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November 30, 2006, 8:20 am

Change of Shift – Volume One, Edition Twelve


….is up over at Fat Doctor!

Yep, one of our beloved physician colleagues volunteered to host this compilation by and about those most beloved of all health care workers…..US!

Okay, I’m laying it on a bit thick, but this is a great selection with new nurse blogs that I had not heard of before, plus I was laughing out loud at the introductions!

Great job, MamaDoc!

And thanks!

PS, my interview with Dr. Kavokin made this “carnival” too. With all this free publicity I would put him on my payroll, if I had one!

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November 28, 2006, 8:46 pm

The Best Of Emergiblog: Let’s Hear It For The Paramedics

nanomoI am now, officially, a novelist!

I have written 50000 words in less than than thirty days!

Cherry Ames, move over. Frank and Joe Hardy, there is a new kid in town. Nancy Drew, you’ve got competition!

It’s still a little rough around the edges, but I have a plot, conflict, humor and a hint of future romance and all the excitement of life in the emergency department.

Nothing I ever do again in life will match the challenge of taking this faint idea of a children’s series and actually writing the first book.

I hope to be sending it to publishers by the end of December.

I’ll introduce the characters after the manuscript is in the mail.

But until then, eat my dust, Tom Clancy!

I already have the plot of books number two and three picked out!


I never thought I’d say this, ever, but I am all written out. Dry. Kaput.

So I am digging into the vault for a post written last November.

The post is a year old.

The topic is as appropriate now as it was then.


The doctor might not be calling on houses these days, but a quick phone call can get health care right to your door in minutes.

Let’s hear it for the paramedics.

Who else can stop an allergic reaction in its tracks, splint the leg that is pointing in three directions, put in the IV to start the Morphine – while in a moving vehicle, hydrate the vomiting, control the bleeding, sweeten the hypoglycemic, medicate the seizing, catch the newborn, reassure the worried, C-spine the neck, begin treatments for the asthmatic, intubate the apnec and defibrillate the defibrillating…

….all before they get to the hospital back door.

They deal with dangerous neighborhoods, hostile environments, and hysterical family members in uncontrolled working conditions.

People comment on how stressful my job as an ER nurse must be. My job as an ER nurse is nothing compared to what the medics deal with out in the field.

I’ve worked in ERs where the medics were treated with respect and camaraderie as part of our team and I’ve worked in ERs where they can barely get out two sentences before undergoing an interrogation from the staff that would make Gitmo look like a cake walk.

It goes without saying that the ERs that treat the paramedics as team members are the better departments.

I’ve heard horror stories of (and seen in action) nurses treating medics badly, and I don’t understand where the animosity comes from. By the time the medics deliver the patients to the ER, they have a history, first set of vitals, an IV, the initial medications – all of these things are not only beneficial to the patient but it makes the ER intake much easier. They’re just doing their job; nothing they do deserves a hostile response.

Sometimes I see patients who should have called 911 but decided against it. Patients with acute MIs, asthmatics, possible CVAs.

They are usually worried about causing a fuss, or they are in denial about how severe their condition may be. Often the family will want to call but are afraid of making the patient angry. They are surprised when I mention that their pain or their shortness of breath could have been addressed much faster en route via ambulance.

Utilizing the EMS system is like having the emergency department make a house call – life saving treatment meets you at the front door….

….delivered by friendly, competent, caring professionals.

Here’s a tip o’ the hat, a raise of a glass and a big “thank you” to all the paramedics. You’re the best!

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9:05 am

A Cup of Joe, A Stream of Consciousness…It’s Grand Rounds!


Honey, if I needed surgery and my surgeon was a top notch doc, they could do my surgery NAKED, and WITH the cigar.

As long as they wore gloves.

Of course, I would never know as I’d be under anesthesia.

Maybe I could bribe an OR nurse to take a picture.

This could be a problem for male surgeons, though.

ORs tend to be chilly places.

“Shrinkage” could be an issue.

I’m just sayin’.


I used that ad to illustrate this post announcing the new Grand Rounds edition because a couple of posts this week deal with “What Not To Wear” on the job!

Our host this week, Dr. R.W. Donnell at Notes From Dr. RW manages to pull together some very diverse submissions into one very entertaining post.

When you are having fun reading what the submissions are, you know it’s got to be a great Grand Rounds.

Thanks to Dr. R.W. for his inclusion of the Emergiblog burn-out post, and you can imagine my surprise to find my interview with Dr. Kavokin submitted as an entry. I did not pay him, I swear! Thanks Dr. K!


One more reminder: don’t forget to send your Change of Shift submission to at gmail dot com or submit via Blog Carnival. It’s not too late, and don’t feel bad because I will be writing my CoS post later today!



I have been tagged.

By the infamous Dr. Anonymous, no less!

So here, by overwhelming public demand are my five favorite Christmas songs, not necessarily in order of preference, which can change on any given day.

1. The entire soundtrack from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. All of it. Every note.

2. Merry Christmas (War is Over) by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Great song, and absolutely made for singing in a Christmas pageant, but in all my years I have never heard a class take it on. I guess it is too political, especially these days, but I just like the song. Makes me get a lump in my throat. In fact, almost all Christmas songs make me teary. Very embarrasing in public.

3. Oh, Holy Night. This song needs to be sung by Steve Perry, former Journey lead singer. If that ever happens, I will die a happy woman. Until that happens, I’ll settle for Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, but I don’t see that happening either. Robin just put out a CD of Christmas music and that wasn’t on it. Robin, I need to have a talk with you. Call me.

4. Aspenglow. By John Denver. His “Rocky Mountain Christmas” album has been a staple of my family’s holiday since it was first released on vinyl. Of course that same album has “Please Daddy, Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas” on it, but hey! None of us are perfect.

5. Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives. The minute I hear it I want to run out to the mall and spend all my money on Hallmark ornaments. How can you hear it and sit still!

Okay, I’m supposed to tag five people but I’ll go one better. I know you now have a list in YOUR head after reading my list. Put a blurb in your next post. Tell us what YOUR fav five festive songs are!

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