December 26, 2007, 10:48 am

To Be Alive Again


Okay, how stupid is this?

You stick an egg on the end of a band-aid and then hold the band-aid with your finger approximately 1 inch above boiling water.

Yes, the egg stuck to the band-aid but now you have burned your finger, requiring you to put a band-aid on it and run it under cold water.

Why not just put on a band-aid and run it under cold water without the boiling egg test?

Save time, save trauma.

I’m not sure what is worse: the ad or the fact that I find it funny.


It is 1000 and I am sitting here at the local Borders in the Seattle’s Best coffee shop, blogging.

I figured I have boycotted Borders for two years and have shown their corporate big wigs a big fat lesson!

Besides, I got a $50.00 gift certificate from my kids.

I bought “I Am Legend” and will be seeing the movie in a few hours.

Will Smith without a shirt. That pretty much gets me into a movie theater.

Check this out! Seattle’s Best puts an itty-bitty gingerbread man on their gingerbread lattes! Starbucks doesn’t do that! But have no fear, I got a Starbucks gift card, too, so I’ll be there tomorrow!


Wow, do I feel great today.

The unimpeded flow of air past the nasal turbinates is a joy that can only be appreciated once they have been blocked for five days.

Afrin: the.greatest.invention…EVER!

Actually, I’ve been so burnt out I haven’t been able to see straight. Work was a dead weight on my shoulders. If I never saw another nursing text, I’d have died a happy woman. Christmas was just another day that was coming up.

My family helped a lot. My husband cleaned. My daughter put up the 20,000 Christmas decorations we have accumulated.

I finished the semester. Christmas dinner for 12 was a success. I gave, I received and lo, here I sit with my beloved computer able to blog the day away and catch up on all the blogs I have bypassed the last few months weeks.

My sister is walking now, all because one man, a trauma doctor, was the lone voice of hope in an OR where no one else thought her feet could be salvaged. Next time you wonder if you have ever made a difference in someone’s life, remember that. The decisions we make everyday affect the lives of those we care for. Hmmm….I feel a post coming on.

Even had an epiphany at work, which I’ll save for another post! Posts are arriving faster than I can write!

Ahhhhh….life is good!


Speaking of the semester, so far I have received an A- in Nursing Assessment and….here is a bona-fide miracle….an A- in Statistics!

But…for some reason, the University of Wisconsin program doesn’t give A- grades. They call them “AB”. It means you scored between a 90-94%. That’s an A, people! When did this “AB” come into existence?

It’s like handing someone $100 and then taking away $50.00 of it.


I’m still breathlessly awaiting my English grade. My first paper was a B+, my second an A- so I stand on the brink of the Twilight Zone as I wait for the grade on paper number three. Rod Serling is sitting in the chair across from me…….

I learned so much last semester my brain actually ached when I was done.

And now I look forward to the “Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice” and “Jazz Appreciation”.

And my husband gave me half the tuition for the Jazz class for Christmas.

I was thrilled!!!

Then again, maybe he figures he’ll hear more Herbie Hancock and less Jeff Scott Soto.

Not a chance!


I leave you with these lyrics from a Journey song called “To Be Alive Again”:

Doin time… where it takes you
You know its time that can break you
We get caught in a moment…
Just sleep walkin most of our lives

In your mind (when you need it)
With a song (to help you believe it)
You can reinvent your world
Anytime you like

Letting go (of your feelings)
With doubt and fear (you dont need it)
Break the chains on the heart of the soul
Thats been waiting so long

To be alive again



  • Kellie

    December 27, 2007 at 6:49 am

    Congrats on the grades! Who has ever heard of an AB grade though? Come on!? Just give out an A- and be done with it. Enjoy your gingerbread lattes and blogfests without having to study one minute.

  • sue s

    December 27, 2007 at 8:52 am

    we all missed you its nice to see you bloggin’ more…

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