September 26, 2016, 10:50 am

Minomycin 50mg Pills $315.00


Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 If you recognized the title of this post as an old Pepsi slogan it means just one thing.

Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 You are old.

Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 Is it just me or does Nurse Pepsi Pam have a major crush on Dr. Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 Diet Pepsi here?

Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 She looks like she hasn’t grown into her uniform yet, minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 and I don’t think they make stethoscopes like his anymore.

Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 Nice ad, minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 except for her flat-cap syndrome. Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 Drops the rating to a 7/10 on the ECRS*.

Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 Not only is it “time out for Pepsi”, minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 but it is also “time out” for this week’s Grand Rounds!!!

Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 A veritable potpourri of topics and blogs to choose from this week, minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 nicely hosted by Dr. Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 Stuart Henochowicz at Medviews (newly added to my blogroll!).

Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 I’m curled up on the sofa, minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 got my coffee, minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 got my cat laying on my feet and I’m ready for some readin’!

Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 (*Emergiblog Cap Rating Scale)


And since I’m in the mood for “rounding” this morning, minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 Radiology Grand Rounds X is up at MidEssexRay.

Two things stood out this edition: (a) actually seeing a myocardial infarct on a CT – I didn’t know that was possible and (b) the photo of Dr. Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 Peng Hui Lee in the “About Me” section of the blog.

If that’s really him, minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 it’s pretty funny . Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 (How was I supposed to know radiologists had a sense of humor? I work night shift and never see them! : D)


Next: the weekly call for submission for Change of Shift!

The nursing blog carnival returns to Emergiblog on April 5th and submission will be accepted until 1700 on April 4th (Pacific Time). Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 So….

…..if you are a nurse, minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 a nursing student, minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 have a story about a nurse, minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 or just happen to have a friend whose Grandmother’s boyfriend’s daughter is a nurse, minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 grab those posts and send them to me!

Use the contact button up top of Emergiblog or go through the always efficient Blog Carnival. Minomycin 50mg pills $315.00 Be sure to put “Change of Shift” in the subject line so I don’t miss it!


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  • N=1

    March 28, 2007 at 1:53 pm

    Not only do I remember the Pepsi Generation, I’m so old that I’m in Generation ix.

    Great post, as always, Kim. Wasn’t there an AJN annual column that featured school caps? or was it pins? Anyway, seems that there should be an internet site that features nursing regalia of yore along with a ratings scale from you.

  • Mother Jones RN
    Mother Jones RN

    March 28, 2007 at 5:51 pm

    There are two types of small cups in this ad. The word “Pepsi” is written on the first example of a small cup. Who can live without a big gulp? No me. The second example of small cup is related to Kim’s comment about the nurse not having grown into her uniform. Come on, you know what I mean. I guess Dr. Diet Pepsi is a leg man:-)


  • Rita Schwab
    Rita Schwab

    March 29, 2007 at 2:56 am

    Oh Doctor, do you really think you can fix my flat-cap syndrome with just an outpatient nip and tuck? I’d give anything to rate higher on the ECRS*!

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