August 5, 2008, 4:24 pm

Grand Rounds: Brought to You by Cheesy Poofs!

I’ve seen some fun Grand Rounds themes over the last few years, but this one takes the cake…or the cheesy poofs!

In honor of the theme chosen by Jake at Pure Pedantry , I’ve co-opted the South Park theme (with apologies in advance to Matt and Trey…)

I’m goin’ down to Grand Rounds
gonna have myself a time.

Friendly bloggers everywhere
posting perfect posts on health care.

Grand Rounds read at Starbucks,
gonna leave my housework woes behind.

Ample parking day or night,
people shouting GIVE ME LATTES!

Clicking links at Grand Rounds
gonna see if I can’t find,

Funny, poignant, information – add my share of commentation

So come on down to Grand Rounds
and meet some friends of mine!


Okay! I have put up the Change of Shift schedule through the new year on both Emergiblog and Blog Carnival, so if you see a date that works for you and you would like to host, shoot me an email.

The next edition will be here, and I’m taking submissions until tomorrow night at 5 pm PDT so there is still time to send in your best posts!

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