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September 26, 2016, 10:30 am

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Cialis online canada You’re supposed to read the title with a Boris Karloff voice.

Cialis online canada Because it is Halloween, cialis online canada right?

Cialis online canada Now, cialis online canada I’ve heard of being born with a silver spoon in your mouth, cialis online canada but never a string of pearls around your mediastinum!

Cialis online canada This is from an old ad for a “miracle” technology that allows a doctor to see your beating heart (if you look hard at the top, cialis online canada you can see the patient standing behind the machine, cialis online canada so this is “live action”).

Cialis online canada I say put Bugs Bunny back there and it looks like something from a Warner Brothers cartoon!


Alas, cialis online canada I do not work on this illustrious ode to witches and goblins and things that go bump in the night.

Actually, cialis online canada that’s too bad. Cialis online canada There is a red cape in my daughter’s room and I could have gone dressed all in white with my nursing cap on (any excuse, cialis online canada remember?), cialis online canada along with the red cape and been “Super Nurse”!

I didn’t get to wear my cap during Nurses Week this year. Cialis online canada That’s the week hubby decided his gallbladder would go bad, cialis online canada so I was only at work one day.

He owes me four days of cap wearing.


Not only is it Halloween, cialis online canada it’s Grand Rounds day!

Today it’s at Dr. Cialis online canada Hebert’s Medical Gumbo.

And I’m going to have a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte to celebrate.

I learned to never order my Starbucks drink as a “for here” order. Cialis online canada Coffee tastes much better in a porcelain mug but not when Mr. Cialis online canada Homeless Bronchitis-vs-Tuberculosis decides to sit in the cushy chair opposite of yours and cough his guts out.

One wants a covered beverage in those conditions.

I almost leaned over and inquired as to his health and to urge a visit to the hospital as I’m almost sure he was working on developing pneumonia if he didn’t have it already. Cialis online canada Then I realized the Starbucks I was at wasn’t even near a hospital or clinic and I’d feel obligated to help.

I didn’t say anything.

I’m not proud that. Cialis online canada Perhaps I should have.


Speaking of coughs, cialis online canada patients with a cough often need a chest x-ray!

How’s that for a segue to a mention of Dr. Cialis online canada Sethi’s Radiology Grand Rounds! Held once a month over at Sumer’s Radiology Site, cialis online canada it’s a compliation of some great radiology information, cialis online canada along with an occasional jaw-dropping film (can you say “chest tube in the left ventricle”?).

Who would have thought radiology could be interesting? Find out just how interesting by paying Dr. Cialis online canada Sethi a visit!


The countdown to the next Change of Shift has started! Get those submissions over to Disappearing John, cialis online canada RN, cialis online canada our esteemed colleague and guest host!

You can submit via Blog Carnival or by email to diappearingjohn at gmail dot com.

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September 26, 2016, 12:50 pm

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Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 It seems Nurse Kathy Martin’s class is receiving their diplomas right outside the OR suite!

Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 It seems as though the hospital just paged overhead: “Nursing degrees will be handed out between eleven and twelve on the third floor outside OR 5. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 Supplies are limited!”

Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 Ol’ Kathy seems pretty smug there.

Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 I wonder if she was that kind of student who always had to raise their hand to argue with the professor or respond to “Any questions?” just as the class was due to end.

Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 You know the type. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 There is at least one in every class.

Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 They say nurses eat their young, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 but I think Kathy looks like she’d consume her preceptor!

Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 Her cap gets a 10/10 on the Emergiblog Cap Scale, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 so she can’t be all bad.


I was sitting on the couch last night and I had an epiphany.

I waited five minutes to see if it would pass.


So I informed my husband that after I earned my BSN, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 I could go to graduate school.


He looked at me like I was a lunatic and said as sarcastically as possible “Okay Kim, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 anything you say…no problem…yes dear…let me know when you’re ready.”

Seriously. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 A legacy admit is where a child is admitted because their parent is an alumnus.

So…I’ll be the first reverse legacy admit! The parent goes after the kid!

Me! I could BE a Domer instead of having given birth to one.

I could get football tickets! And sit in the student section! In my mid-fifties!

One problem.

There is no nursing program at Notre Dame.

Darn! Well, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 then I’d have to get my masters in a different field.

Now I really would prefer an MSN. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 But if Notre Dame would accept me, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 I’ll get the dang Masters in “Aerospace Engineering” if I have to!

Oh, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 and the one thing you should NEVER, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 EVER do to a woman at my stage of life is use the word “No” or be sarcastic.

All you do is just feed the fire, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 and I’m already stoked!


So, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 you want to be a nurse!

Only you are not sure you can do it.

What if you aren’t smart enough? How will you make money while you are doing it? How do you handle it with kids? You think you’re too old. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 You aren’t sure you can pay for it.

So let me give some advice.

Please understand that I have not seen the inside of a nursing classroom for over 28 years, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 and I am just now going for my BSN via an online program.

But I think I have some suggestions that might help.


Don’t Panic!

(Yes, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 I stole that from “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.)

Break it down.

(Said in my best MC Hammer voice)

Seriously. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 Break the process down into its component parts, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 keeping the big picture in the back of your mind.

What do I mean?

