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Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Welcome to the Emergiblog version of Change of Shift!

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 It’s been a while since I have hosted, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 and it’s fun to check out the posts as they arrive! Oh who am I kidding, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 I wait until almost the last minute!

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Check out the calendar, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 if you are interested in hosting our esteemed carnival there are openings available.

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Send me a postcard, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 drop me a line…all together now….and let me know what date you would like to host!

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 And stay tuned for some MAJOR news about the medblogger meet-up!  I’m literally on the edge of the diving board and DYING to spill da beans!

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Now, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 without further ado, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 I present Change of Shift, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Volume 3, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Number 19.


Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Oh, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 man. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 When the message is devastating, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 the recipient isn’t the only one affected. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 OncRN presents news posted at oncRN.

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 The American Journal of Nursing has a blog! It’s called Off the Charts and this week Editor-in-Chief Diana J. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Mason asks, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 State Boards of Nursing: Can They Protect the Public From Unsafe Nurses? Find out what she discovered in her interview with Dr. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Marianne Alexander, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 RN, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Chief Officer of Nursing Regulation for the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Audio link provided!  Oh, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 and while you are there, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 check out the poll Nursing and the Economy!

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 We’ve heard of internet identity theft, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 but did you know that medical identity theft is also a danger? Our colleague at Reality Rounds (a renaissance nurse if there ever was one!) takes on this topic in Realities of Medical Identity Theft, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 including a link to an article on the same topic in the Chicago Tribune.


Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Online Nursing Degrees has a consistently relevant nursing blog.  This post is no exception.  It is also very timely.  Find out why nursing is Unbreakable. And then take every bit of the credit you deserve for making it so.

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Mark from Medicblog999 shares his vision of improved psychiatric services from a U.K. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 perspective. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Much of what he proposes would be a great improvement in the U.S., aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 also.  Check out Psych ER.

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Watch out Baltimore! The ER nurses are heading your way for their 2009 Annual Meeting! For those of us who have never been, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 and for those of us who want to go back, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 the Maryland Emergency Nurses Association has a fantastic blog with all the inside info on getting there, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 staying there (and partying there!).  Check out ENA 2009 Annual Meeting in Baltimore!


Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Whoa. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Can there be too much trust between a provider and their patient? NPs Save Lives looks at the question from a personal perspective in Trust Is A Huge Responsibilty posted at The Nurse Practitioner’s Place. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 And check out her new site at! Nice digs!

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 .38 Special once sang, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 “A heart needs a second chance”. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Shrtstormtrooper agrees and gives a poignant example in Second Chances posted at New Nurse Insanity: Fundus Chop!.

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Have something you feel like telling your manager, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 but aren’t quite sure you should do it?  Well, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 the folks at Advance have a blog where you can tell a nurse manager what you think! Mary Bylone, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 RN, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 is a nurse leader and she not only can take what you dish out, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 she wants to hear it!  Mary asks What Will It Take To Strike Up A Conversation? at Things You Wish You Could Tell Your Nurse Manager. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 (Disclosure: I’m on the regional editorial advisory board for Advance.  My job? I give my opinion on stuff! I’m highly qualified to do that!)


Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Strong One jumps in this week with some advice for our new colleagues in Your First ‘Code’ as a New Nurse | My Strong Medicine. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Okay, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Strong One where were you when I needed you?  Oh. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Probably not born yet. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Never mind. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 You can find him at My Strong Medicine.

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Too old to learn anything new? Sorry, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 that won’t fly! Find out the latest on keeping your brain flexible as Alvaro presents Michael Merzenich: Brain Plasticity offers Hope for Everyone posted at SharpBrains.

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 The nurses over at the NurseConnect blog have some great posts this week.  Nurse Kathy gives a get-your-kleenex-lump-in-throat post as she describes her Unforgettable Patients.  Ah, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 nursing care plans. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Haven’t seen one for a bazillion years (god bless the ER).  But…why do we have them and are they actually useful? Nurse Kathy asks Are We Charting Separate Courses?


Dean from Rebuild Your Back always has interesting tidbits on back health and this week he takes on an interesting question in Sciatica and Food: Is There A Secret Cure? Now that’s a new one for me!

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Ahem.  Somebody is turning fifty! Find out who at Nurse Ratched’s Place! (Now if they would only make that outfit in my size….)

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 And now I present the “Oh, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 why not, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Carolyn is nice and the site looks good” post.  Since nurses happen to be in possesion of a heart, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 you may fnd these of interest!  Anybody out on the road during rush hour traffic?  Watch your ticker! Carolyn at presents Can Rush Hour Traffic Increase Your Risk for a Heart Attack? posted at Healthy Hearts with Heartstrong.  She also presents Heart Healthy National Nutrition Month Tips to help us keep those tickers ticking!


That’s it for this edition.  Looks like I’ll be your hostess-with-the-mostest for next edition too, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 so email me with all your posts!  That means you! Do it now, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 so you don’t forget!  : )

Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Speaking of don’t forget, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 Change of Shift now has subscription options; you can follow by email or RSS feed. Aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 An aggregated feed of credible, aygestin 5mg pills $182.00 rotating health and medicine blog carnivals is also available.  Many thanks to Walter Jesson at Highlight Health for setting those feeds up!

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  • Strong One
    Strong One

    March 19, 2009 at 2:38 am

    As always.. strong work Kim. Thanks for the mention. I’m looking forward to some good reading!

  • Healthcare Today
    Healthcare Today

    March 19, 2009 at 2:40 am

    Change of Shift: Volume 3, Number 19 // Emergiblog…

    The latest edition of the nursing blog carnival ‘Change of Shift’ is up over at Kim’s blog: Emergiblog….

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  • […] is a carnival dedicated to our colleagues in the nursing profession. Click here to have a read and see how many of the issues they as a profession are facing which are remarkably […]

  • Christina1973

    March 19, 2009 at 6:45 am

    Wonderful collection of posts, Kim – something for everyone. I’ve posted on my blog to remind our colleagues to come on over and check it out. Thanks for your hard work. 🙂

  • NPs Save Lives
    NPs Save Lives

    March 19, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    Hmmm. You seemed to get a huge turnout for this edition. I got a few solicitations from some sites wanting nurses to buy something but not much else. Kind of discourages those of us who want to host. Maybe it was a bad week.. Hopefully, next time I host, more submissions? Nice job Kim, as always!

  • Reality Rounds
    Reality Rounds

    March 20, 2009 at 6:42 am

    Great articles! I hope I will have the opportunity to contribute to future editions of Change of Shift.

  • […] at it, why not celebrate other nurses by reading their stories across the blogosphere?   Change of Shift – a monthly roundup of nurse blog posts – has published its March issue at Emergiblog as of […]

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