March 5, 2008, 11:21 pm

Change of Shift: Vol. 2, Number 18


Welcome to the latest edition of Change of Shift! It’s been interesting! Got a submission from the Wall Street Journal and one that proposed various ways to compliment women. Guess which one I chose to leave out?

A big Change of Shift congratulations goes out to medical colleague and fellow blogger Sumer Sethi for being named the new editor-in-chief of the Internet Journal of Radiology. The first edition under his tutelage is here! Congrats Sumer!!!!!

And a delayed link is due to an excellent Grand Rounds, hosted by Jenni at ChronicBabe!

And so, in the words of those deep philosophical thinkers, the Black Eyed Peas, let’s get it started in here!


To start us off, from the “oh no you did NOT just do that” file, comes this post from Mother Jones at Nurse Ratched’s Place. I spoke to Nurse Ratched and heard this from the nurse’s mouth! Speaking of mouth, you will be picking your jaw off the floor after you read The Great White Hunter and the Emergency Room Nurse. And Mother Jones, your magazine should be in the mail Wednesday!

Student nurse Mofo at Nerdy (not-quite) Nurse is learning more than psychiatric nursing in her psych rotation. She wonders just exactly Who’s Delusional?

May writes about a special patient in Sayonara at About A Nurse. There is nothing I can add to this other than that you need your kleenex very close by. May, you need to submit this for publication in a nursing anthology. It is stunning.


Caroline at Brain Scramble absolutely threw me with this post. It never even occurred to me that I might be able to Get Green with my studies. As tech-nerd as I am, I still find myself printing out notes, assignments, etc. So thanks to Caroline for the great ideas and the guilt trip I will now experience as my printer warms up. Seriously, I can make some changes!

How’s your heart? Can it stand a bit of tachycardia? I hope so, because this post from Disappearing John will have you running for the adenosine! A superb tour-de-force of emergency nursing/medicine with a hint of a miracle is what you will find in Some You Win, Some You Lose. John has also completed his BSN. Not that I’m jealous. Or anything….

Here’s a submission from an unexpected source: the Wall Street Journal! Check out the article Nurses Can Help Care for Workers’ Mental-Health Needs. The link should be good for a week. Actually, it sounds like a great job – I wonder if you can work from home!


ERNursey comes through this week with a post on The New Customer Service Model in hospitals. I only have one word to say about his post: ditto! As Randy Jackson would say, she’s just keepin’ it real! (Not that I’m watching American Idol. Or anything.)

We have a new contributor this week! Meet The Loco Days of Locolorenzo! In Greed…How Quickly It Corrupts, he discusses his philosophy on Deal or No Deal and tries to come to terms with competing demands in the ICU as a student nurse

Mark on the World waxes poetic about one of my favorite artists – Norman Rockwell and wonders when “caring” crosses the line to “enabling” as patients dictate their own care in Doctor Knows Best. An artistic, and interesting post. He’s looking for opinions – what’s yours?


The nursing profession is aging, and now that I’m a “half-century grrl” (hat tip to Adrienne Zurub), I find studies on brain resilience to be fascinating. Alvaro at Sharp Brains contributes once again with a post on Brain Plasticity: How Learning Changes Your Brain, written by Dr. Pascale Mischelon.

Nurse Practitioner Saves Lives just may hold the world record for the number of cervices seen in a single shift. She recounts the experience in At Your Cervix, Ladies! posted at The Nurse Practitioner’s Place. All I could think of when I read it was “Slam, bam, your cervix, ma’am!” Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

Sandy Szwarc at Junkfood Science has a terrifying look at something we use every day. The name of the article is Google Health Update – A New Google World. I’m going to use Sandy’s words to describe it:

One World under Google
Synopsis: Should we recommend online heath records to people? Even for those who don’t know the history of
eugenics or understand HIPAA? The potentials for exploitation and harm from commercial interests knowing everything about you will make this issue important reading.

Gave me goosebumps, and more than a little concern.


I was reading Beka’s blog over at In Our Own Words (the Medscape Nurses blog) and got a kick out of this story about Anti-Complaining. Folks, I am the world’s biggest whiner! Could you meet the challenge not to complain?

And that wraps up this edition! I think the next edition is here, but I have a doctor-in-the-wings who wants to host and my scrambled egg brain can’t remember if it is the next edition! I’ll check in with him tomorrow. In the meantime send all submissions to me via the link up top (contact button) or through Blog Carnival!




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