August 14, 2007, 12:59 pm

It’s the Sudden Onset of Grand Rounds!


Suddenly it’s Tuesday and time for Grand Rounds!

It is “theme week” over at Med Journal Watch as Christian hosts the first GR edition to come from Switzerland.

The theme was “sudden change” and the medical blogosphere suddenly came up with many interesting topics encompassing the theme. Emergiblog is proud to be included.

(And I am proud I was able to spell “Switzerland” without looking it up. Watch out world, my brain is functioning today!!!!)


Occasionally I will look beyond the medical blogosphere and find a post on another site that I have to share!

I stumbled upon the “HomeBizBlogger” while perusing all the carnivals over at Blog Carnival. Eve Lester, owner and proprietor of HomeBizBlogger runs the “Carnival of Blogging Success“.

This was interesting because we all want to be successful bloggers, right?

This summer was one of severe blogger burn-out for me, so this post was a godsend when I found it over at Eve’s carnival.

If you read nothing else today (after Grand Rounds, of course), you must read Writing for Bloggers 101: Writing Great Content and Avoiding Blogger Burn Out, written by Peter Stern and found at Laura Young’s The Dragon Slayer’s Guide to Life.

You will immediately relax and think of twenty topics to write about.

I did.


Okay, time for the weekly Change of Shift infomational section!

Mother Jones over at Nurse Ratched’s Place takes the helm and steers us into our next edition!

If you’re a nurse or even if you just play one on TV, we want to hear your stories!

Send submissions to motherjonesrn at yahoo dot com or, say it with me now….Blog Carnival!


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