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June 18, 2007, 7:16 pm

Must Be Exhausting to Lose Your Own Game


I could use a gallon of this right now.

And I don’t think I’m the only one who should be guzzling this like water.

I have never been so depressed about blogging as I have been today.

It’s the first time in two years, I actually considered cashing in my chips, so to speak.

And then I thought, screw it!

I’m a blogger, hear me roar!

You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time…

And then there are individuals who make you feel like you are banging your head against the wall.

They only hear what their mindset allows them to hear, and no matter what you say or what you do, you are the enemy.

I’m tired of being considered the enemy.


Before I let this subject fly to the great blog archive in the sky, I will address two things that were raised via email as proof of my enemy status.

I mention them here because perhaps others may have had the same questions.

  • I do not respond to my email.

Like 99.9% of all bloggers, I have a very full life. I work four night shifts a week. I spend eight hours a week working on my two Nursing Jobs.org columns. I write my regular blog posts. Once a month or so I host a blog carnival. For many months out of the year I am working on my BSN classwork. I travel three hours one-way on my days off to help care for my sister. I have two children getting married this summer, a teenager still at home and somewhere in all this I have a husband who occasionally gets some attention!

Alas, I sometimes get backlogged on my email. I leave it in my inbox so that I can get to it during my free time. I appreciate getting it, make no mistake. I do like to wait until I can give it some attention instead of firing off a one-sentence answer.

  • I do not answer/respond to the comments on my blog.

Guess what? All comments on Emergiblog come to me as…..email! I do respond to the comments to the individual commenter, via email. I don’t respond in the comments myself because my “comment” is my post! I like to leave the comments and any resulting debate to those who are commenting! Why? It’s the way I like to do it!


At first I was sorry that I had even written the previous post. Sick that I had been misunderstood by the one person who I thought would have gotten some perspective/feedback/support from my viewpoint.

I thought I was sticking my neck out for a fellow blogger, a fellow nurse.

It was not seen that way by the involved party. In fact, I was asked to leave this person alone.

Now I’m angry. The blog post stands as written. I mean every word written in it.


Today in the car, this verse came through my iPod. It’s a song by Evanescence.

Couldn’t take the blame,
Sick with shame.
Must be exhausting to lose your own game.
Selfishly hated,
No wonder you’re jaded,
You can’t play the victim this time.

Isn’t it funny how something you hear day in and day out can take on a new meaning when you have something on your mind?

Well, it’s over.

Emails have been blocked.

Links have been taken down.

This is the last that I will talk of the situation or even remotely refer to it on Emergiblog.

If this seems enigmatic to some of the readers, I apologize.

I needed to get it off my chest. I have so many more important things to deal with, this was taking precious energy and I will no longer allow it to do so.

Thanks for reading.

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June 17, 2007, 10:11 am

Like Sand Through the Hourglass, So Go the Days of our Blogs


Medicated rubber undergarments?

Medicated with what?

It looks like something you’d find in the old “Frederick’s of Hollywood” catalogs.

(I remember thinking it was very risque to be looking at one of those when I was little…)

Supposedly it reduces flesh exactly where desired, but only if you desire it off your waist and hips.

A “corsage”? My handy dandy Mac Dictionary Widget says a “corsage” is the upper part of a woman’s dress.

Then why would a guy want it?

{Insert inappropriate joke here}

I only have one question – I could use this before my daughter’s wedding. I wonder if they still make them?


I’ve been having some blogging angst lately. Plenty of ideas in the pipeline but I can’t get the water to flow, so to speak. I need some “Brain Drano” (or Milk of Magnesia, depending on which analogy you want to use). For awhile there, Emergiblog was looking like Rockn’Blog (now there’s an idea!).

While the posts have been backing up, I have found some time to read a few blogs.


Read all about it!

Mental status questioned! Bloggers challenged for writing from (gasp!) their own viewpoint! Name calling that would make a U.S. Marine Drill Sergeant blush! Comments flying! Comments blocked! Anger! Activism! Frustration! Satire! Doctors! Nurses! Dogs and cats, living together….. (okay, that was from “Ghostbusters”)

You would think we were the political blogosphere!