  • Decide what nursing school you would like to attend, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 either an ADN or BSN program.
  • Write for information about that school. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 What classes are required before you even apply?
  • Whether you want an ADN or BSN, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 get the schedule of classes from your local community college.
    • Community colleges are cheaper.
    • Classes are available at night, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 on Saturdays and even online.
  • Sign up for one class. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 One.
  • A class that is required prior to applying for nursing school.
    • Don’t be afraid to utilize the flexibility of an online course for your general education.
    • Some are even “telecourses” that are viewed via tape or on television.
  • Make sure that class is transferable to a university.
  • Don’t make the mistake of taking the simple “State Government” one-semester class that the ADN program wants, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 when you can take a comparable “American Government” class that will transfer to a four-year institution, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 for example.

Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 But wait! I want to get the ADN, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 not the BSN! Why should I take the more challenging course when I’m not going to a university program?

  • Ah, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 this is where my experience comes into play. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 Back when I was a clueless 18-year-old, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 I eschewed the simple community college classes for the courses that would transfer to my state university system.
  • For example: instead of “California Government”, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 I took an entire year of US History. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 I made sure that my humanities electives all transferred. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 Twenty-eight years later, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 those classes helped fullfill my general education requirements for my BSN.
  • By taking transferable courses, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 you are building a foundation for any future educational plans. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 Plans that may seem impossible to you now.

Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 Okay, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 one class at a time. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 It will take me forever.

  • No, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 it won’t. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 You know the old saying, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”? You just took your first step. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 (PS: I wonder if Lao-tsu was a nurse?)
  • Once you get a feel for how the class works for you and how you can incorporate it into your other responsibilities (family, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 work), lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 you will be able to take two classes at once. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 Or three.
  • Yes, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 you can! (I can hear you.)

Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 I actually went through nursing school part-time.

Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 What?????

Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 Yep, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 by completing every single non-nursing course prior to entering, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 when I did attend nursing school the number of required units made me a part-time student. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 This is why you get everything done prior to entering the nursing program. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 Nursing programs are not as flexible as taking general education.

Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 So how do I pay for this?

  • Well, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 it isn’t very expensive to attend a community college, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 at least in California. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 This is why I suggest getting all general education requirements at the community college level.
  • Let me put this as diplomatically and as politically correct as I can: those who are of certain ethnic backgrounds or income levels are eligible for financial assistance through federal student loans or scholarships. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 If you fit into one of these categories – take advantage of it and apply.
  • On a personal note, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 I can vouch for the fact that there are few loans or scholarships available for caucasian females of Scottish/English/Irish/Italian descent who make a decent salary. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 Just in case you were wondering.
  • Start saving now.
    • It may take you a few years to get all the requirements and pre-requisites out of the way.
    • Since you are doing this part time, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 take advantage of this and put a bit of money away, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 however small, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 to help with expenses you will incur during nursing schoool, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 including child care and working part time.

Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 But…I have to work! I’m responsible for paying the bills in my family, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 along with keeping the benefits because I’m single/divorced/widowed.

  • This is a tough one, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 but it can be done.
  • Because I was a teenager and lived at home during nursing school, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 I never had to do a balancing act between work and school. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 Now that I’m going back to school, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 my children are grown. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 But..
  • This blog is read by nursing students who are juggling the exact same responsibilities, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 so I will ask:

Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 Future nursing colleagues! Please give suggestions/stories on how you coped or are coping with earning a living while in nursing school! If you have a blog that tackles this topic, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 please feel free to link to it in your comments so that other readers can use you as a resource!


In conclusion, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 you can make it through nursing school.

Start slowly and gain momentum as you gain confidence.

If you are called to be a nurse, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 there is nothing that can get in your way. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 It won’t be easy but it can be done. Lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 No matter how old you are or what you have to juggle to make it.

Take that first step.

You are desperately needed.

And very, lamictal 200mg pills $193.00 very much wanted.

Average Rating: 4.9 out of 5 based on 255 user reviews.

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September 26, 2016, 10:29 am

Cefadroxil 500mg Pills $101.00

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 ndNow, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 it’s pretty clear I love Notre Dame.

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 But how can you root against Navy?

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 It’s like…unpatriotic.

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 So I won’t root against our Midshipmen.

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 I’ll just scream my heart out for ND.

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 And so it’s time, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 once again, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 for that weekly tradition:

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 Cheer, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 cheer for Old Notre Dame
Wake up the echoes cheering her name, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00
Send the volley cheer on high, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00
Shake down the thunder from the sky, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00
What though the odds be great or small
Old Notre Dame will win over all, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00
While her loyal sons are marching
Onward to Victory.

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 You’ll notice I’m not gloating. Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 Not that I ever do.

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 But it’s halftime. Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 And I have to go to sleep. Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 Because my stupid job is interfering with my life once again, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 and I’m pulling a 13 hours shift tonight.

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 And Notre Dame is up by nine.

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 I have faith in Brady Quinn, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 and I shall sleep well knowing my team is winning again.

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 But if I wake up, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 and find they have lost. Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 I shall still sing a chorus of the fight song and wear my jersey with pride.

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 After I pull out a few fistfulls of hair…….

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 ADDENDUM: My hair is intact and I am ecstatic.  Notre Dame won and the evil enemy (ya gotta have one in football) USC did not.  And, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 no, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 that is not a gloat. Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 To quote an old TV character:  No brag, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 just fact.  Whoo hoooo!!!!

Prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 Go Irish, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 I love ya, prednisone 5mg pills $128.00 man!

Average Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 191 user reviews.

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