January 10, 2009, 3:08 pm

Change of Shift, Nurse TV and a New Kid in Town

Oh, the shame.

She looks like she slept in that cap.

In fact it looks like she slept in her uniform!

Maybe that was the style of the ’30s.  The droopy look.

Even the button on her left chest pocket is drooping.

I don’t know the movie, but I know the actress is Bebe Daniels.

Wait, this could be the movie “Registered Nurse” from 1934 (via imdb.com).

Mayo Methot was also in the movie. She was married to Humphrey Bogart before his marriage to Lauren Bacall. They were called the “Battling Bogarts” because they fought so much!

I’m a major Bogart fan; that’s how I know all this stuff.

My mind is full of useless trivia.


Holy freaking cow!
Emily over at Crzegrl, Flight Nurse not only hosted this new edition of Change of Shift, but she went out and recruited new submission/submitters AND did an entire post on how to host a blog carnival!

And she was worried because she didn’t have a “theme”. Good lord, girl, with an edition like that you don’t need a theme, you ARE the theme!

Thank you SO much for a wonderful edition. Next edition is back here at Emergiblog, so the submissions can come to me through Blog Carnival or to “kmcallister911 at mac dot com”.


There’s a new kid in town!

Trauma Junkie, RT student extraordinaire and proprietor of Surviving RT School has put together a carnival, well, of breathing!

Introducing: A Source of Inspiration!

This is his fantastic logo – the quote alone is amazingly appropriate for the respiratory therapy focus.

But it’s not just limited to respiratory therapists – it’s for everyone who has ever had, dealt with or treated respiratory conditions. I know I have a few oxygen (or lack thereof) related stories that I’ll be submitting.

First issue, Friday, February 13th so deadline for submission is February 12th. “All submissions should be sent to js0095001 {at} gmail {dot} com no later than Thursday, February 12, 2009 at midnight CST.”

I am really looking forward to this – carnivals are a wonderful way of staying in touch as a blogging community and I welcome Trauma Junkie to the wide world of blog carnivals!


Well, I nearly fell over.

While I was writing this post, a show came on called “NTV – Nurse TV“.  Real nurses and real cases.  I’d love to give you a link to the website, but either Comcast is running through molasses right now or the site is not working.

It was a decent episode, talking to a cath lab RN who was working with a nine-year-old girl with severe coarctation of her aorta. They ballooned and stented and the before and after photos were stunning.

But the neat thing was, they showed the nurse talking to the family after the procedure (the doctor had talked to the family also, but that was not shown, the focus here is nursing), showing them with the patients before the procedure and what they do to assist during the procedure.

(About the only flaw I saw was that when it came time FOR the procedure, the child looked like she was in a science fiction nightmare – staring wide-eyed at the equipment around her and probably not too overly comforted by a nurse pointing out the “choo-choo train”. After all, she was nine. Perhaps more familiarity with the surroundings would have helped with the anxiety.)

Then we got to see student nurses run a code on a mannequin (pretty realistic).

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, the show is on Comcast Cable KICU, channel 36 (Cable 6) at 1 pm on Saturday afternoons.

It took a long time to find the show on the site (when it finally loaded) and then it barely gave any information. It should be up front and center on the main site.


  • Strong One

    January 10, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    I have seen or heard of the Nurse TV before? Not sure where though? Either on TV or the internet. It sounds like something worth taking a look at. Thanks for the FYI.
    I too am looking forward to what TJ can do with his new blog carnival.

  • Trauma Junkie

    January 11, 2009 at 10:08 am


    Thanks for the mention on your wonderful blog. I really enjoy CoS and I must say that your blog carnival was a large part of my inspiration for this idea.

  • Emily

    January 11, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    Kim, thanks again for allowing me to be the tardy hostess! Will have to take my own advice and sign up for a few more dates. Hopefully I recruited some new people for you.

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