October 4, 2007, 9:50 am

Change of Shift, iPhones, Uniforms and Jobs!

…is up over at Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse!

The price is definitely right for this edition as GirlVet as you will see when you visit!

Many, many thanks to GirlVet for hosting!!!

Next time, Change of Shift comes right back here to Emergiblog so get those submissions started!


Some announcements from the world of Emergiblog:


Scrubs Gallery.com has been a long-time advertiser here on Emergiblog, so I am happy to announce that they have put together a brand new site. Scrubs Gallery.com is the place to go for Cherokee brand uniforms. I’ve visited the new site and it is very easy to navigate with a large selection. You can visit by clicking on their ad in the middle sidebar.



There are twelve days left in the Nursing Voices. com iPhone contest and if you haven’t clicked over now is the time to do it!!!

It’s still anybody’s game, so don’t think, “Oh gee, I don’t have a chance…” because you do! And there are two iPhones to be given away!

I really don’t have a chance because I’m affiliated with Nursing Voices. com as a moderator. Of course, I’m always open to any one who wants to buy me an iPhone. They say charity begins at home; unfortunately, my husband disagrees.



Nursing Jobs.org is helping to make the search for nurse educators easier for colleges and universities by posting any openings free of charge. So, if you are an educator, know of any openings at your university or are interested in finding a position as a nurse educator, Nursing Jobs.org is the place to be. Information on how to post open positions is available on the site.

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