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April 1, 2008, 12:01 am

This Is, Like, Totally Rad Grand Rounds on April 1st, Okay?



Wasn’t this the coolest movie ever?

Okay, the music alone was, like, totally cool, y’know?

So anyway, Nick told me I’m supposed to, like, do this Grand Rounds thing!

What, I’m, like, last choice? Can you even believe it?

Grunt Doc was the first choice, so you should really go over there before you read here. Like, okay?

I said I’d do it, gosh! My theme is “Valley Girl”, okay?

It’s not like it’s a bummer or anything. The submissions are so rad this week that I’m, like, not even sleeping or anything so I can get this done!!!!

I mean, when a girl is giving up her MTV, that is so dedication mode!


Okay, so, like, the first submission is totally serious, because, like, cancer sucks, and now girls can get, like, this shot so they don’t get the Human Papilloma Virus that causes cervical cancer. I actually read this over at Doctor David’s Blog: Musings of a Pediatric Oncologist, which I didn’t even know about until, like, now. I mean, HPV sounds totally grody. Doctor David talks about HPV, STIs and Teenaged Girls: What Does 1 in 4 Mean and What Can Be Done? Is it just me or is, like, Doctor David a total fox or what?

Okay, so, like, what are you supposed to do with a flabby butt? I mean, I don’t have one, but Jolie at The Fitness Fixer says that even if you like have buns of steel you can still have bad posture! I swear, she said that, I’m not even lying! It’s right here in Gluteal Muscles Myth – Shaking the Dog’s Paw. That is so totally not fair! I mean how would you feel if you had been squeezing your butt cheeks for nothing? I am so having a Twinkie……


You know how, like, after you play Tetris and then you fall asleep, you sort of dream of falling Tetris shapes and it’s like you are still playing the game, but you are, like, asleep at the same time? It’s totally weird. ER resident Shannon Moffett is over at Sharp Brains and she says sleep affects memory and everything! ! I’m so not making this up, you can read it at Sleep, Tetris, Memory and the Brain. Has anyone seen my GameBoy?

Laurie Edwards’ blog is called A Chronic Dose, and if she lived close to me we’d be like BFFs I just know it because she’s like totally cool and everything. So you guys should go read her post on Trends and Prevention. I mean, isn’t it, like, cheaper to stop disease instead of….no way I’m giving up the story, it’s too good and you have to read it yourselves, like, really! Do I have to do everything around here? Not!


Oh man, stress sucks. I mean like gag me with a spoon, okay? But I have, like, zero stress compared to this dude at Vitum Medicinus. I’m, like, sitting here with my mouth open and everything! The next time I ask a patient Is There Anything in Your Life Causing You Stress?, I hope I don’t, like, fall out of my chair or anything stupid like that. Maybe I should be nicer to my co-workers, too. I mean I’m already, like, totally mellow at work anyway. I am so!

What’s your Pucker factor? This is soooo funny, I swear. Aggravated Doc Surg goes totally puckered in this post! I swear I’ll never look at a general surgeon again without laughing.


There was one submission that I could not put into this theme; it does not lend itself to parody or joking. At Mind, Soul and Body, a Latter-Day-Saint pediatric neurologist discusses his thoughts on peri-natal hospice in Welcoming Life for an All Too Brief Stay. I’m sorry, I can’t find your name, Doc. It’s a beautiful post.


BREAKING NEWS:   Amy Tendrich from Diabetes Mine has reported on the latest diabetes research, showing an almost definitely solid possible connection in Studies Show Correlation Between Storks, Babies and Diabetes.

This week’s Grand Rounds April Fools Edition ends here!  How many hosts does it take to put on an April Fool’s Grand Rounds?

Well, it looks like seven!

I hope you all had a chance to visit Grunt Doc , Dr. Val , David at Health Business Blog, Nick blogging at Medgadget , Dr. Anonymous (complete with video!), and then Dr. Rob at Musings of a Distractible Mind !

Hope you had fun following the string of bloggers, I’m looking forward to reading the other posts.

Next week our intrepid host will be Dr. Wes, cardiologist extraordinaire!

See you there!

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