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September 28, 2016, 8:24 am

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Cialis canadian pharmacy changeofshift

Cialis canadian pharmacy ….is up over at Protect the Airway!

Cialis canadian pharmacy Many thanks to Airway Control for doing a wonderful job!

Cialis canadian pharmacy The next CoS is really, cialis canadian pharmacy truly here at Emergiblog. Cialis canadian pharmacy No mistake this time! Honest! You can use the contact button at the top of the blog or the wonderful Blog Carnival. Cialis canadian pharmacy Either way, cialis canadian pharmacy I am ready to start collecting the best nursing stories you got! Bring ’em on!


I have a question.

Out of all the readers of Emergiblog, cialis canadian pharmacy 4% actually subscribe the the RSS feed.

Now, cialis canadian pharmacy I have a confession to make.  I don’t subscribe to RSS feeds!   I usually just go to the site and read!

So, cialis canadian pharmacy I’d like to know (1) If you do use RSS feeds (specifically Emergiblog’s), cialis canadian pharmacy what are the advantages and if you don’t subscribe to RSS feeds (specifically Emergiblog’s) what keeps you from doing so?

I ask for two reasons.

One is to see if more people will subscribe to Emergiblog’s feed.

And, cialis canadian pharmacy I’m looking into subscribing to the RSS feeds so that I can keep up with all my blogs – check out that right sidebar and you can see why I might need a bit of help keeping up with my blogging colleagues!

This is the one aspect of running a blog I’ve never really thought about before, cialis canadian pharmacy so opinions you have are solicitied and welcomed!

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September 28, 2016, 7:32 pm

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Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Okay, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 this was supposed to be about what I can’t live without as a nurse. Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Well, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 let’s put it this way, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 this is the stuff that keeps me sane as a nurse and gives me “down time”, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 so I consider them indispensable!

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 beegees

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Well I’ve been dying for a chance to use this photo for over a year and now I can!

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 I’ve been tagged by apgaRN at Salad Tongs, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Anyone with a meme!

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 I’m supposed to name five things I can’t live without and one thing I covet.

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 So here goes:


Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Number One: I can’t live without my rock and roll, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 specifically the Bee Gees!

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Yes, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 I’ve been a proud Bee Gee Babe since before I could vote! If anything happens to Barry or Robin I’ll be in a bad state. Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Maurice and Andy were hard enough to lose.

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 journey

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Journey goes along with the Bee Gees as Number One in my meme.

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 New lead singer Jeff Scott Soto is a powerhouse performer and I love the guy!

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Yes, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Journey changes members more than some people change their underwear but I’m a die-hard fan for 22 years now and nothin’ gonna change that!

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 I’ve probably seen them in concert, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 conservatively, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 20 times.

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Put me on a deserted island and give me Journey.

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 One happy woman!



Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Number Two: I could never live without my Blog Father, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 James Lileks.

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 He’s been writing “The Bleat” since 1996, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 back when it was an AOL online diary.

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Monday through Friday, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 the first site I hit when the computer cranks up is James’ website.

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 I had the guts to start a blog because of this guy. Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 My daughter told me I write like him (in my dreams) and I floated on a cloud for a week!

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 His only flaw? He hates the Bee Gees.

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 But hey, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 I’m an open-minded person….

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Other than that, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 I think we were separated at birth!

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Go check out the site, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 and plan to spend some time because it’s a fun collection of everything and you will laugh.



Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Number Three: After eighteen months, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 this blog has become so much a part of my life I can’t imagine living without it or my “web guy”. Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 You all know Shane by now. Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Without him, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Emergiblog would not be what it is today.

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 emergiblog



Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Number Four: Did you really think I’d make a list like this without including God’s greatest gift to man: the Macintosh? Specifically the MacBookPro?

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 What you see is what I’m typing on right now and it goes with my iPod Nano and Bose iPod dock.

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Good lord, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 how did I live before iTunes?”



Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Number Five: This one is pretty obvious, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 I live for Notre Dame football.

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 Thank goodness I have NASCAR to get me through the lack of football over the next few months!

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 And now….what I covet the most is:



Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 A large home on the bluffs of Mendocino, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 California.

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 I even checked out Mendocino Coast District Hospital.

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 I’ll never have it, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 but I’ll always want it!

Prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 If you hear that I’ve won the lottery, prevacid 30mg pills $146.00 you’ll know where to find me!


And now I must tag two more nurses…..

Who shall I bestow this honor upon?

I’ll choose Keith at Digital Doorway (I would love to see his list!!!) and…

Julie at Life in the NHS!

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September 28, 2016, 10:36 am

Augmentin 500mg Pills $114.00

Excel 30 pill bottle $162.00 bogartOne of the biggest travesties in the history of the Academy Awards was that Humphrey Bogart did not win Best Actor for “Casablanca”.

Excel 30 pill bottle $162.00 Idiot voters.

Excel 30 pill bottle $162.00 Not that I’m bitter or anything….

Excel 30 pill bottle $162.00 But I would like to send out a “Oscar” of thanks to Jake at Pure Pedantry for his Academy Award winning Grand Rounds this week.

Excel 30 pill bottle $162.00 Instead of coffee this week, excel 30 pill bottle $162.00 I’ll be having popcorn and a humungous Diet Pepsi while reading! I might even throw in a box of Junior Mints and some Bon-Bons!


Remember! This is also Change of Shift week and Airway Control over at Protect the Airway is waiting for your submission!

Blog Carnival is always waiting to assist you or your submission can go directly to airwaycontrol at protecttheairway dot com!

Don’t be shy! Submit! This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship……..

Average Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 188 user reviews.

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