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Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 Welcome to Change of Shift, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 the blog carnival by and about nurses and nursing!

Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 The submissions run from dramatic to poignant to horrifying to informative to humorous. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 As nurses we run the gamut of human emotions and this edition of Change of Shift illustrates that very fact.

Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 There are a lot of new contributors this week and some old favorites, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 too, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 so grab that latte and settle down for some good reads!


Meet GirlVet, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 proprietor of Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 GirlVet is not only an ER nurse, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 but a new nurse blogger as well! Learn what being an inner city ER nurse is like in this submission: ER Nurse For 17 years. Welcome to the blogosphere!!!!!

Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 I can’t possibly add anything to this post with an introduction. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 It truly stands alone. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 Get the tissues because you will laugh until you cry. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 Ian at impactED presents Where the Smudge Don’t Shine. And just when you thought it couldn’t happen to you!

At what point does a person realize that dramatic changes need to be made in their lifestyle in order to be healthy and happy? Psychologist Harold S. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 Sommerschield, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 PhD (Dr. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 Hal) contributes his thoughts via Complacency Causes Catastrophe on the North Star Mental Fitness Blog. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 Interesting on both a professional and personal level!


Junkfood Science blogger Sandy Szwarc, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 RN pulls no punches when taking on (and exposing) results of recent scientific studies. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 Check out the provocative What If You Could Pop A Pill and Lose Weight. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 When you’ve digested that (no pun intended) check out Fear Is Terribly Catching, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 Bird Flu Isn’t.

Our nursing colleague over at Creature57 shares an amazing story of patient advocacy facilitated by an amazing nursing professor. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 AMA shows nursing at its best!

Over at Universal Health, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 “N=1” wants to know where in the Wiki is nursing? See Where’s the Wiki?-Nursing’s Mystery History and see it you aren’t inspired to do a bit of research! In To Form A More Perfect Union, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 “N=1” discusses the current state of nursing/medicine and they put forth the beginnings of a solution as part of the “2007 Resolution to Foment a Rebellion”!


Mother Jones, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 RN at Nurse Ratched’s Place submits a humorous look at her nursing education in What I Learned in Nursing Boot Camp. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 We would all do well to remember these rules. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 (The photos alone are priceless! Who knew Florence was a party animal?)

Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 Teresa is a registered nurse who chronicles her husband’s fight with multiple myeloma in The Beast.. In the post entitled Tired she discusses challenges of working in an adult primary care clinic when the majority of your patients can’t get what they need to manage even the basics of their illnesses.

Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 As nurses we often must “change gears” so-to-speak from work to home (and back). Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 I’ve never seen it expressed as eloquently or as poignantly as oncRN does in “holidays, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 sushi and alchemy”.


Here is a post so powerful, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 so horrifying that I’m going to let it speak for itself. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 Marisapan from Nursing Student Hell submits A Couple of Weeks Ago, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 At Band Camp. It took me a few minutes to get my breath back after this one.

Where do you draw the line when your colleague is your friend? Cherry Ames explores this dilemma at Sisterhood of the Traveling Scrub Pants. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 The post is called Lines. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 How would you handle it?

RN Faye is optimistic following the last election and she tells us why in A Historic Day For the Women of America. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 The post can be found in the blog The Tangled Chain – A Nurse Perspective.


Fellow Nursing Voices blogger May discusses the practical application of The H in Nursing at her blog About A Nurse. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 I had never heard of this philosophy of nursing until I read her post, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 but it is something every nurse/student nurse should understand.

Keith at Digital Doorway gives us the story of a home visit but manages to encompass so much more in God’s Little Loony Bin. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 Sometimes the most profound thoughts come from where you least expect them.

Beth at Pixel RN is another Nursing Voices colleage and she waxes thoughtfully about what it is like to work in while pregnant in Working Mothers. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 I can so relate to wanting to stay home or at least cut back during my pregnancies. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 And I agree, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 Beth, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 Gwen Stefani needs to stop whining!


Don’t forget, metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 Nursing is offering a total of $5000 in nursing scholarships – when you click the link scroll down for the scholarship information.

The next Change of Shift will be here at Emergiblog on January 25th. Metformin 1000mg pills $241.00 If you would like to host an edition please email me using the button in the Emergiblog toolbar!

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  • A Bohemian Road Nurse...
    A Bohemian Road Nurse...

    January 10, 2007 at 8:47 pm

    Good job! Lots of very interesting stuff!

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  • NPs Save Lives
    NPs Save Lives

    January 11, 2007 at 7:38 am

    Nice job as usual Kim! I put a link to this edition.

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  • Mysterious Lady
    Mysterious Lady

    January 11, 2007 at 10:22 am

    Really nice blog! I came down with diabete’s about 8 years ago. Being an RN on a transplant floor,I’m amazed at how little teaching is down with patients in the hospital setting when it is first diagnosed.

  • Mama Mia
    Mama Mia

    January 11, 2007 at 11:05 am

    Really nice collection, Kim!

  • N=1

    January 11, 2007 at 2:30 pm


    Just an excellent assortment of posts to read with a cup of cocoa and a cat or dog around as a foot warmer!

    Your use of my N=1 statement leads me to think that it is a great username, and so I plan to do that – use it! Thanks for including my posts in the carnival.

    This N=1 appreciates all of the work that you put into hosting Change of Shift!

  • Sean

    January 11, 2007 at 8:55 pm

    Awesome stuff! YAY!


  • NCurse

    January 12, 2007 at 5:07 am

    Medical Grand rounds should give more attention to your work. A great edition!

  • ~RN Faye
    ~RN Faye

    January 12, 2007 at 1:14 pm

    Wonderful! Thank you for adding my post to Change of Shift. It is much appreciated!

  • beajerry

    January 14, 2007 at 2:39 am

    Nice posts.

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