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September 27, 2016, 12:28 am

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Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Welcome to Change of Shift, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 a compilation of the best of the blogosphere by and about nurses!

Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 The June 14th edition will mark the first anniversary of Change of Shift! This is a shout out to all nurse bloggers and all the doctor bloggers who work with them to send in your best posts by or about nursing for inclusion in this special edition.

Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Patient bloggers and even non-medical bloggers, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 that goes for you too! Have a special nurse that you want to tell us about? Send in your story!

Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Details follow this week’s submissions.


Let’s start off with submissions from Mother Jones over at Nurse Ratched’s Place. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Ever feel like you’re on a treadmill? Check out Lucy, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Chocolates and Our Failing Healthcare System. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 (At least Lucy could hide the extra chocolates in her mouth – what are we supposed to do with our patients?).

Mother Jones dons her real life persona as Terri Polick on her Nursing column, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Following the Leaders. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 This week she profiles nursing leader Teri Mills in The Office of National Nurse. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Did you even know there was a Congressional Nursing Caucus? It was news to me, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 too!

Awesome Mom remembers a special nurse in celebration of a special day. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Find out whom at Nurses Day, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 posted at Adventures of a (Sometimes) Awesome Mom.


As the daughter of a police officer, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 I have a soft spot for folks that wear the security uniform. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 As a nurse I have been the recipient of their protection many times. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Our resident security officer Forgotten Blue Line describes a horrendous patient chase in A Bad Day. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 It could have been worse. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Much worse.

Nursing scholarships get a boost from a nursing professor in a very unique way. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Beth from Pixel RN passes along the details in Climbing for Nurses. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 This is totally cool! I’m making a donation – let’s help Dr. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Hickey reach his goal!

Family nurse practitioner Teresa tackles a subject near and dear to my heart in Pajamas At Work, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 posted at “The Beast…”. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 What is going on with that strawberry photo? Somebody get the Center for Nursing Advocacy on the phone. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 I’m serious! (And thanks, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Teresa, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 for a blog post idea!)


Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Oh man, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 I wish I had written this! Girlvet from Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse gives a wonderful description of…well, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 just go read it. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 I can’t add anything to it. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 The title? ERland Where Everyone Is Happy All the Time. Priceless.

Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Curious about what it is like to be an RN in the UK? I was! Newly minted UK nurse Ruth N. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 comes to the rescue in Getting Here – An Approximate Guide to How I Became a UK Registered Nurse posted at where’s my towel?. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 She is hoping nurses from other countries will describe what nursing is like in their hospitals! (And, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 of course, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 submit these descriptions to “Change of Shift”!)

Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Fellow Bay Area blogger Dr. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Enoch Choi sends in a Music Video on the Role of Nurses in the Hospital. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 These were produced by Johnson and Johnson, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 a well-established corporate friend of nursing profession, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 and the post is found at Enoch’s blog, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Doctor Geek, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 MD.


Former RN and current IT specialist Beastarzmom recounts a special pediatric patient in an unfathomable situation. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Get your Kleenex ready as you read Horrifying, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 found at Easy Come, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Easy Go. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 You’ll need it.

Nurse and life coach consultant Hueina Su contributes a beautiful ode penned for this year’s Mother’s Day in Journey Into Love at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Every day is mother’s day!

Given recent events, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 this post hit me harder than most. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Sometimes we find our patients when we least expect it and our most dramatic encounters occur outside of the workplace. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Monkeygirl recounts a chilling story of potential disaster in Car Wrecks, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 found on her blog Musings of a Highly Trained Monkey. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 I’d call her a Highly Trained Hero, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 myself…


Between RSV and siblings, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 what’s a NICU nurse to do? Laura at Adventures in Juggling gives a vivid description in Good Bye and Hello Again. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Oh, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 and find out , ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 how to make an adolescent female never ask you again about your job!

It Shouldn’t Happen in Health Care. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 But it does, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 so commiserate with Max E. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Nurse on the frustrations of a clinic day in Monday Moaning!

ER Nursey takes care of a patient requiring maximum police presence. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Why? Well…try and figure it out with her at What the Heck Did This Guy Do?


The daily nursing columns over at Nursing Jobs. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 org have taken off in a big way! In addition to Terri, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 mentioned above, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Labor Nurse is looking for posts discussing issues and difficulties faced by medical bloggers. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Send your posts to her for inclusion in a special post dedicated to this online discussion. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Details in her column Story Telling.

A survey that allows a patient to actually evaluate their nursing care based on what they consider important? I’m not delusional! Really! There is a tool in development to do exactly that! Read what the patients want in this week’s column on nursing research entitled Tell Me What You Want, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 What You Really, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 Really Want. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 (Hmmm…the Spice Girls. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 I guess I’d be “Blogger Spice”.)

