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July 21, 2008, 9:52 am

A League of Our Own?

These student nurses have just graduated, and yet they look so sad.

Maybe it’s because they look like they are wearing diapers on their heads.

The cap on the left isn’t bad, just needs a little more starch in the top. The one one the right could hide an emesis basin!


I’m still recovering from the BlogHer08 conference. I had a blast!

But it got me wondering.

Where were the medbloggers? I did not meet another med blogger during the two days of the conference. There were meetings of special interest groups, but medbloggers were not represented.

Now, I know there are medbloggers that belong to BlogHer. I saw them when I scanned the blogs that make up the BlogHer membership.

I started thinking, are there any actual conferences for your average med blogger? Places to network and socialize and meet face-to-face?

Maybe I missed them, so I decided to look at two of the larger Blog conferences coming up.


There is the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco in October. Looking at the agenda, while I see some areas that could be useful to med bloggers, it seems very tech oriented.

Sometimes it’s all I can do to make sure my html is correct, so perhaps this would be way over my head.

Then again, how would I know unless I went, right?

The tuition for the two days is $1499. Yes, that is one thousand, four hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

For that much money I had better get a private dinner with Tony Bennett at the Top of the Mark at the Mark Hopkins hotel. And he better sing to me!

I don’t know about you, but that is just a wee bit out of my price range. Good lord, who are they marketing this to? I’m a staff nurse in a community hospital. Last I checked I did not have $1500 of discretionary income to attend a conference that might have something I would be able to use.

It looks interesting, no question. And I’m sure I would come away with more knowledge regarding Health 2.0 than I entered with.

But it doesn’t seem that the average med blogger is who they are targeting.

Not at that price.


Then there is the Granddaddy of all Blog conferences, BlogWorldExpo, in Las Vegas in September. Anyone who is anyone in the blogosphere will be there.

Yet the only mention you will find of a medical related nature is the announcement that a doctor has been able to give up his practice because of the success of his non-medical blog.

Oh, special interest groups are mentioned, if you look hard enough for them. I know the MommyBloggers are covered (I met many of them!). The MilBloggers are covered. In fact, it looks like BlogWorldExpo has a media/opinion/political focus and their big push this year is on military bloggers.

Where are we? The daily work-in-the-trenches med bloggers?

How can we be such a large part of the blogosphere and yet so invisible?

What can we do?


I propose that we have a “league of our own”.

Conferences that cover specifically what we medbloggers need to know. Things that we can use on a daily basis, that discuss issues specific to our genre, like privacy, HIPAA, and job security.

How about panels that bring groups of us together – doctors, nurses, patients, respiratory therapists, chaplains, student nurses, and med students – to discuss our relationships and how we relate to each other.

Maybe sessions on basic html, or search engine optimization or how to make your blog work for you by bringing in income.

What do you think?


Should we do national conferences, regional conferences, state conferences?

Traveling is hard these days. Would you be willing to fly to a conference? To drive to a conference? How close would it have to be to allow you to come?

What would you be willing to pay for a two day conference on med blogging?

How about a one-day conference?

Would you come to a conference that wasn’t in a huge city like San Francisco, yet still accessible?

What if we could teleconference with other medbloggers in other areas of the country? The world?


Of course, we have to do our part with existing opportunities. I will propose a “Birds of a Feather” meeting at the next BlogHer for medbloggers. I have written to the BlogWorldExpo asking why there are no medblogger special interest groups. I am awaiting an answer

I’m passionate about this – so many different opinions, ideas and personalities make up our part of the blogosphere.

What do you think? Brainstorm with me, the craziest things you can think of for topics, speakers, locations and put them in the comments section.

We medbloggers are a unique part of the blogosphere, in a league of our own.

It’s time for our All-Star game.

Will you be a part of it?


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July 19, 2008, 5:57 am

What a Day to Blog Away at BlogHer08!

Ah, our delicate porcelain nurse looks like she has a headache!

Perhaps the night shift is getting to her.

Or maybe she was awakened at 0100 by a blogger belting out “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” in the 8th floor hallway of the Old Tower of the St. Francis.

Yes, I’m dead serious!

How do I know it was a blogger?

No one else would be having that much fun at 0100!

I have, however, been awake ever since.

The voice was pleasant enough, but trust me, she was no Tony Bennett and Simon Cowell would not have put her through to Hollywood!

But, wait!

It seems our nurse colleague was actually so fed up with the hellaciously busy nights she experienced in the emergency department, her brain blew up!

