November 14, 2008, 9:55 pm

Presidential Advice Via Grand Rounds

Did you hear that???

No, it wasn’t an earthquake here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It was the sound of, oh, about 200 of my friends and family hitting the ground after seeing a picture of Barack Obama on my blog.

You might say I didn’t vote for him.

However, there comes a time when you need to look ahead and as he will be my President, I figured I’d look at the bright side.

1. He’s the best looking President we’ve ever had. John Kennedy, the runner up, doesn’t even come close. Folks, I saw women at work fighting over the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle the day after the election so they could have the full page photo. No, I was not one of them, but yeah, he’s cute.

2. We’re going to have little kids in the White House again! For some reason, I like that idea. How cool for Malia and Natasha to see their dad elected President!

3. Michele Obama wears totally cool clothes. Wasn’t crazy about the election night dress, but she is so elegant. I may get a few pointers.

Now, I know that I say nothing of weighty matters like national security or health care, but come on, who can argue with the three points I just made? I have four years to look at the other stuff!


And now for a word from our sponsor: Change of Shift. Tomorrow. Crzegrl, Flight Nurse. Be there!


And all that was an introduction to Dr. Rob’s hosting of Grand Rounds over at Musings of a Distractible Mind, where he gives job advice to a guy who just got a job a few weeks ago and needs some pointers.

If you get my drift.

Here is why you should drift over to Dr. Rob’s:

1. Dr. Rob reveals he worked at Wendy’s and the thought of dry burgers stressed him out.

2. The picture of the Yoda spaniel. Srsly!

3. I did not know that Dr. Val was Canadian! See what you learn during Grand Rounds?

4. One of my Zippy photos is there!

5. One of my posts is there!

6. They are blaming autism on Disco. Oh come on! One day Barry Gibb is saving lives and then next minute we hear this? Oh, wait, they must mean Donna Summer’s music…

7. The funniest Macintosh cartoon ever written since the beginning of time. It’s all I can do not to swipe it and post it over here. Instead, head over there and check it out now!

It’s a great edition, full of llamas and goats and burgers and lobsters and the only thing missing is you!

I’m a day late, but I fully intend to forget the housework, forget the homework, forget the hubby (he’s at a hoity toity wine-tasing in San Francisco) and grab my coffee and catch up!

Nice work, Dr. Rob!

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