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Cialis samples in canada Welcome to this edition of Change of Shift. Cialis samples in canada The selection of posts is quite eclectic this week, cialis samples in canada with new bloggers joining some old favorites! So, cialis samples in canada without further ado, cialis samples in canada let’s get started!


Cialis samples in canada A great blog hosted by “your fellow man” makes its Change of Shift debut this week. Cialis samples in canada The Bulging Bag, cialis samples in canada written by a pediatrician training in neonatology discusses respect and communication in We’re All in This Together.

Cialis samples in canada “N=1” at Universal Health has a unique solution for bringing all nurses together in Building Collegiality: Talking Among the Nursing Tribes. Sign me up!

Cialis samples in canada Mother Jones, cialis samples in canada RN gives a pictoral tour of nursing fashion in the gut-spliting Uniforms on Parade at the ever-popular Nurse Ratched’s Place. Cialis samples in canada Guess which one was MY favorite? Warning – make sure you are not drinking Diet Pepsi while you read it. Cialis samples in canada Spit takes may occur!


And I thought ER nurses ran! Paeds RN gives us a taste of an NICU shift in The Hungry Mouths and Angry Voices over at Cricoid Pressure. Cialis samples in canada (And those angry voices aren’t coming from the parents!)

Another blogger new to Change of Shift describes a most unique New Year’s shift in A Most Unusual Demise. Cialis samples in canada Meet Nurse William as he describes something I’ve never seen in almost 30 years of nursing. Cialis samples in canada Chances are you haven’t, cialis samples in canada either!

You Have The Power! The National Nursing Network Organization is now officially a PAC (Political Action Committee, cialis samples in canada 501, cialis samples in canada C-4)! They are urgently seeking donations to help offset travel expenses as they journey to Washington lobbying for the Office of National Nurse. Cialis samples in canada Much progress has been made! Visit the National Nurse website and see how you can help!

Mona over at The Tangled Neuron does a beautiful job deciphering Alzheimer research in SORL1: New Alzheimer’s Gene. Cialis samples in canada As always, cialis samples in canada things are not as simple as they seem and Mona gets to the reality behind the headlines.


ER nurse GirlVet discusses two very different and yet puzzling patients in Humanity Amazes Me over at madness: tales of an emergency room nurse. Cialis samples in canada Just when you thought you had heard it all……

Cialis samples in canada Sandy Szwarc, cialis samples in canada RN at Junkfood Science give us some background into the panic ensuing from a broken thermometer in Mercury Spill Replay. Cialis samples in canada I get a lot of questions from patients who have read horror stories about mercury poisoning and are ready to call out the Hazardous Materials Squad when their old glass thermometer hits the floor!

Cialis samples in canada Keith submits a beautiful description of how to handle the more difficult aspects of nursing in Non-Compliance, cialis samples in canada Apples, cialis samples in canada and Surrender posted at Digital Doorway.


Cialis samples in canada What if…? Impactednurse ponders a cure for the incurable presented to him at triage in jar head, cialis samples in canada posted at impactED.

Cialis samples in canada We all know what nursing intuition is, cialis samples in canada even if we can’t put our finger on why we know what we know. Cialis samples in canada For some poignant examples, cialis samples in canada read Trusting Your Gut: Nursing Intuition posted by Erica at Blissful Entropy.

Cialis samples in canada Pain is what the patient says it is, cialis samples in canada even if they are eating peeled grapes and conversing on their cell phone at 10/10. Cialis samples in canada Given this scenario, cialis samples in canada apgaRN offers a new way to approach the pain scale in Ouch! posted at Salad Tongs, cialis samples in canada Anyone?.


If the last post didn’t get you giggling, cialis samples in canada this one will. Cialis samples in canada Airway Control discusses the various and sundry complaints of a particular patient in Euphemistically Speaking: Oh Snap! posted at Protect the Airway.

Checking in with our Medscape nursing colleagues, cialis samples in canada join Julie in celebrating a special milestone in her cancer recovery in Relief, cialis samples in canada Redux and Beka puts a personal slant to a current news story in Water Intoxication: Applauding a Nurse. Cialis samples in canada Both nurses’ blogs can be found at In Our Own Words: Medscape Nurses.

You gotta hand it to someone who knows their limitations. Cialis samples in canada ER Chaplain Susan Palwick explains hers is Good Reasons Not to Go Into Healthcare at Rickety Contrivances of Doing Good. Cialis samples in canada Speaking of limitations, cialis samples in canada you can best believe I’ll never be a Latin scholar!

Nursing students! Don’t forget the essay competition going on at Nursing Jobs.org! A total of $5000 in nursing scholarships will be awarded, cialis samples in canada with the winner announced at the end of March. Cialis samples in canada The topic is “Why I Chose Nursing” and I know we could write reams on that theme! So, cialis samples in canada pick up your keyboard and go for the gold! Click on the link and scroll down the page for details.


Thanks for checking out this edition of Change of Shift, cialis samples in canada and many thanks to those who submitted their posts!.

Don’t be shy! Be sure to submit one of your best posts to the next edition!

Mother Jones, cialis samples in canada RN, cialis samples in canada from Nurse Ratched’s Place has graciously offered to host on February 8th! Submissions can be sent to her via Blog Carnival or to “nurseratchedsplace at yahoo dot com”.

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