June 12, 2008, 11:12 am

Change of Shift and More Blogosphere Goodies!

….is up over at Nurse Ratched’s Place!

Check out the variety of caps she managed to find – and I thought I had seen them all!

Next edition will be hosted by Braden at 20 Out of 10: Musings of an Emergency Room Nurse, so send in your submissions via Blog Carnival or to “braden at bkellis dot com”.


Medscape nurse blogger Beka lives (and works) with dystonia every day. Until I “met” Beka online, I knew nothing about dystonia. She sent me the following information that can be useful to persons living with dystonia and the people who care for them. As the email says it best, I will copy it here:

Interested in learning about this rare movement disorder, which afflicts close to 1 million individuals in the US? More than 40 million people suffer from a movement disorder such as Tremor, Parkinson’s disease and Dystonia causing intense functional disability, pain, involuntary movements and bizarre postures. Cures do not exist for many of the above mentioned movement disorders. The CD highlights an interview Dr. Oz conducted with one of his ICU nurses at Columbia-Presbyterian, Beka Serdans,RN, NP and her neurosurgeon from Weill Cornell, Dr. Michael Kaplitt, innovator of gene therapy in New York City in November 2007 reaching an audience of more than 6 million Oprah listeners. Beka, herself, has dealt personally with dystonia and underwent Deep Brain Stimulation in December 2004.

To purchase a Copy of the CD, which also highlights the Rocker, Alice Cooper, in 3 Public Service Announcements for dystonia and tremor, checks can be made out to Care4Dystonia,Inc. Each copyrighted CD is available for $ 20.00 US dollars. We kindly ask that you forward this to patients, colleagues and others with movement disorders.
For Address information please visit Care4Dystonia.org.

Beka is actually the founder of Care4Dystonia.org, and the website has wonderful information. Definitely worth checking out! And while Alice Cooper is not exactly my style of music, he is bringing out a new album and it’s totally cool he’s doing these Public Service ads! Alice, you rock!


If anyone has been on the forefront of the internet and diabetes, it’s Amy from DiabetesMine. Check out Amy’s new You Tube video, Diabetes RELOADED. Cool “James Bond” music. (I have got to learn how to embed video…) Here’s the backstory to the video!


NeoNurseChic has returned from hiatus! Find out what she’s been up to in her first post: I’m Baaack!

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