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June 22, 2007, 1:23 pm

We’re Baaaack…Nursing Voices Goes LIVE!


The news is spreading like wildfire!

Nancy Nurse has been on the phone so long passing the word, it appears her head nurse is getting a wee bit concerned.

No worries, as soon as she hears the announcement, she’ll forgive Nurse Nancy her breach of telephone professionalism!

A major development has just taken place that will rock the nursing blogosphere to its very foundations!

Nursing Voices is back!

Only this time, it is a nursing forum and it’s your voice that needs to be heard!


Yeah, I’m a little excited!

But I’m not exaggerating.

Nursing Voices began as a small syndication of four nurse bloggers via Nursing Jobs.org two years ago.

As of this morning it has officially become Nursing Voices: Nursing Talk From Around the World , a full blown arena for nursing opinions.

  • Every nursing specialty is represented. If you don’t see yours, let us know!
  • Are you a male nurse? There is a forum for you guys! And trust me, the ladies will be reading!
  • Ever made a med error? Let’s learn from each other!
  • Got some crazy nurse stories (and I know you do because I read them every day!)? Make us laugh!
  • Are you a nurse over the age of 50? Well, I’ll be joining that brigade in three weeks. Let’s have a virtual margarita and share our veteran nurse stories!
  • Student nurses? We feel your pain and you have your own table at the party! We don’t eat our young over at Nursing Voices, we commiserate with them! In fact, there is a special meeting room for preceptors!

The nursing blogosphere is exploding and this week is going to be an exciting time on many fronts, with more announcements in the pipeline.

Nursing Voices is become a place for your voice to be heard.

The forums are open, ready and waiting for your input.

After all, you’re comin’ up so we better get this party started!

(Did you really think I’d end this post without a rock reference?)

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June 21, 2007, 7:45 pm

Nursing Research: The Candy Man Cometh?


I’ve never even heard of a “Penguin”, let alone a chocolate one.

An extensive period of research (I googled it) tells of a treat made of two biscuits, filled with a chocolate cream and dipped in milk chocolate.

These are from the United Kingdom, and they used to have a bad joke on each wrapper!

It looks like it costs “3 1/2 degrees” (anyone from the UK want to fill me in on what that means?)

All I know is I want one!

The doctor in the ad? He’s not too sure.


Although the topic of this post has to do with an aspect of nursing research, it should not be confused with my nursing research column over at Nursing Jobs.org. As a matter of fact, in a sudden fit of shameless self-promotion, I’ll mention that my last column on nursing research discusses a free online class that helps develop nurse scientists.


If you haven’t yet read the blog at Nursing Jobs.org, treat yourself to a visit! Unlike regular blogs, the NJO blog covers five different topics by four different writers.

You can look at nursing research or nursing history, both of which written by yours truly. On Thursdays, you can read about current nursing leaders in Terri Polick’s Following the Leader column.

Susan McNicholas takes on nursing ethics in Penlight every Tuesday and Labor Nurse takes a look at the nursing blogosphere on Fridays in You’re Being (Web) Paged.

That’s a lot of good information! Better yet, have the information come to you via RSS subscription!


There is one aspect of nursing research that appears to be ubiquitous.

It is the rewarding of nurses who participate in the research studies.

Maybe it is more like providing an incentive to participate.

What is the incentive of choice?

A copy of the completed research study? Well, I have been randomly selected for a couple of surveys/research projects over the years and both times I received a completed copy of the study.

That was greatly appreciated and was the ultimate “reward” for taking the time to help further nursing research.

That does not seem to be the latest way of, well, enticing nurses to give their time and talents to research.

Now they use candy.



Pardon moi? Are we professionals or are we Pavlov’s dogs?

Fill out the form and get a Three Musketeers bar!

Let the research assistant follow you around the unit and a Snickers will be yours!

When did this become the standard practice?

As professional men and women, should we not willingly (and cheerfully!) promote the research of our colleagues without being “treated”, literally, like a kid on Halloween?


Well, I am putting the kibosh on this practice.

I will accept no Three Musketeers or Snickers bars.

Just the mere thought of accepting those bribes makes me cringe to my core.

I am a professional!

If you want me to participate in your research project, just ask me!

And then give me a pound of Godiva chocolate.

None of that cheap stuff for me!

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June 19, 2007, 11:18 am

Henrietta the Health Care Worker Has Your Back at Grand Rounds!


You all know Henrietta, the Health Care Worker.

What? You’ve never met her?

Well, you’ve been reading her for years.

She’s Geena’s alter ego over at Code Blog: Tales of a Nurse!

Today, she is making a special appearance and answering health related questions using our Grand Rounds submissions!

Do have a look-see at Henrietta’s special advice-dispensing style!

Have coffee, will travel – to Starbucks – to read this week.

Starbucks, Grand Rounds and Geena.

It’s gonna be a good afternoon!


There are some congratulations in order here in the medical blogosphere!


First of all, NP’s Save Lives has passed her exam and is now, officially a Family Nurse Practitioner!!!

Why not head over and give her a big virtual hug and tell her, “Job well done!”

Her excitement is palpable over at “It’s Official” at The Nurse Practitioner’s Place.


Nathan, owner and proprietor of “A Jolly Company” has graduated from medical school and started residency. I’m moving him up to “Doctors of the Blogosphere”. Stop by, say hello and offer your congratulations!


Enrico, over at Mexico Medical Student is celebrating the end of his second year of medical school. Yeah, he still has two years to go, but he’s so excited that I am excited for him!


As usual, it’s time to remind everyone that Change of Shift is going to be up and over at Pixel RN on June 28th. Beth would love to receive any and all posts by or about nursing! She has a new project in the works, too! Send submissions via Blog Carnival or to bethcoll66 at hotmail dot com.


Last but not least, there is a new medical “carnival” coming out, with a unique topic and unique perspectives. Its called Surgexperiences and will look at the world of surgery from every angle. The link will take you to the homepage and has all the information. In a nutshell, if you are a surgeon, work in the OR as a nurse or tech or you have had experiences as a patient in surgery, send in your stories! The inaugural edition is July 1st.


PS:  If you have a blog that I have not linked to (a medical blog) or know of a good one you don’t see, please email me and let me know…I try to keep my links current!!

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