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September 29, 2016, 10:09 am

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Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 weddinggown

Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 This nurse should be totally ashamed of herself.

Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 She is wearing a smooshed cap.

Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 A big fat wrinkle, olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 plain as day.

Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 In fact, olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 the cap is plain as day. Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 It needs a black stripe to be a 10/10 on the Emergiblog Cap Rating Scale.

Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 I would have been happy to give it a 9/10, olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 but the wrinkle drops is all the way down to a 5/10.

Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 Lord knows, olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 we can’t be a nurse AND be married, olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 now can we?

Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 No wonder the wedding gown “waited”. Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 Who would want to marry such a slob?



Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 Well good morning! It’s Friday, olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 9 am and I am at the corner table at Starbucks! Our drink du jour is the always-healthy non-fat-Venti-one-Equal latte! With a spinach wrap for breakfast! Have a seat, olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 there’s plenty of room!

First of all, olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 it is time for the Medical Blog Award nominations for 2007 over at Medgadget! The nominations are open until December 31st. Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 I just placed my nominations, olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 head on over and place yours!

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 Peg over at Pegspot ! Her book, olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 50 Ways to Leave Your 40s is off to the printers and should be available to us in March of 2008! Having just left my 40s, olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 I am dying to read it!


What is it about turning 50? It’s like someone lit a burner under my derriere.

  • I’m back in school.
  • This morning I woke up with an overwhelming urge to take violin lessons.

You think that’s odd?

  • I went through a period of two weeks where I wanted a Ford F-150 truck!


I’ve never driven a truck in my life.

  • I have this overwhelming desire to learn all I can about Theodore Roosevelt.


  • I must crochet afghans for my entire family by next Christmas.

Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 Starting today!

Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 Can you develop a hyperactivity disorder at the age of 50?

Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 Maybe all these years the only thing holding me back was estrogen.

Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 Humph.

Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 As for now, olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 well, olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 I’m catching up on my blogroll friends.

Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 Then I’m taking my daughter and her friend to see I Am Legend.

Olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 If I can sit still that long….

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September 29, 2016, 3:09 pm

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Remeron 30mg pills $240.00 cos

Remeron 30mg pills $240.00 … is up at Brain Scramble!

Remeron 30mg pills $240.00 Caroline is right, remeron 30mg pills $240.00 there are some interesting, remeron 30mg pills $240.00 varied topics this week!

Remeron 30mg pills $240.00 Many thanks to Caroline for hosting!


In two weeks, remeron 30mg pills $240.00 Change of Shift will be hosted at! I’ll be handling the submissions so you can send them to me via the contact button or through Blog Carnival!


Wondering why I haven’t answered any emails? Well, remeron 30mg pills $240.00 due to a glitch in Yahoomail dot com, remeron 30mg pills $240.00 I had to delete 25, remeron 30mg pills $240.00436 emails from my Mac box.

I used to keep all my old emails stored on the Yahoo site, remeron 30mg pills $240.00 but this is the second time I’ve had to erase everything.

So…if you had a request, remeron 30mg pills $240.00 a comment, remeron 30mg pills $240.00 a link, remeron 30mg pills $240.00 a complaint or just a howdy, remeron 30mg pills $240.00 and you did not get an answer, remeron 30mg pills $240.00 email me again and it will come through!

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11:30 am

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Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 vicks

Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Oh, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 now this is attractive!

Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 I guess the family that sprays together, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 stays together!

Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Now there have been times this last month when I have loved me some Afrin, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 big time!

Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 I did not, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 however, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 buy individual bottles for my family for a group squirt!

Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 “Gee, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Mommy! Can I shove a plastic nozzle up my nose like you and Daddy, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 puhleeeeese?”

Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Besides, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 the mother has hers sticking in the wrong nares.

Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 I guess she didn’t get the memo that this was a “right nares” squirt.


Change of Shift is in progress as we speak! Caroline at Brain Scramble is working her heart out on this edition. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 God bless her for taking on the carnival during the holidays! I hope Santa was very good to her this year!


I’m at Starbucks on my absolutely, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 honest-to-goodness last gingerbread latte of the season. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Really. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 It is. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 I’m back to Venti-non-fat-one-equal lattes tomorrow. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Yeah, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 that’s the ticket….tomorrow!

Oh. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 My. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 God. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Andy Gibb just came on the Starbucks radio! “I Just Want to be Your Everything”! He’d be 50 in March. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 RIP, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Andy.

Someday I’ll tell the story of seeing him in a small club with about 20 people. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 I still get goosebumps.

Damn, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 now it’s “More Than a Woman by the Bee Gees. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Okay, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 who’s into the Gibb brothers here? There are only 15 of us in the store. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Somebody else is a Bee Gees fan, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 too! Come on. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Show yourself!


I have a confession to make.

I’ve been fighting burn out. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 It’s been hard to write uplifting posts lately and who wants to read depressing, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 morose, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 bitchy posts?

Oh, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 you did? My bad. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Too late!

I had an epipany at work this week. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 I feel like Linus in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.

Lights, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 please!


80% of the patients I care for are not having an emergency, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 nor are they in any danger.

They are, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 however, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 uncomfortable.

Pain, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 nausea, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 vomiting, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 diarrhea, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 cough, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 fever, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 laceration, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 asthma

And while the patient never sees it, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 I sometimes do an internal eye roll at what would make someone leave their bed on an ice-cold, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 rainy San Francisco night and come to the emergency department. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Blame it on thirty years of dealing with illness, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 but I’m only human. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 For the last few month it’s been harder and harder to keep the smile on my face and the compassion flowing uninhibited.

Oh, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 I do it. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 I just can’t stand feeling like an actor on a stage who gives the performance of a lifetime and then crumples backstage, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 or in my case, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 the break room. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 I feel like such a phony.

This week was different.


This week a feverish, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 dehydrated child sat bolt upright and politely asked for “Foah apple juices and thwee owange juices. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Pwease!” A little IV fluid, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 a little medication to stop the vomiting and the result was a very relieved family and a perky child who guzzled juice like it was the nectar of the gods.

They made it home in time for Santa’s visit.


A patient literally keeled over from exhaustion after finishing 18 units of classes while working overtime for the holidays. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 A couple of liters of saline, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 some TLC and a discussion on the limits of endurance left the patient feeling better and vowing to take it easy on himself from now on.

I hope he made the flight back to Boston to be with his family on Christmas Day.


The problem: bilateral epistaxis and five visits to the emergency department in four days. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 It’s hard to follow up during the holidays. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 An exhausted patient. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 An anxious family.

The treatment: some reassurance, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 a simple explanation of expistaxis, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 observation for an hour to make sure the bleeding was controlled, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 some pain medication to help with bilateral nasal tampons and a business card with my name and a direct line to the ER so they can call me during the night with any questions.

The result: a marked decrease in anxiety and no further visits required. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 I hope she was able to enjoy her Christmas dinner without the nasal tampons in place.


Writhing abdominal pain with nausea, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 vomiting and diarrhea. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Many tests. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 No serious problems, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 thank goodness.

But hydration, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 a little Zofran and a bit of Dilaudid and the patient was able to go home to recouperate over the holiday.


My epiphany was a simple one. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 So simple that it was almost embarrassing.

Yes, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 we are there for life-saving treatments.

But for the most part, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 we are there to make people feel better.

And we are able to do that. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Many times. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Every shift.

And that, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 Charlie Brown, vigora 50mg pills $63.00 is the reason I’m a nurse.

It’s good to be back.

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