July 18, 2008, 4:53 am

San Francisco Days, San Francisco Nights…at BlogHer08!


Yep, time to pull out my favorite photo of San Francisco, because not only am I visiting, but I’m actually staying here!

It’s the BlogHer08 conference at the beautiful Westin St. Francis at Union Square! I would love to tell you who I’ve met and what I’ve learned, but the conference actually starts in about three hours.

(Many thanks to Rob Halper and the folks at Johnson and Johnson as I am attending the conference as their guest! I met Rob through the J&J Discover Nursing campaign.)


This room totally rocks! Check it out, Starbucks in the in-room coffee machine, little itty bitty bottles of Jack Daniels in the fridge!

I have never had Jack Daniels in my life, but it’s just nice to know it’s there if I do want it!

I feel like the “Hick from the Hills”. You’d think I never stayed in a hotel before. And trust me, this place is so swanky I feel like Granny from the Beverly HIllbillies.

And check this out: I have Business Cards ! In thirty years of nursing I have never had a business card. Well, now I do and they are stunning. I listed myself as “Writer, Registered Nurse”.

I’ve never actually called myself a writer before.


There was a Newbie mixer last night (and this is my first conference, so I am a newbie) and I bet it was wonderful!

I slept through it.

I had been up for 24 hours and decided to take a nap a few hours before the mixer. Woke up at 10:30 pm.


Now in the old days (like, last year) I could do that without a problem.

So why am I up at 5 am blogging? Because I can’t get back to sleep.

Night shift sucks.


I have to laugh. I’m here with a MacBookPro, an iPod and my iPhone. Guess who one of the sponsors of the conference is?


Many thanks to them for sponsoring, but it won’t change that fact that I’m in love with Steve Jobs.

Also, iRobot is sponsoring! Can’t wait to see their internet cafe! There will be little robot vacuums cleaning the floors while we blog! I actually have one of the first models. I named it “Sonny” after the robot in “I, Robot”.

Yes, I actually named my vacuum! I told you I was a geek!


There are supposed to be lots of goodies and raffles…I’ll let you know if I win any raffles. I have what my dad used to call “The McAllister Curse”. We never win stuff. Ever. Not in Reno, not in raffles, nada.

I can’t even string five numbers together in Bingo.

Not that I play it. Or anything.

So if I win something, I’ll blog about it! Oh….the excitement is mounting! I can feel it!


So…I guess you can say I’m leaving my heart (and lungs, kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, etc) in San Francisco.

Actually, I’d love to actually leave my uterus here, but in addition to that being waaaay too much information, I’m sure no one else wants it, either.

One Comment

  • Candy

    July 18, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    So nice to see we share a title (of course, I’m envious as hell of the other one).

    You’ll need to do a little extra writing on this one for another online audience (hint, hint). Let me know what you want to write and we’ll get it in!

    Love the Westin — I got to stay there once for a conference. Like a pig in mud I was — but don’t worry about those itty bitty bottles. They’ll have the really good stuff at the exhibitor reception!

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