August 31, 2006, 6:45 pm

Thinkin’ Thursday Thoughts


I didn’t know they put prestige in anesthesia!

I thought my husband had a boost of confidence after his recent surgery.

I’m not sure where the profit went.

It didn’t go to the anesthesiologist.

Oh, there are so many jokes I could make here!

Alas, Emergiblog does not engage in “potty humor”.

I shall keep them to myself.


A huge thank you to all who responded with prayers and support to the post about my aunt’s death.

Her funeral was this week and I managed to give a humorous talk about her life and only wavered at the end.

It must be a nursing thing. I don’t break down about a family death until about a month after it happens. I’m wierd that way. I get through the hard part and BAM!

No, Emeril Lagasse doesn’t show up, I just lose it for awhile.


I wanted to mention a new, international carnival called the “International Carnival of Pozitivities“.

Let me quote the site directly. ‘Pozitivities is : A blog carnival for people living with HIV/AIDS, their caregivers, family and/or friends or anyone working to eliminate AIDS in the World.

That is us, folks! Every single person on the face of the earth has something to contribute to this carnival.

It’s monthly, and the rules/guidelines are posted at the site linked above.

Many thanks to Ron Hudson, contributor to Change of Shift, owner of the blog 2sides2Ron (and 21-year HIV survivor!) for his dedication to this new Carnival.

Watch for Ron’s submission to the next Change of Shift.

Most excellent.


Speaking of carnivals, I have noticed that I often get submissions to “Change of Shift” that are fantastic posts but don’t necessarily have a direct connection to nursing itself, although nurses/patients/doctors would find them interesting.

Usually, these posts are fantastic for Grand Rounds and I send them in that direction.

I feel obligated to do that for two reasons:

  • The post will get more exposure over at Grand Rounds and I owe it to the submitter to let them know that. CoS is still a “kid” in comparison!
  • I feel obligated not to take what would be a great Grand Rounds contribution and thereby dilute the pool of Grand Rounds submissions.

However….if you send a post to CoS that you really, really want on CoS, I am glad to put it in there!  Or you can submit it to both carnivals and really get some exposure!

So if I send you an email that says I think your submission would be great for Grand Rounds, it’s a compliment, and if you email me back saying you would like it in Change of Shift, I’m sure I can oblige!

Of course, if the word “nurse” is anywhere in the post…hint, hint….to CoS it goes!


Okay, I need some advice here.

I’m catching up on my blog reading and re-formulating my RSS feeds to make it easier for me to keep up.

What happens when you have linked to a blog that has not had a post in two months and there is no “I’m on hiatus…check back” sort of post?

Is it abandoned?

Do you keep your link on the sidebar?

There are a gazillion blogs out there, and I realize not everyone is like me and has a USB port imbedded in their skull so they can blog 24/7.

But there is only so much space on a sidebar for links and I want to make sure they are blogs that are, well, active.

I don’t want to insult anyone by taking their link off, but if they aren’t blogging anymore I can put other, active blogs in that space

What do you do?

Cherry Ames never had to deal with this!


  • Mama Mia

    August 31, 2006 at 7:59 pm

    I post my bloglines list rather than fill up my sidebar with links that I have to keep current (’cause I’m way to busy/lazy/disorganized/uncaring) to do that… 🙂

    I particularly like bloglines because it tells me what is new, so I don’t have to keep checking in to see if someone has posted, and if they do happen to post then I still see it.

  • AmandaM

    September 1, 2006 at 12:14 am

    Hi Kim,

    re: the active blogroll thing, I’ve been debating about that myself. Two months sounds slightly short to me – maybe three? Life happens, one can’t always blog. Also, I guess it depends on the purpose of your blogroll – I had one for “liver” families so that families new to liver disease in babies could go to the sites of other families and read their disease discovery and “healing and dealing” (coping) stories. Even if the stories are old, they’re still useful stories, to have a sense of what other people felt, what they went through.

    But then I thought, well, certain types of old stories just belong in a post about that type of story. So if a blog/website isn’t being updated, and it’s just an archive, I’ll take them off the blogroll. Which is all a long way of saying that my plan is to keep only active blogs on my “liver kidlies” blogroll (with the definition of active being an update within the past three months).

    But it’s a hard call because there just aren’t that many pediatric liver disease blogs to choose from. Lots of caringbridge pages, but not that many blogs, and caringbridge doesn’t like their pages to be linked to for privacy reasons (hello, you put your kid’s story online, with their hospital room # – it’s NOT private anymore, but that’s a different discussion!)

    Anyhoo, best wishes with your blogroll decision making 🙂

  • geena

    September 11, 2006 at 5:01 pm

    NOOOOOOOO!!! Don’t take me off!!! Please please please!!!!!

    I just can’t focus on ANYTHING right now let alone blogging!

    Ah, maybe I should post *something.*

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