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September 29, 2016, 10:47 am

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Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 nurselight

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 I suppose I should make fun of this photo.

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 It’s pretty hokey.

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 But somehow it’s not as humorous as I might have found it two weeks ago.

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 After getting all upset over the “Doctor of Nursing Practice” debate, requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 I decided to put my money where my mouth is and go back to school.

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 Yes, requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 this dyed in the wool ADN graduate is going back for her BSN.

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 I want to see for myself if having a BSN will change my practice in any way.

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 So, requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 I’ve applied to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay BSNLINC program.

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 It’s entirely online except for a community health clinical that will be arranged here in my local area when the time comes.

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 I’m alternating between excitement and feeling like what-the-hell-have-I-done.

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 Of course, requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 I’ll be blogging my way through the entire thing.

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 I think this means I’m obligated to become a Green Bay Packers fan.

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 That’s not easy when there are two major NFL teams within 40 miles of me already.

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 In reality I’ll be rooting for whoever drafts Brady Quinn (Notre Dame QB) next year.

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 But see what stress I’m under already?

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 And my application is still “in progress”!

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 I hope they actually want me! I have visions of getting a rejection letter:

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 “Dear Kim, requip 0.25mg pills $322.00

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 Thank you for applying but you are too old and decrepit to take on this educational challenge. Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 We are concerned that having to study nursing diagnoses will be a threat to your already tenuous mental status. Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 In fact we suggest retiring at the soonest possible time.”

Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 Hey, requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 it could happen.


I’ve mentioned in the past that I act in an advisory capacity to; Emergiblog is syndicated through a sister-site called Nursing Voices. Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 It’s been a link on my sidebar for a long time.

(It’s how I met Shane, requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 “My Web Guy”. Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 I should copyright that title. Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 “My Web Guy”. Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 Maybe it should be “The Man Who Put Emergiblog On the Map”. Requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 Nah, requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 while true, requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 I like “My Web Guy” better.)

So, requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 I have heard through the grapevine that some of the jobs available at actually have sign-on bonuses if you sign up through

These sign-on bonuses are over and above anything the hospital might offer and are payable after three months of continuous employment.

There are a couple of jobs posted now (heads up, requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 you nurses back East!), requip 0.25mg pills $322.00 but there will be more added soon.

Totally true disclaimer: I receive no monetary renumeration from this announcement or from

I’m just spreadin’ the good news!

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9:38 am

Lipitor 20mg Pills $63.00


Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 Two things I’ve noticed about these old ads from the ’40s and ’50s.

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 One, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 they are obsessed with multiple births. Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 Twins, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 triplets and here: quaduruplets?

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 Three decades before IVF!

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 Second, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 the nurses all wear masks every time they are touching a kid.

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 These kids were probably five before they ever really saw a human face!

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 I don’t remember anyone wearing a mask, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 but I do know my formula used to be made with Carnation milk and Karo syrup.

Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 Blech!


Four is actually the magic number today!

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m sitting here at the computer with my coffee so it must be…

Time for Grand Rounds!!!!

This week our host is my favorite local blogger, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 Dr. Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 Enoch Choi at Tech Medicine a blog in the family.

Join the party! No, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 really! The theme this week is a celebration of Grand Rounds’ second anniversary so it really is a party!

Emergiblog is there, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 under the group at every party “who passionately pump up pressing punditry”. Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 Hot and bothered? Emergiblog?

Can’t imagine where that reputation came from!


Also appearing today is a carnival that is rapidly becoming one of my “go-to” sites for all things radiological: Radiology Grand Rounds-IV at Dr. Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 Sethi’s Sumer’s Radiology Site.

A few more of these, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 and I may have to give up the title of “radiologically-impaired”!


And now, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 looking into the future: Emergiblog has the honor of hosting the next Pediatric Grand Rounds on October 8, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 2006!

I am looking for any and all stories related to pediatric medicine, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 pediatric nursing or pediatric parenting (is there any other kind?). Plendil 10mg pills $183.00 I’m already receiving submissions so join the sandbox and send in your contribution!

Please have all submissions in by October 7th at 5 pm (Pacific Time)! Send to: kmcallister911 at yahoo dot com.


While you are thinking of pediatric stories to submit, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 why not also send in your best nursing posts, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 stories, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 rants and raves to the next Change of Shift?

Edition number eight will be right here at Emergiblog on October 5th, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 so have your submissions in by October 4th at 5 pm (Pacific Time).

Submissions are coming in right now (literally, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 one just entered my email), plendil 10mg pills $183.00 so hop on the nursing cart and weigh in on the nursing profession through either Blog Carnival or directly to me at kmcallister911 at yahoo dot com.


Yep! I really am hosting two carnivals in one week!

Geeze, plendil 10mg pills $183.00 I love blogging.

To quote my favorite cheerleader movie: “Bring It On!”

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September 29, 2016, 5:22 am

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Myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 9666grey specter.jpg

Myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 Ummmm…maybe because it can kill you?

Myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 Is this creepy or what?

Myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 A wee bit dramatic, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 perhaps?

Myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 All I know is I don’t even want to think about what I come into contact with on a daily basis.

Myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 Pretty scary.

Myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 Unfortunately, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 ignorance is not bliss in this case.

Myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 Can you say “wash your hands”, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 boys and girls?


I think I tend to be a pretty empathetic person.

Even after all these years in nursing practice I tend to give patients the benefit of the doubt, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 almost to the point of a naivete that I should have lost two decades ago.

But when I’m sick, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 all that goes out the window.

For you see, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 when I’m sick, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 like most nurses, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 I go to work.

And if you just happen to present with what I am sick with, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 well I might just think you are a wimp.

It’s not your fault.

My brain can’t help it.


I had a headache.  A bad headache.  Maybe it was even a migraine.  I don’t know.  Never been officially diagnosed.

The headache began during Notre Dame’s loss to Michigan.

Eight days ago.

And it lasted until today.


I went to work that Sunday. 

I went to work with a left frontal pounding headache, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 a boring-pain behind my left eye and radiation to the entire left side of my face.  I was mildly nauseated.  I was photosensitive and the sound of the cardiac monitors exacerbated the piercing pain in my temporal lobe.

Tylenol and Advil did not even touch it.

And three, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 count ’em three, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 patients decided to present to the ER with those exact symptoms.


And then, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 to make matters worse, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 one of the headache patients began to complain about a tiny blister on his foot.

Say WHAT?  I was working with an open, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 weeping two-inch horizontal ruptured blister on my right heel.  The pain was so bad, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 I took off my shoe and covered my sock with a shoe cover.

He was a double wimp.


Of course I was feeling sorry for myself.

While they laid back and took their Dilaudid, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 I held my head up high.

I was working through my pain.


While they hugged their emesis basins with a passion I’ve only seen in soap operas, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 I was working through my nausea!


And when I put the tiny circular band-aid on the barely existant blister, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 I told my self with pride: I’m walking with my blister!



And after twelve hours of hard-running, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 life-saving activity during which I suffered beyond anything a human being should have to endure, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 I drove home.

And when I got there I took: Two Vicodin, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 ibuprofen 800 mg, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 and Sudafed 60 mg.

It made my tummy hurt.

So I called my husband and whined about my shift until I became comatose from the Vicodin and I slept the sleep of the narcotized.

But before I lost that final vestige of consciousness, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 I experienced an epiphany.

When it all boiled down to the basics, myambutol 200mg pills $76.00 I was the biggest wimp of all.



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