April 10, 2007, 7:52 am

Grand Rounds From Down Under: Decidedly Un-Dorky!


Meet Oscar.

Oscar is a resident of Roo Gully, a wildlife sanctuary in Australia. Oscar is one of the “gang” I “adopted” over a year ago.

Today, I’m using Oscar as mascot for this week’s Grand Rounds, hosted by our friend, colleague and fellow-blogger Dr. Dork.

And a fine Grand Rounds it is! Some new bloggers (to me) and a bittersweet letter from Dr. Barb with some informative links on why Barbados Butterfly is no longer blogging.

The blogosphere is a huge universe, but today there is a hole where Dr. Barb used to be.

I am definitely missing her.


Change of Shift will be found at Blissful Entropy next week and Erica is looking for the best posts by and about the nursing profession!

Send all submissions to “erica (at sign) letterperfectediting dot com” or via Blog Carnival (see sidebar).

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