Susan McNicholas remembers her early mentors in her “Penlight” column entitled My Titas and Ates. Ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 And yes, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 I had to do a double take at that title, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 too…

Checking in with the Medscape Nurses finds Beka rediscovering the advantages of “team nursing” in Two Good Shifts and Julie sharing an impromptu moment of humor with her patient in A Good Laugh.


Change of Shift may be celebrating it’s first birthday with a guest host, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 but plans have not yet been finalized.

UPDATE:  Nurse Ratched’s Place will host the next Change of Shift!

So…get those posts in the email to Mother Jones at nurseratchedsplace at yahoo dot com, ansaid 200mg pills $124.00 or by using the “Contact” button or Blog Carnival.

Thanks to all those who submitted and to all who support Change of Shift by linking and reading!

Nurses rock!



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September 27, 2016, 4:54 pm

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Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 Ha!

Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 What this kid doesn’t know is that the cup contains Gastrografin for his upcoming CT!

Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 And, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 he has to drink two more of them!

Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 Check out the look on Dad’s face.

Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 “Sure son, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 look at me! I’m going to have some, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 too! Yum!”

Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 Looks like the nurse went to the Generic Hospital School For Nurses.

Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 While I can appreciate the style of the cap, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 without a ribbon it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.

Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 Ooo la-la, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 that was French!


I have been lax in my duties a blog neighbor. Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 Sort of hit a wall a few days ago and couldn’t put two words together for the life of me! Two years (almost) of blogging has taught me that these dry spells are transient and now that the juices are flowing I want to share some things going on around the blogosphere!


Health care consultant and educator Onehealthpro wrote a moving tribute in honor of our troops for Memorial Day. Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 Read “An American Soldier”.


My Nursing colleague and blogger, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 Labor Nurse will be holding a discussion regarding the issues in health care blogging and she would like to hear your thoughts. Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 She said it best in her Nursing column “You’re Being (Web) Paged”:

I am inviting all health care bloggers to submit a post from their blog on the challenges they face in writing about their job. Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 The recent events within the health care blogosphere resulting in the demise of several popular health care blogs has brought to light the issues we must consider. Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 What are your thoughts? Should we as health care providers be blogging? What can we blog about, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 and where do we draw the line? Send your blog posts to me at by Thursday, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 May 31st to be included in my next column. Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00

I’ve submitted a post about non-anonymous blogging. Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 Weigh in with your thoughts. Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 It should be an interesting discussion.


Hello, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 Mary Lu! Mary Lu Wehmeier, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 Online Community and Social Networking Diva extraordinaire has a great way to support our troops!

Remember those old-time cell phones? You know, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 the ones before you got the fancy-schmancy new shiny one with all the bells and whistles?

Those cell phones can be recycled and free minutes given to our servicemen! Now, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 if you are like me, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 you have at least one or two of these dinosaurs laying around.

Stop being the Jurassic Park of the cell phone community and check out Mary Lu’s post! It has all the details as only Mary Lu can give ’em!


And last, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 but never, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 ever least: Radiology Grand Rounds are up at Sumer’s Radiology Site. Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 Never boring, neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 always intriguing. Neem 60 tablet bottle $265.00 I learn something new every month!!!

Average Rating: 4.4 out of 5 based on 255 user reviews.

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2:39 pm

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Yasmin drospirenone 3mg + ethinyl estradiol 0.3mg $262.00 It’s Tuesday, yasmin drospirenone 3mg + ethinyl estradiol 0.3mg $262.00 therefore it’s Grand Rounds!

Yasmin drospirenone 3mg + ethinyl estradiol 0.3mg $262.00 Colin over at Medskool has a reason to be proud!

Yasmin drospirenone 3mg + ethinyl estradiol 0.3mg $262.00 He put together a wonderful group of submissions as varied as they are interesting!

Yasmin drospirenone 3mg + ethinyl estradiol 0.3mg $262.00 I’ll be forgoing my usual coffee and enjoying this edition with a nice, yasmin drospirenone 3mg + ethinyl estradiol 0.3mg $262.00 large Diet Pepsi!

Yasmin drospirenone 3mg + ethinyl estradiol 0.3mg $262.00 After all, yasmin drospirenone 3mg + ethinyl estradiol 0.3mg $262.00 it is the unofficial beginning of summer!


Ladies and Gentlemen, yasmin drospirenone 3mg + ethinyl estradiol 0.3mg $262.00 start your Change of Shift submissions! Okay, yasmin drospirenone 3mg + ethinyl estradiol 0.3mg $262.00 so I’m still stoked over the Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR race, yasmin drospirenone 3mg + ethinyl estradiol 0.3mg $262.00 even if Kasey Kahne was having issues with his Dodge.

I’m hosting here this week, yasmin drospirenone 3mg + ethinyl estradiol 0.3mg $262.00 so all submissions can be sent to me via the contact button or the ever helpful Blog Carnival.

Make those pit stops and fuel up the Change of Shift roster!

Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 251 user reviews.

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