March 29, 2009, 9:18 am

Gettin’ These Parties Started!

helmetoffOkay, every Nascar fan worth their salt knows that you have to have a back-up driver.

Oh, I’m still infatuated with Kasey Kahne, no worries.

I mean, look at the guy!

What’s not to love?

Just sayin’!

marcos_ambrose_ncMy second is Marcos Ambrose.

I’m such a sucker for an Australian accent.

The guy has class, personality and he’s a hell of a driver.

The problem is his sponsor is “Little Debbie”, which means I’ll have to drink a Bud and eat a Little Debbie pastry every Sunday.

I swear, the things I do for my sport……..


lifesaver-merry-go-roundThings will be jumping around here for the next few weeks!

It’s carnival time at Emergiblog.

The next Change of Shift is here, and the submissions are arriving! Keep them coming!

You’re reading this. You have a blog.  You are thinking, “Hmmm….I should submit.”

Yep, you should!

Right now, before you forget!

So ahead, I’ll wait.

(Insert muzak)

Welcome back!

Change of Shift will also be here on April 16th, btw.


ecastcolorAs if hosting the nursing community wasn’t enough, Mark (Medic999) invited me to host the Handover Blog Carnival, the brand new carnival for and by pre-hospital/EMS personnel.

I was honored by the invitation and on April 24th, the Handover will be here, with….wait for it….

An “Emergency!” theme!

Yep! All you real life Johnny Gages, Roy DeSotos and Dixie McCalls (oh heck, let’s throw in some Dr. Bracketts, too!), send in your paramedic/EMS/base station stories!  If you’ve ever been the recipient of paramedic care, we want to hear from you, too!

(And if you actually look like Johnny Gage, feel free to send in a photo….)

Don’t forget to put “Handover Carnival” in your subject line and get it to me by April 20th.  Late submissions will be considered, as I am habitually late in submitting to carnivals.  I’m always willing to enable the procratination of others!

Be sure to check out the current edition at You called 911…for This!


  • Medic999

    March 29, 2009 at 11:56 am

    Hi Kim,

    Looking forward to seeing your unique style for “The Handover”. I really am honoured that you have spared the time to participate in our little blog carnival.
    One little point though, the carnival is for both pre-hospital care givers (paramedics/EMTs/firefighter paramedics/first responders etc etc) but also for ER and Accident & Emergency staff. Hence the title – The handover.
    So, as well as all the people mentioned by Kim, please also send in your submissions if you work in the acute and emergency departments of a hospital. It’s always nice to see both sides of a story!!
    Thanks again Kim.

  • the Happy Medic
    the Happy Medic

    March 29, 2009 at 9:25 pm

    Don’t mind that guy in the green jumpsuit, he’s even sitting on the wrong side of that car.

    Thanks for the plug for HM HQ Kim, looking forward to a submission for April, can’t wait to see it!

    Happy Medic

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