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April 30, 2007, 10:50 am

Emergiblog Meets the BloggingBoomers Carnival!


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you…

The official nurses cap of Emergiblog!

This lovely specimen is a 10/10, hands down!

I present it today in honor of the BloggingBoomers Carnival!

This carnival of “baby boomers” who blog can be found at The Boomer Chronicles. Rhea did a great job of putting together an eclectic, interesting and funny edition.

I’m proud to say that Emergiblog is included this week. So..

Whether you’re from “The Greatest Generation”, a boomer, a child of the sixties, a Gen X, a Gen Y or not sure where you fit in you will find something of interest over at Rhea’s place.

Check it out!


The internet is a small, small world.

Yesterday, I received a link to Emergiblog from radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt, aka my Blog Father #1.

In it, he connects me to James Lileks, aka my Blog Father #2!

Okay, so now I am thrilled! I am floating around the house on air and my husband can’t figure out why I’m so excited, even after I explain things to him.

Some folks just don’t understand what can send a blogger into ecstacy.

Either that, or I am a major nerd.

I couldn’t have been happier if Barry Gibb had walked into my house!

Okay, that might be exaggerating a little.

The weird part is that this had to be wholly coincidental. Hugh must have found Emergiblog in a Google search.

Check out the post here.

Thanks Hugh! : )

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April 28, 2007, 9:34 pm

You Might Be a Faker if…..


Sally Serious, RN poses during a quick check of her carotid pulse on a particularly busy night.

Do they still make White Swan uniforms? I wore a few of those in my time.

The cap verges on cool, however it needs a black band and a touch off either side. It has a half-circle vibe that makes her look like the Flying Nun.

I’d give it an 8/10 on the ECRS*.

Apparently she has a coupon under her skirt.

Now that’s a novel concept..

(*Emergiblog Cap Rating Scale)


There are certain behaviors that, when displayed in the setting of an emergency department might lead the staff to believe you aren’t being totally honest.

In other words,

You are faking.

And so, in the interest of patient education, I’d like to point out some of these behaviors. By avoiding these behaviors you will save your time, my time and keep an emergency department bed open for someone who is actually, well, sick.

You might be a faker if….

  • Ten seconds after a “seizure” you wake up and ask for a meal.
  • You lay quietly on the gurney until you spot a staff member, at which point you began to moan and writhe in agony. Interestingly enough, you never seem to do this when it is the housekeeper.
  • You “faint”, protecting your head with your arms when you “hit” the floor.
  • You laugh and giggle on your cell phone until the triage nurse calls your name and then tell them your pain is 10/10.
  • You give an Academy Award performance in front of your significant other that would put Marlon Brando to shame. Repeating “Why me? Why me?” makes it even more special.
  • Your skirt rides up while you are “unconscious” and you pull it down.
  • You’re allergic to medications that haven’t even been approved by the FDA.

Now I’m not saying you are a faker,

But you just might be…

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1:52 pm

Cleveland Browns Get Brady Quinn and a New Fan!



Brady Quinn, my MAN!

Goin’ to the Cleveland Browns!

Whoo hooo, whoo hooo!

{happy dancin’}

Quarterback extraordinaire.

Hunk of MAJOR proportions.

Yes, that is a major quality for a QB…

I’m am so freakin’ excited!



Cleveland doesn’t know how lucky they are!

Not only did they get the only worthwhile quarterback on the face of the earth, they got…ME!

I was officially drafted as a Cleveland Browns fan as of today!

Have to go out and order me some Cleveland Brown stuff! A jersey, a Christmas ornament, a football, some pom-poms, a beer mug, some team scrubs and an 8×10 of Brady in uniform for the top of the TV during games.

And to think, I knew Brady when he was just the quarterback for Notre Dame.

Well, I didn’t really know him, but he lived in the dorm across from my son – how much closer can you get?

On Sunday, September 23, 2007, I’ll get to see Cleveland play Oakland (boo!) right here in my own back yard!

I do have one question, though.

What the heck is a “Brown”?

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