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November 25, 2006, 3:24 am

Pardon My Dust!

solHappy Thanksgiving Day Weekend!

As you can see, Emergiblog looks a bit different than it did on Wednesday!

New and improved and still “Under Construction”!

Santa arrived early this year in the form of Shane Pike, who has been working entirely behind the scenes for many months to tweak the new Emergiblog to my exact specifications.

(And still retains his sanity!)

Please join me in a round of virtual applause for Shane, Emergiblog’s virtual better half and the reason Emergiblog has grown so much over this past year.


At the moment,  please imagine that Emergiblog is surrounded by scaffolding, the foundation in place and a new coat of paint in progress.

But you don’t need to wear a hard hat to enter and enjoy the new digs.

I’m hoping by the time the tiny trojans of usc fall to THE MIGHTY IRISH tonight, I’ll be able to put up a truly obnoxious gloating post complete with the ND flag.


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November 22, 2006, 8:13 am

Emergiblog: The Interview Too Racy For the National Enquirer!

bettyboopIs there anyone who doesn’t love Betty Boop?

This doll is so cute! And rather modestly attired considering that it’s Betty Boop.

Kudos to whoever designed this doll, the cap is classic.

I want one!

I hope Santa is listening!

I promise not to shoot my eye out! (vague Christmas movie reference)


There is an interview with yours truly over at!

Dr. Alex asked if he could ask me a few questions and the responses are now up.

There were some interesting questions, too.

Made me think a bit, which is always dangerous!

Two disclaimers:

  • Dr. Alex refers to me as a nursing professor. I am honored, but don’t quite have the qualifications for that just yet. I hope to be standing up in front of a classroom in about six years.
  • I am the total antithesis of the nurse photo used in the interview, although trust me, it’s much better than anything I could have sent.
    • That nurse is blond, I am brunette.
    • This nurse looks tall, I am of average height.
    • This nurse has a body. My tissue is arrayed on my bones a bit differently. How differently?
      • I am just now back in the Misses section of Mervyns instead of the women’s section.
      • I nearly burst into tears in the dressing room this week. Praise the Lord and then pass the pumpkin pie!

I do not, repeat, do not walk around with red hearts/kisses around my upper body, but if I had the legs I might try to get away with the miniskirt….

The interview was conducted by email and Dr. Alex put it up exactly as written, so what you see is what you…well, see!

Thanks to Dr. Alex for the interview opportunity!

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November 21, 2006, 8:32 am

Elementary, My Dear Watson: Grand Rounds is in Da House!


There is definitely no mystery here!

Grand Rounds is in da house!

He came, he pitched in and he scored.

“He” being our own Doctor Anonymous, who took over the hosting duties of this week’s new, improved, streamlined Grand Rounds.

The links are prominent.

The Editor’s Picks are classics.

The look is efficient and very professional.

I am proud to announce that Emergiblog was chosen as one of the 27 entries to be highlighted.

But…what do you do when you’ve read all twenty seven selections?

Peruse the links at the bottom and pick out some more!

It’s elementary.

Grand Rounds is back.

Dr. A, you rock

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