August 21, 2007, 9:56 am

Be True to Your School at Grand Rounds! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

The textbooks have been purchased, the tuition is paid…the NFL is in pre-season and Notre Dame football starts September 1st.

Education is in the air, and Med-Source rings in the new school year with an education-themed Grand Rounds!

My classes start September 4th, and I’m truly excited to be starting a new semester!

Yeah I’m a dork.

I’m the only person who cried through their entire high school graduation because I didn’t want to leave!

Somewhere I have a pic of me as a cheerleader, if I ever run across it I’ll post it to the blog. Much laughter will ensue, most of it coming from the 1970’s shag I wore for most of my adolescence.



No, this is not a photo of me!

This is the upcoming ornament in the “Loralie” collection and is available for pre-order from “Over the Rainbow Quilt and Gift Shop” in Camano Island, WA.

Owner Laura Van Divier and her daughter Vanessa are very grateful for the nursing care Vanessa received during her hospitalizations.

Vanessa, diagnosed with diabetes at the age of four, was almost ready to graduate with her Master’s degree in education when she was hit with a series of strokes. Eventually, she was diagnosed as having Moyamoya disease

Read Vanessa’s full story.

Through your purchase of this new Loralie ornament (the latest of a series), you can help support Vanessa’s family as she continues her rehabilitation efforts at home.

Many thanks to Mary Lu Wehmeier, Online Community and Social Networking Diva for passing this information to me!



It’s time to pull those posts out for Change of Shift!!

This week, the best of the nursing blogophere will be found at Nurse Ratched’s Place.

Mother Jones is waiting for your submission! Send them to motherjonesrn at yahoo dot com or use the Blog Carnival widget on the sidebar.

(Note to Mother Jones: I’m writing as fast as I can! : D )

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