And, of course it did what this sort of thing usually does.

It stimulated a blog post.


I blog because I want to give the medical blogosphere readership my personal view of life as an emergency nurse. This means stories from my vantage point, as a nurse. I can’t give the vantage point of a physician, or a respiratory therapist, a chaplain, a security guard or the administration.

I’ve never walked in those shoes.

But isn’t that true of us all? We can only speak to our own experiences and feelings on our blogs. Just because I write a post about what it’s like to be a nurse and I don’t mention physicians does not mean that I do not respect them. The same with respiratory therapists. Or the unit housekeeper. Or the security personnel.

To know what they are going through, to understand their viewpoint, to empathize with the stresses of their positions, I read their blogs.

That leads to understanding. It also leads to respect. Respect for the individual blogger and respect for the profession they represent.


Respect. It is important to our conversation as medical bloggers. It pains me to see negative epithets bandied about on public sites or communication prevented by blocking all comments.

Do not get me wrong! I love a controversial discussion as much as the next person and I can take it as well as I can dish it out (hopefully) as long as there is respect. There aren’t a lot of challenges here on Emergiblog, but there have been some and the comments stand as written by those who read the blog. They stay up because of respect for those commenting whether I agree with them or not.


I look at the health care team like a football team. There has to be a quarterback, and I have no problem with that being the physician. I see my job as a nurse through the eyes of a wide receiver. The nurse catches the “ball of healthcare” and runs like hell with it while the respiratory therapists, pharmacists, lab techs and nursing assistants, et al. join in to take care of any obstacles that might keep the patient from scoring a touchdown.

(Please notice I did not place hospital administration as the opposing team. It was sooooo tempting….)

Every person on the health care team has a specific position to play. They all went to different “training camps” but they come together for the game having a specific job on the “team”.


When I read a doctor/med student blog I don’t expect to see a nursing perspective. You won’t find the medical viewpoint on any nursing blog. As nurses, we can be proud of our profession and when it is appropriate we can engage other disciplines and professions in a discussion of nursing’s role in health care. If that is the topic of a particular post, then we should by all means engage our colleagues.

Nursing has its activists and its a good thing we do! Some of those activists are bloggers and I can get my adrenaline pumping just reading their posts. I may or may not comment, but I appreciate that they are there. I’d like to gently point out that there is a time and a place for nursing activism, a time and a place to fight for nursing’s place in the world of health care. That place is not on a blog where the topic revolves around the feelings of the colleague/blogger regarding a sensitive subject.


I would also like to gently point out that behind every avatar/pseudonym/screen name and blog there is a human being with feelings. This week we lost a very vocal, controversial and stimulating nurse blogger. Love them or hate them, they had something to say regarding nursing, albeit not always in the most appropriate place. Love them or hate them, there was a person behind the pseudonym.

Words are all we have as bloggers. Words are our stock-in-trade. We use them to make readers laugh, cry, hope, empathize, energize and even get angry. Nothing wrong with anger – it’s a legitimate emotion.

But our words can hurt.

May we never forget that there is a person on the other side of that URL.


Well! So much for the Milk of Magnesia for the brain, it looks like someone shot a Fleets through my cerebral cortex!

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June 14, 2007, 1:39 pm

Change of Shift: The One-Year Anniversary Edition!


Change of Shift is now one year old!

Volume One, Number Twenty-Six” is up at Nurse Ratched’s Place and a fine edition it is!

Many thanks to Mother Jones (Terri) for taking on the birthday challenge!

Don’t forget to check Terri’s column at Nursing Jobs.org, too! She pens a weekly look at current leaders in nursing entitled “Following the Leaders“. Her current column on Dorothy Powell, RN, EdD, FAAN is up now!

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine of nursing and forget that there are some great leaders in our midst!


Change of Shift’s second year kicks off on June 28th at Pixel, RN!

Submissions should go to “bethcoll66 at hotmail dot com” or through Blog Carnival.

Many thanks to Beth for taking on the next installment, as my oldest daughter is getting married that weekend!

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