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July 3, 2008, 8:47 pm

Partying Like It’s 1999 Through the Eyes of Nursing Diagnoses

Oh man, did I have a good time last weekend or what?

Two concerts in 24 hours – 345.62 miles apart, two flights and virtually no sleep for 36 hours.

I had a blast.

This is me with Mr. Jeff Scott Soto himself. What a thrill ! This was after the San Francisco concert last Friday. By the same time Saturday, we were all hanging out in the parking lot of the Reseda venue.

“We” meaning the band and about 40 fans.

Quite a let down to come back to work, let me tell you. My mind is still in LA, my body is obeying Joint Commission standards.

Well, at least I got to play “groupie” for a weekend, hung out with friends and got to meet the nicest gentleman in rock again this year. Jeff doesn’t have to tour. He plays one venue and we all fly out to see him!


Rock groupies connoisseurs encounter certain health issues as they travel to keep up with the artist (s) with whom they share a musical bond. Let’s look at some of these issues using nursing diagnoses. Any resemblance to me a particular person is coincidental.


1. Pain, acute, due to prolonged shaking of the booty resulting in bilateral hip discomfort, exacerbated by the fact that the only exercise the patient has had in 2 years is running to the bathroom.

2. Pain, acute, secondary to prolonged repetitive movement in stiletto heels resulting in metacarpal spasms. (Very) recent in-depth research has shown that this also occurs in people born in 1957 who wear old-lady-orthopedic Reeboks instead. The etiology of this age based phenomenon is not known.

3. Pain, acute, secondary to vibration of wooden bench upon which patient sits as the bass guitarists in the three (lousy) opening bands crank their amps to eleven.


4. Affect, giggly, due to Caipiroska intake x 2 followed by two margaritas that would have knocked Jimmy Buffett on his ass.

5. Coordination, impaired, manifested by urge to walk 20 feet to the ladies’ room in a straight line despite the ladies’ room being 10 feet away and around a corner. Co-dependent associates will assure the patient she looks “totally normal”.

6. Hearing, impaired, due to prolonged exposure to decibels that would deafen a 747, exacerbated by unwillingness to look like Herman Munster with fluorescent orange ear plugs sticking out sides of head.


7. Vertigo, exacerbated by two plane flights and two concerts in 24 hours, less than four hours of sleep and five hours of dancing.

8. Mental status, altered, due to getting a hug from favorite singer and manifested by inability to focus on mundane tasks 5 days post-exposure.

Finally, what advice to you give someone with Rockstar Syndrome?

Suck it up. Take your NSAID of choice, drink plenty of fluids and for pete’s sake don’t come into my ER!

I’m feeling just as lousy as you are!

Trust me.

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July 1, 2008, 2:41 pm

Grand Rounds Salutes Independence!

Independence Day draws near and Dr. Rich over at The Covert Rationing Blog has dedicated this edition of Grand Rounds to anything that addresses issues pertaining to the Revolution!

Many thanks to Dr. Rich for including Emergiblog’s submission as I had spent the weekend attending Jeff Scott Soto concerts on business in LA and was just a wee bit late!

I did not realize this, but Dr. Rich has written a book entitled Fixing American Healthcare and you can purchase it on amazon.com or through the “Publish or Perish” site here. I’ve ordered it – I couldn’t resist the “Grand Unification Theory of Healthcare” subtitle! Should be an interesting read!

(Is it just me or has George Washington always had a pot belly?)


Keep those “Change of Shift” submissions coming in!

Remember, as CoS starts its third year, I’d like all nurse bloggers to send me their very first posts, along with a bit of info on why they started blogging.

This is an easy one because you don’t have to write anything new! Just did up the old post and let’s take a walk down memory lane.

I will actually begin my 4th year of blogging on August 1st, and I know there are nurses out there who were blogging way before that!

If you’ll pardon the Matchbox Twenty quote: let’s see how far we’ve come!

Blog Carnival or Contact button, as usual for the submissions.

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