December 19, 2006, 10:42 am

It’s Grand Rounds With…Charlie Brown!


You can never, ever, EVER have too much Charlie Brown at Christmastime and this week’s Grand Rounds proves it!

Mother Jones, RN, proprietor of Nurse Ratched’s Place and blogger extraordinaire dishes up the best of the medical blogosphere with a Charlie Brown theme!

This week I’m savoring the offerings and reading a bit day by day (working five nights in a row really cuts into my blog reading…I hate that!), but always with coffee and always on my comfy couch!



Got a story about a nurse?

Are you a nurse with a story?

Then don’t forget to submit to the next edition of Change of Shift, this time hosted by our musical colleague NeoNurseChic.

Lizz Piano did such a great job of laying out the posting guidelines that all you have to do is click on her link above and all the information is right there!

Many thanks for her generous offer to host during the holiday season!

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