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August 2, 2008, 11:07 am

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Oh, I don’t even know where to start with this one!


The caps are beyond the pale.

The one on the right is shaped like an envelope, the one in the middle I’ve seen on many a waitress and the one on the left…

…what the heck is that? It looks like she stood under a soft-serve machine.

The Emergiblog Cap Rating Scale may have to go to negative numbers for these specimens!

And is it just me, or does it look like the building on the left is buckling?


Wow! Emergiblog was listed in the LA Times as one of the best known health care blogs! Many thanks to Melissa Healy, Staff Writer. Check out the list – and congratuations to all the bloggers included!


Dear Patient Family Member,

Thank you for choosing Superior Medical Center’s Emergency Department for your health care. We appreciate the fact that you trust us to care for your child. We are here to serve.

We would also like to politely inform you that yelling at the nurses because there are “sick people everywhere around here” is, well, confusing.

You see, you chose to bring in your Precious Polly Pumpkin with her baby boo-boo to our nasty, infested “icky” place of care.

Then again, perhaps you did not know that the emergency department is a hotbed of illness.

Let us tell you about the sick patients, as you seem most concerned with their presence.


We have patients who are febrile, vomiting and having diarrhea in the next room. You say you saw a patient walk by with their official Tupperware vomit holder. They walked by your door on their way to the bathroom.

We apologize for what must have been a traumatic visual.

Ever heard of MRSA, or that “bad staph infection everyone is talking about”? It was right here, up close and personal, about two doors down from your room.

Across the hall was Harry Homeless. He brings his pets with him. Actually, they live on him 24/7. And yes, that smell was quite obnoxious. It’s called alcohol with a hint of urine incontinence. Yes, we are quite sure pretty Polly is not used to hearing such language. We apologize for the auditory assault.

Oh, the x-ray that took, like, forever? We’re so sorry, but those folks having strokes, bowel obstructions, appendicitis and dissecting aneurysms need cat scans and take precedence over Polly’s puny pinkie injury.

But, then again why should you have to wait just because they are there?


Our apologies for not being the Ritz-Carlton. You see, for every affluent patient/family with a sense of entitlement, such as yourself, we see ten economically challenged patients who need our services. For every patient/family who has to peer down at the lowly emergency department worker bees because their nose is so high in the air, there are ten patients who are grateful we are available to them.

You want a germ-free environment for your offspring. Unfortunately there isn’t an emergency department in the world that can make that claim.

Including ours.

We apologize for not meeting your expectations, and hope that if you do find a ER that can, you let us know.


Superior Medical Center RN


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