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September 26, 2016, 8:44 pm

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funny pictures

Cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 There are two things in life you should never do.

Cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 Never download Scrabble to your laptop.

Cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 Ever.

Cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 Two, cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 don’t start frequenting LOL Cats – the website of “I Can Haz Cheezburger?” fame.

Cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 If you are the Queen of Procrastination, cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 and I am, cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 these are deadly sins. Cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 I’m almost embarrassed to put this picture on the site, cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 but he’s so, cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 well, cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 cute, cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 I had to do it.

Cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 I could have been blogging, cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 studying, cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 cleaning, cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 or sleeping. Cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 Instead I put LOL Cat captions on NASCAR drivers and I’m beating the Apprentice level in a Scrabble tournament.

Cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 Yep, cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 priorities in order!


Change of Shift will be over at Nurse Sean’s site this week. Cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 I’ve forwarded all submission so far and Blog Carnival is set up to send all posts to Sean. Cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 I’ll also forward any further submissions that come here. Cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 There are some good nursing posts out there (yeah, cefaclor 250mg pills $191.00 I managed to read some between Scrabble games) so be sure to get them to me by Wednesday!

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September 26, 2016, 1:11 pm

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Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 flowchart

Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 Just what every doctor’s office needs: A cancer chart!

Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 Looks like it’s the nurse’s job to keep up the tally. Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 What does she do, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 mark an “X” for each diagnosis?

Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 Well that’s cancer for ya. Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 Ya either got it or ya don’t.


Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 128298039335938750istayhomek.jpg

Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 Two days ago I had a biopsy done on an area not usually accessible to the outside world.

Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 Oh, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 I was cool as a cucumber. Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 I took a gram of Tylenol, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 600 mg of ibuprofen and 10 mg of Valium before I left the house. Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 I wanted to be numb. Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 I was.

Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 I swear, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 Jeff Scott Soto himself could have walked in front of me and I’d have been like, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 “Duuuuuude, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 what’s uuuuup?”

Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 I’m a pro at the doctor’s office. Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 The best patient. Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 Knowledgeable, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 not a hint of anxiety. Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 No freaking out. Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 Of course I was medicated to high heaven, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 but I’m still a “good” patient.



Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 Now I’m home and I’m missing two days of work because it feels like I’ve been punched in the stomach, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 I’m on the verge of tears, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 I don’t want to get off the couch, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 my hair’s a mess, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 I’m wearing my old sweats, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 and I want a caramel sundae with a vente, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 extra hot, parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 non-fat one-equal latte on the side but I’m stuck eating reduced fat Ritz crackers cuz that’s all that’s in the house because I don’t feel like shopping and Coldstone Creamery doesn’t deliver and neither does Starbucks.

Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 I’m a real attractive gal!

Parlodel 1.25mg pills $70.00 Now I know how Rosanne Rosannadanna feels.


And in two weeks I’ll know.

If I got it or if I don’t.

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September 26, 2016, 8:28 am

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Viagra 100mg pills $63.00 cos

Viagra 100mg pills $63.00 …is over at Nurse Ratched’s Place!

Viagra 100mg pills $63.00 She has a special guest with her this week. Viagra 100mg pills $63.00 Sort of a tour around the nursing blogosphere, viagra 100mg pills $63.00 you might say.

Viagra 100mg pills $63.00 I’ve got hosting honors next edition so you can send your submissions to me via the contact button, viagra 100mg pills $63.00 through kmcallister911 at yahoo dot com, viagra 100mg pills $63.00 or through the ever efficient Blog Carnival!

Viagra 100mg pills $63.00 If you are interested in hosting an edition of Change of Shift, viagra 100mg pills $63.00 please contact me – new bloggers welcome, viagra 100mg pills $63.00 always!


There is a new med blog carnival in town, viagra 100mg pills $63.00 this one for Filipino medical bloggers, viagra 100mg pills $63.00 exclusively. Viagra 100mg pills $63.00 Called The Blog Rounds, viagra 100mg pills $63.00 or TBR, viagra 100mg pills $63.00 this edition is hosted at Dr. Viagra 100mg pills $63.00 Clairebear’s Chronicles From the Middle of Nowhere.

(And just for the record, viagra 100mg pills $63.00 Journey’s new lead singer is from the Philippines, viagra 100mg pills $63.00 Arnel Pineda! Even though I no longer follow the band-that-shall-not-be-named, viagra 100mg pills $63.00 this guy can belt a song like no one’s business.)

You just knew I was gonna throw a rock reference in there, viagra 100mg pills $63.00 now didn’t ya?

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