read the whole post.

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00


Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 With all the debate over our border with Mexico, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 it is sometimes hard to remember that there are real human beings behind those statistics. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Meet one of them as talking RN  presents paradox posted at talkingRN.

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Burning out? Been there and done that twice. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Ian of ImpactED Nurse disusses burn out, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 but also gives wonderful advice on how to Burn In. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Reed and heed.

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 We all have skeletons in the closet and kt at kt living discusses exactly when we are most likely to divulge those secrets in Confessions at 3AM and always remember, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 good gossip can come back to haunt you, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 repeatedly. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 It’s okay, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 kt. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 I think he’s cute, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 too.

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 And kt doesn’t stop there! Read of this hilarious post about the Chemo Patient With the Munchies.


Marisapan at Nursing Student Hell gives an example of how assessing the patient can lead to knowing something is not right before relying on technology to prove it. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Read of this most interesting situation at Vague Symptoms.

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Student nurse, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 “girl in greenwood” tells of her interactions with a patient ready to die in hospice posted at Girl in Greenwood. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Read this and then try to tell me this girl isn’t a natural! I’m glad she’s in nursing school.

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 And as I am coming up on my first blog anniversary, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 I’ll pull out one of the posts from when my only reader was my mother. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 It’s about the night shift. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 I present: And the Darkest Hours Are Just Before Dawn.


Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Nursing intuition. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 You can’t quantify it. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 You can’t see it. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 But we all know it exists. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Mama Mia explores this phenomenon in Do You Feel What I Feel? posted at Dust in the Wind.

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 (Anyone who can mix a Peter Frampton song title in with a Kansas song titled blog is my kinda gal!)

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Lois Lane a nurse? This was news to me, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 but Nurse Ratched’s Place has the proof in Lois Lane, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Super Nurse! Is is just me or does Lois look an awful lot like…..Cherry Ames??? A sequel to Superman, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 perhaps?

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Student nurse intellinurse2b talks about communicating with doctors in It’s A Nursing thing: Um, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Excuse Me. Someone told me once to imagine them in their underwear; human, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 in other words. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Warning: dangerous palpitations can occur if said physician looks like Orlando Bloom.


Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 We all came to our nursing calling in different ways and for different reasons. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Some of us were born with it. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Check out this cute post from soon-to-be student nurse Princess of Drama as she gives us a glimpse From My Childhood. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Welcome, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Princess!

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 It might be controversial, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 but May from About A Nurse tries to understand why someone would not want to learn the language of the country where they are employed in English 101. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 (Um…someone tell me the NCLEX is given in English only…please?)

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 To BSE or not to BSE, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 that is the question. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Teresa, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 a registered nurse who blogs about her husband’s fight with multiple myeloma at The Beast…. dons her family nurse practitioner role as she discusses the new guidelines for breast self-exams in BSE or Not?. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Ladies, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 make sure your jaw is protected because it will drop.


Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 And lastly, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Brandon Peele presents a post entitled Spirituality is Integral to Humanity in which he speaks of the importance of spirituality to self-actualization. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 As nurses, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 we look to care for the whole patient so while this entry is rather different than what you may expect in Change of Shift, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 it is interesting. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 You may find it a bit controversial in parts (for instance I’m pretty sure stress does not cause cancer or diabetes), glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 but let the dialogue commence!

Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 (Disclaimer:There is a business mentioned on this site, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 run by Brandon and his friend/CEO. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 I have no financial interest in this business. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 Inclusion of this essay does not imply personal endorsement.)


And there you have it! Our next edition will be on August 10th, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 with submissions due August 9th. Glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 We may have a guest host, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 which I will announce as soon as it is finalized.

In the meantime, glucovance 2.5mg pills $140.00 all submissions should be sent to me directly or to Blog Carnival (see the sidebar) and I’ll get them to the guest host.

Thanks for reading!

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  • Linda

    July 27, 2006 at 10:41 am

    Kim- I really enjoy “change of shift.” Kudos to you for taking the initiative- and i’m sharing this with all my student nurse friends 🙂

  • […] A Change of Shift, a nursing blog carnival sponsored by Kim of Emergiblog, has its third edition out.  Nurses always have good patient stories, and a collection like this is always worth the read.  Check it out! enrico @ Wed, 26 Jul 2006 11:36 pm Filed under: Medical and Health […]

  • drcharles

    July 28, 2006 at 6:04 pm

    well done! i’ve learned a lot from the posts, and always find that nurses are the foundation of good medicine.

  • beajerry

    July 31, 2006 at 9:28 am

    Excellent stuff, all.

  • Donna Field
    Donna Field

    August 5, 2006 at 6:06 am

    I would like to start a blog and have it listed here. Any info on how to to that?


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