September 25, 2016, 1:44 pm

Avanafil 50mg Pills $65.00

Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00

Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 Gee, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 you think they could look a little happier about getting their cap!

Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 Nevermind that the ceremony is being held in Dracula’s castle next to Transylvania General.

Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 The one getting capped looks like a pin was just stuck into her scalp and the one on the far left looks like she’s happy about it!

Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 You can’t see it, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 but the nurse actually doing the capping is holding bobby pins in her mouth. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 Tres unsanitary!


The San Francisco Bay Area is a very diverse place. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 Many languages are spoken, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 and I happen to be competent in one of the more common latin-based languages you will find in this area.

Meaning I studied it for four years in high school and use it on-the-job every day.

Oh, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 I’m not fluent by any means but I can get through a full triage, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 tell a patient what is happening to them, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 how it will feel, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 give full discharge instructions and answer basic questions in full, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 grammatically correct sentences.

I’ve also discovered that many patients know quite a bit of English, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 but are not confident enough to try using it. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 They don’t want to make any mistakes. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 When they see I’m making the effort to speak their language, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 they are more confident in trying out their English. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 They do great and we wind up encouraging each other.

It can be a lot of fun, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 and I enjoy it.



What do you do with a group of people you know speak fluent English, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 but pretend they don’t?

I’m not talking “Gee, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 I would like to converse in my native language as I am more comfortable.” I’m talking, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 “Let’s screw with the nurse and doctor for the hell of it.”

My colleagues familiar with this multi-generational group told me to expect the “act”, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 but I really didn’t think anything of it. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 I figured I would just speak their language to the best of my ability



The entire time I’m in the room, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 speaking their language, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 the group is smirking. Either my version of the language is really off the wall and there is a reason to smirk, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 or they are playing me like a fiddle.

Talk about “rosin’ up the bow”!

Now, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 I know they know English, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 but they don’t know that I know they speak English. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 I notice that the patient innocently looks all confused at the most basic statement and plaintively looks to the man and says “What?”.

The man repeats what I said back to her! Word-for-word. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 In their language. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 Exactly like I said it.

Ah, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 so the game is to pretend not to understand anything I say, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 English or not!

Okay, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 as long as the patient is getting the information she needs I don’t care if it’s English, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 the native language or Morse Code.


But then the ante is upped. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 On my next visit, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 no one in the room is acknowledging that they understand anything!

I begin to notice breaks in the “other team’s” strategy.

First, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 the patient says “thank you” in English. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 That was nice, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 she really was thanking me for the ice chips. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 Except… before I left, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 one of the younger folks ask her “Why are you speaking English?”, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 only to be hit in the leg by another family member.

Ah, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 young grasshopper. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 You have just arrived and are new to the game, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 you have not yet learned I can speak your native language and understood what you just asked your elder.

Strike One

Next, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 the patient needed something from the utility room. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 Grasshopper comes out and asks for it in perfect English! (Remember the underlying principle of the game, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 NO ONE in that room knows English.)

Strike Two.

The bases are loaded, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 the last runner is up.

I am about to give pain medication to my patient and I tell her that in her language. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 She understands that without any translation or repetition. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 Amazing how that works! But then in a voice without a hint of an accent she emphatically yells out:


Strike frickin’ three, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 lady.

Game’s over.


Now I know for sure that I have been played for a fool. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 They did everything but put their finger and their thumb in the shape of an “L” on their forehead (with apologies to Smashmouth).

So I figure I’ll just clear the air.

I walk in with the discharge instructions and announce, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 with a smile:

“I know for a fact everyone in this room speaks English. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 But, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 since I like to speak your native language I am going to give the discharge instructions in that language. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 Now, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 I may mangle some words so don’t laugh too hard, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 but it’s good for me to practice. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 If I get stuck on a word, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 feel free to jump in and help me out.”

They went from smirking to sheepish in five seconds. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 I gave my instructions, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 they helped me with the words I got stuck on and when I asked questions in plain English they answered them.



The moral of the story?

1. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 I’m waaaaay too trusting and willing to give others the benefit of the doubt.

2. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 Most people are willing to at least try to speak English. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 If you can, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 and you don’t I would file that under “obnoxious”.

3. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 The next time you try to play a registered nurse, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 know that he/she is not as stupid as you think.

4. Avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 For Pete’s sake, avanafil 50mg pills $65.00 if you are going to play games get your game plan together before you come into the ER.


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  • James

    May 26, 2008 at 12:01 am

    That was funny! I employ the reverse strategy. We get lots of Spanish speaking patients. I know enough spanish to understand them pretty well and to speak in very basic conversational language. But, usually, I pretend not to understand any. Their english is usally much better than my spanish anyway and we’re all much happier.

  • Sharon

    May 26, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    I love the Language Line. No problemos! I can fill the gap with my broken Spanish but that’s about it. No more 12-year-old boys translating for women with gynecologic or obstetric problems! Yahoo!

  • Shane

    May 27, 2008 at 7:59 am

    Yet another reason why I’m not a nurse. I totally would have messed with them and started telling them things that were obviously wrong to see how long they’d keep it up 😀

  • therapydoc

    May 27, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    But that’s a great quality, giving others the benefit of the doubt.

  • therapydoc

    May 29, 2008 at 10:54 am

    Wasn’t it a doctor named Boris who said, Trust no vun?

  • NPs Save Lives
    NPs Save Lives

    May 30, 2008 at 8:37 am

    Oh too funny! I had to have a Spanish women’s husband translate “doggy style” the other day. I understand more Spanish than I speak and I am working on it daily. They are a nice couple and the husband speaks English pretty well and enough to help me get the answers I needed. I do attempt to converse in their language though I do mangle it more often than not. Most just smile and try to help. I think your handling of the manner was just great The Nurse Practitioner’s Place

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