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July 23, 2016, 8:16 am

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Synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 This is Sinapore and David from Health Business Blog has just returned from a visit to this beautiful city!

Synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 Having seen this photo, synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 I’m ready to go there myself!

Synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 Traveling isn’t all David has been up to. Synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 He’s the host of this week’s Grand Rounds and a great edition it is! Many new submitters, synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 a few old friends – the perfect combination to peruse over a cup of coffee (which I’m doing right now!).


Emergiblog isn’t the only blog celebrating an anniversary this week.

Susan Palwick over at Rickety Contrivances of Doing Good has been blogging for a year now, synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 so go and wish her a Happy Blogiversary! Susan is also a (very) published author and her new book “Shelter” is now available. Synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 In fact it is on the way to my house right now via good ol’ amazon.com!

Congrats to Susan on a year of blogging and another successful best seller!


Change of Shift will be hosted by me on August 9th so be sure to get your submissions into me via Blog Carnival or using the “Contact Me” button above. Synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 By nurses, synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 for nurses or about nursing: that is the criteria! Get those keyboards flying!



Synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 Some totally freaking super hot new news!!

Synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 Jeff Scott Soto is performing exactly 20 miles away from my house at the Little Fox Theater in Redwood City, synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 California on September 18, synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 2007!

Synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 Check out the link for some great music! You will love this guy – he’s the most famous unknown singer in the world and the man can ROCK a stage!

Synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 Excuse me while I regain my mature, synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 professional demeanor….

Synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 Jeff was the lead singer for Journey’s last tour before he was unceremoniously bounced out of the band by word-of-mouth with no explanation what-so-ever.

Synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 (Why no, synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 I have no anger over that speaking through clenched teeth Why do you ask?)

Synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 I have my tickets, synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 getting my friend to travel down from Oregon, synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 gonna camp out the night before for THE best seats and it’s time for some rock and ROLL!

Synthroid 100mcg pills $159.00 I’m sure glad turning fifty hasn’t made me grow up!

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July 23, 2016, 9:40 am

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Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 logo

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 cherry

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 It’s Emergiblog’s birthday this week!

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 My blog has gone from infancy through toddlerhood and now has reached the ripe old age of two.

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 I hope this doesn’t mean I’ll have to throw temper tantrums and yell “MINE!” all the time.

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Not that I don’t already.

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Conceived during a slow night shift, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 the original idea was to showcase a different Cherry Ames book on each post and follow with a story about emergency nursing.

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 It didn’t take me long to realize there were only twenty-seven Cherry Ames books.

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Considering that this marks the 1, stendra 100mg pills $44.00058th post, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 it would have curtailed my output considerably.

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 So I borrowed a trick from my favorite columnist, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 James Lileks and began poking fun at old ephemera. Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 He uses food, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 I went for anything medical/nursing related. Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 The rest, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 as they say, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 is…well…a blog!



Two years ago I was an emergency department staff nurse with an associate’s degree, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 fighting burnout and figuring I’d be running around a unit until I was eighty.

Something happened once I started blogging.

I started reading the blogs of student nurses. Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 I felt their excitement and their passion for the profession.

The more I read the more that excitement transferred to me and became apparent in each post. Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Most of those student nurses graduated and now have links in the “Nurses of the Blogosphere” section of Emergiblog’s blogroll.

My passion for nursing was rekindling. Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 The day-to-day routine of shift work had dulled my excitement and I had lost the reason I had gone into nursing in the first place. Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Instead of treading water until retirement, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 perhaps there was another road I could travel.

Maybe it was time for me to give something back.



Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Now 2007 finds me back in school and heading for a BSN with a goal of a doctorate by age sixty (that’s ten years, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 if you are counting on your fingers!), stendra 100mg pills $44.00 a columist for Nursing Jobs.org, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 moderator for Nursing Voices and home to a nursing blog carnival that just celebrated its first anniversary.

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 That’s a bit of a change!

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 I want to become a nursing professor and work in nursing research.

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 And I’m still blogging.

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Because I have gotten more from blogging than I ever could contribute.

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 It has changed not only my outlook on health care.  It literally changed my life.

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 It has given me the unique perspective of seeing the world of health care through the eyes of physicians, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 medical students, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 patients, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 chaplains, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 paramedics, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 security personnel, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 professional staff administrators (Hi, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Rita!), stendra 100mg pills $44.00 and scientists (Hi, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Bora!)

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 And of course, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 my fellow nursing colleagues from around the world!



Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Emergiblog has now received over 225, stendra 100mg pills $44.00000 hits. Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 I guess I can no longer explain this number by counting my family members and the number of people looking for Dorothy Hamill’s haircut!

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Thanks to everyone who has taken time to read posts, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 contributed/linked to Change of Shift and left comments/opinions.

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Thanks to every single blogger on the blogroll for providing hours of stimulating reading, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 thought and fellowship. Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Bloggers rock!

Stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Last but not least, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 thanks to my “web guy”, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 Shane Pike! Without him I’d still be cursing Blogger every ten minutes and Emergiblog would definitely not be the blog it is today!


Blogging has impacted my life in every tangible way, stendra 100mg pills $44.00 not the least of which is a newfound love of writing.

Here’s to another two years!

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July 23, 2016, 6:20 am

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Cipralex 10mg pills $109.00 A very colorful edition of Change of Shift is up over at Musings of a Highly Trained Monkey!

Cipralex 10mg pills $109.00 Monkey Girl brought her creative side into play this edition. Cipralex 10mg pills $109.00 Do check it out!


The August 9th edition will be hosted by me, cipralex 10mg pills $109.00 so send all submissions in via Blog Carnival or use the contact form at the top of the page!

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