Let this be a lesson.

Don’t bottle up your frustrations, or you, too, could experience occipital blow-out syndrome.

Assuming you are made of porcelain.


We all have read blog posts that make us howl with laughter or well up with tears.

Imagine if you could see and hear the writer of that post actually reading their post.

In person.

You can see the facial expression, hear the inflections of the voice, feel every aspect of what inspired them to write that particular day.

That particular post.

That’s what we did last night during our Community Keynote.

Twenty two bloggers read posts they had submitted for selection.

Powerful stuff, folks.


We howled with laughter over bodily functions so elequently described with an ever-so-wonderful British accent!

We cried with a description of the depths of despair associated with suicide.

We tingled at the description of love a lesbian “father” felt for her children that she was so afraid would never come.

We spit our coffee out at the five-year-old who told his dad “everything you just said was stupid!” as his father tried to discuss perserverance.

We teared up and understood the description of what it was like to hate your body and to hate yourself for hating your body.

We ROTFL at the woman who read a blog post she wrote under the effects of pain medication after she got her wisdom teeth out. Did you know she only had two wisdom teeth on the bottom? (Inside joke…)

We learned what it was like to be born with facial asymmetry and wish people would look you in the eye. Just once.


Mommy bloggers, med bloggers, women bloggers, men bloggers, conservative or liberal bloggers, there is a living, breathing, beautiful blogger behind every one of those sites.

And each blogger has a story to tell.


It’s absolutely fascinating. I’m glad I’m a part of it.


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July 18, 2008, 2:09 pm

Beautiful Bloggers, SwagBags and Big Bird Cookies – BlogHer08!

I know, I know…

A huge blogger conference and I put a photo of Sesame Street on Emergiblog!

But…it is sooooo cool!

There is a room here that has been transformed into Sesame Street, literally. The signs, the benches. Grover and Abby themselves!

You find yourself interacting with the characters and forgetting there are grown ups down at your knees actually doing the talking! Cupcakes in red, white and blue frosting with Sesame Street characters on them. Great big giant cookies of all the Muppets! Why, I’m eating Big Bird as I speak!

A flat screen TV with Sesame Street on it! DVDs! Mouse pads! Books!

I totally dig this stuff, and I don’t have a single little kid to share it with.

I swear, you spend the first half of your kids’ lives telling them NOT to have sex and then you spend the rest of their lives hoping they are trying to produce offspring 24/7.

I want grandkids. Then I can be a (Grand) Mommyblogger!


Seriously, the conference has been wonderful. If I’m not mistaken, this is the biggest BlogHer conference in three years.

Amazingly, 58% of us are first-time attendees. And get this: 19% of the women haven’t even started their blogs yet! And there are BlogHims here, too. Yep, a few guys came along for the ride.

I don’t have any real proof of this, and I haven’t met all 1000 bloggers, but so far I am the only med blogger in attendance that I know of. Lots of emergency department related exhibitors in the area of injury prevention. Considering that “Mommy Bloggers” are a huge part of the blogosphere attending, this really makes sense.

Johnson and Johnson has their Safe Kids Worldwide program. They really need to hook up with the Emergency Nurses Association! There were two related exhibitors with material related to the abuse of OTC drugs: Stop Medicine Abuse and fivemoms.com. I was interviewed at the Safe Kids site. I hope I didn’t sound like a dork. If you ever see footage, you’ll recognize me. One of us on tape is thin, beautiful and in a stunning dress.

I’m the other one.


I love swag. Any and all swag. If it’s free, I’ll take it and love it and name it!

I’m swimming in it! It’s a good thing I’m just taking BART home because I’d need another piece of luggage if I were flying!

I’m going to get swag to hand out next year. First Aid kits with the Emergiblog logo/name on it!


If you ever have the chance to attend a blogger conference of any kind, go for it! The amount of energy, intelligence and information available is almost overwhelming. I’ve met moms who blog, satirist bloggers, craft bloggers, legal bloggers and folks who just want to know what this blogging thing is all about.

I’ve learned to value my skills and what I offer as a blogger and that’s just after the first morning! I learned how to protect the blog, work out taxes and promote the site. That was one session!


If you are a female blogger, you really should sign up at BlogHer.

I don’t think I’ve ever really appreciated what a group of like-minded women can do. Different views, different lifestyles, different approaches to our writing, but we have one thing in common.

We are bloggers.

And we can change the world.

I’m going to finish my Big Bird cookie, first…


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