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October 15, 2006, 11:41 am

with all DUE respect….

This is where I go to recharge.

Mendocino, California.

I may live near San Francisco, but my soul resides here.

It will be a while before I can go back, but I will go back.

Instead, I will have to settle for a quick post to ventilate before my next 12-hour shift….


Dear Doctor Prissy Pants,

I’m so sorry you had to be on call this weekend.

I’m even more sorry that we had to call you in for a bad gallbladder.

Being on call sucks, I’m sure.

I’m positive that not having the nurses genuflect on your arrival was even more disturbing.


You see, Doctor, you are not the only person who had to work last night.

In fact, when you ambulated into the ER

  • you walked into a department that was on ambulance diversion,
  • was in the middle of try to get four patients admitted
  • in addition to getting your patient to surgery,
  • had every room full
  • and three people who had not yet been triaged.

Frankly, oh esteemed colleague of the surgical persuasion, we were running our butts off.

Your patient, despite requiring surgery was stable.

Your patient could not have his consent signed because you had not yet made an appearance to explain the risks and benefits of the surgery, nor had you told any of us the nature of proposed surgery so we could at least have written that down for your convenience.

I’m sorry, I thought that was something covered in Surgery 101. How foolish of me to expect you to follow through with that.

I guess that is what the “hired help” known as nurses are for.


I would have had no problem with your attitude, even though you rarely see it in surgeons of your generation.

It was when you stood with your elbow leaning on the nurse’s station and remarked how nobody was doing a damn thing; that I was the only person you saw the entire time you had been there and who was going to get this patient to surgery?

That’s when I lost it.

Or nearly lost it.

You see, oh god of the OR, your patient was standing and voiding before going to surgery. He actually insisted on it!

But you wouldn’t care about that, you were being inconvenienced!


It’s odd Doc. I’m old enough now so that I’m not afraid of telling you exactly what I think of you.

So when I told you we were running our asses off and you made another snide comment, I was hotter than a fully stoked wood-burning stove.

But with age came the wisdom to know the time and place where it would be appropriate to rip you a new one.

The middle of a busy ER wasn’t it.

So I smiled ever so sweetly and told you that I if I said anything more, I’d be saying too much. And shall we take the patient upstairs you and I? After all, isn’t that the most important thing?

You jerk.


What is so frustrating about all this is that I can’t do anything with the rage I feel.

  • I can’t tell you off, or I will be perceived as unprofessional. However you are allowed to insult/abuse the nursing staff without any repercussions what-so-ever.
  • A letter to my manager? She’s “just” another nurse.
  • A letter to the medical director of me ER?
    • You probably play golf with him.
    • Oh, he might “talk” to you, but you are a surgeon and the abuse you heap upon the nursing staff doesn’t amount to a hill of beans where you are concerned.

But let me tell you something. If I run into you in a parking lot, at the store, on the street, you will hear me. And it will be off the record so there is nothing you can do about it.


So, the next time you see me and think you can insult me, my profession and my colleagues?

Talk to the hand, because my ass will be too busy running to hear a thing you say.

Its arrogant idiots like you that make me want to blow this popsicle stand, buy a wardrobe of peasant blouses and long skirts, embrace my inner hippie and sell hand-made earrings on the streets of Mendocino.

You’re the biblical term for a donkey.

Or didn’t they teach you that in medical school….

And should you read this and think it’s about you, you’re right.

(Good god, and I still have two more twelve-hour shifts to go. At least now I can sleep with this off my chest.)

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October 13, 2006, 12:22 pm

The Friday Foghead Forum


Oh man!

I must have slept through my Toothbrush Microscopy class!


Natural self-sterilizing action?


It boils itself after each use?


Hey! It’s a Pro-phy-lac-tic brush!

Birth control from a toothbrush!

I’d think the lack of a toothbrush would be a more effective method.


I don’t know what she is holding, but she seems awfully glad to have found it.


If there is a Toothbrush Adaptation Model of Nursing, I haven’t heard of it yet.


I guess if you can put a gratuitous nurse in your ad, there is room for a gratuitous golfer in the bottom corner.


Once upon a time there was a nurse who somehow thought that working five twelve-hour shifts in six days would be a good thing.

She was very naive.


How do you suppose a nurse would feel if a patient came in with behavior so over-the-top that in her heart she thought the patient was was a big faker, only it turned out to be a life-threatening issue?

I suppose she’d feel very guilty. Sad. Humbled.

Even though it never showed externally, she would probably thank God that her judgemental attitude did not affect the care that patient received.

And pray for deliverance from arrogance.

Falling off one’s high horse onto one’s derriere is a very painful, and sometimes necessary event.

Let’s just say it’s a little hard to sit down this morning.


I don’t think I mentioned this before, but Emergiblog is now coming to you from a brand new 15 inch MacBookPro!

This machine is pristine. I wash my hands before I touch it.

I’m not kidding!

Let’s put it this way.

You could have lived for a week off the crumbs under the keyboard of my old Powerbook G4.

No food is allowed in the same room with this baby.

I have uploaded almost 1000 songs from my CD collection so far.

Come to think of it, my first-generation iPod isn’t exactly in great shape.

Gosh, I might be forced to get another one!

Thank God for Apple Stores!


Well, the University of Wisconsin has all my information and they will soon (hopefully) let me know if I have been accepted to their BSN/LINC program and how many units I will be able to transfer.

And maybe, just maybe, and financial aid they might have lying around.


There will be no Notre Dame game tomorrow as it is a “bye” week. I may be forced to watch NASCAR again. Watched the Talladega race last week.

There is waaay too much soap opera stuff going on behind the scenes for me to get involved in that. I know because my friend told me.

It’s going to be all I can do NOT to watch American Idol this year. I get way too emotionally involved.


For those of you who made it this far in the post, the submissions for Grand Rounds and Change of Shift are flying in!

Both are looking good so far!

Keep ’em coming!

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October 11, 2006, 10:03 am

Have A Seat At the “Vanities”!


I always wanted one of these growing up.

It’s called a “vanity”.

And you guessed it, the Carnival of the Vanities is up!

Once again, you can find it over at Silflay Hraka.

This time Ian from Impacted ED Nurse is there along with a post from Emergiblog!

We are partners in winning this week’s “Most Uplifiting” award.

Remember, Carnival of the Vanities is weekly and you can submit your best posts via Blog Carnival.

If I have my Tuesday morning coffee with Grand Rounds, then my afternoon Diet Pepsi with Carnival of the Vanities is soon to become a weekly tradition!

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