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September 26, 2016, 1:46 pm

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Lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 constipationForget the swine flu (or, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 as coined by James Lileks, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 the “Tijuana Pig Plague”)!

Lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 You can protect yourself from those who cough and sneeze and spread their germs right out in the open.

Lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 But you never know who around you is suffering from that silent killer, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 constipation.

Lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 The WHO will sound the warning for a potentially pandemic flu, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 but nary a word on those who can’t produce excreta.

Lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 And as we all know…

Lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 It’s constipation that will get you in the end.

Lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 Thanks folks, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 I’ll be here all night and don’t forget to tip the waitress….



Lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 The latest edition of Change of Shift is up over at Code Blog: Tales of a Nurse, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 and it looks like a good one!

Lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 The highlights for me: some common swine flu sense from Nurse Jo over at Head Nurse and the continuing Adventures of Bob, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 the Nurse! Seems Keith from Digital Doorway has a new friend in Mr. Lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 Bob, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 and Bob gets around!

Lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 Thanks, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 Gina, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 for a wonderful edition (and I still get excited when I see my button on your sidebar!  : D)


Hey, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 Nurse K over at Crass Pollination is having a pledge drive. Lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 It’s easy, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 it’s fast and you don’t have to sit through any long pledge breaks before you get to the good stuff.  It’s only going on for a week, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 so don’t miss out on supporting one of our own! Bloggers supporting bloggers – it’s what we do!


The Medblogger Meet-Up at BlogWorld/New Media Expo 09 is still under construction (pardon our dust).  I should have some information on registration soon.  In the meantime, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 get those days off, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 start saving those pennies and remember, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless you happen to run into Dr. Lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 Anonymous and his video cam!



I’m sitting at Starbucks and I should be studying Buddhism, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 specifically the Zen offshoot.

Something tells me there is more to Zen than those little gardens of sand with the tiny rakes.

Maybe if I meditate over this latte I’ll reach Nirvana.

The state of, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 not the rock group.

Bet Siddhartha never thought of that back in the day!

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 don’t worry, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 neither did I until this week!


I could use some meditation right about now.

Work is a pain in the butt.

Not because it is bad, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 but because I am experiencing a really bad case of I-don’t-want-to-be-there, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 aka: burn out.

Which is totally nuts because I have no reason to be burned out.

I just want to be anywhere but there.


I want to be studying.

I want to be doing laundry and dusting.

I want to be blogging.

I want to be able to watch Nascar with two bottles of Bud Light (with Lime), lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 which I can’t do when I have to go work.

Instead I am picking up a ton of hours to cover for various and sundry reasons.

I always say “NO MORE”.

And then I pick up more.


Buddha would say my life is full of dukkha because I am experiencing way too much tanha.

And he would be right.

Basically, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 it means I’m miserable and whiny because I want something I don’t have and I’m craving what I do want, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 but according to the Buddha, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 in the end, lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 I’ll be miserable anyway.

It just sounds so much less bitchy when Buddha says it.

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September 26, 2016, 9:21 am

ADHD Mentat 60 Tablets Bottle $202.00

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 coke2OMG!

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 This is bizarre!

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 Check out the claim:

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 “Laboratory tests over the last few years have proven that babies who start drinking soda during that early formative period have a much highter chance of gaining acceptance and “fitting in” during those akward pre-teen and teen years.”

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 Say what?

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 Well then my kids all should have been voted “Most Popular” because they were exposed to Diet Pepsi from the get-go through breast feeding. Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 I loves me my Diet Pepsi!

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 I always wanted to be more popular.  Now I can blame my parents.

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 Did people really believe this tripe?



Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 Tomorrow, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 Gina at Code Blog: Tales of a Nurse will be hosting Change of Shift.

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 The theme is, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 well, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 being human.

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 You know, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 those times when maybe you don’t quite act like a professional?

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 My problem wasn’t thinking of one.

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 My problem was picking which one to use!

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 I can take a lot.  I do take a lot.

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 But play me for a fool, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 push me far enough, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 and I will break.

Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 To claim otherwise would be playing myself for a fool.


He was elderly.  From South America. Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 Or South Africa.  The location isn’t important.

He didn’t speak English.

He had arrived via 911 transport from a nursing home.

Because he vomited.


I’m sure there was more to the story.

But that was the story I got.


The family arrived later.  All ten of them. Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 In the middle of the night.  They were cool.  They stayed in the waiting room.

Except one.

I didn’t mind.  I can work in front of family.  And now I had someone who could not only give me an idea of the patient’s baseline, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 but who could also communicate with the patient.


When Family Member arrived, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 I started to explain what tests we would run, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 when I was cut off mid-sentence.

“Why did he vomit?”

“Well, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 we aren’t sure, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 we are running tests to see what the problem might be, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 we are looking for….”

“It’s not that. Adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 Get him a blanket.  He’s cold.”

I got him two more warm blankets to go with the five that were already on the bed.

“….and we will also be checking for…”

“He doesn’t have that.”


Two differential diagnoses ruled out secondary to Family Member insistence that they do not exist.


I had already set up to place an IV.

I exposed the forearm and placed the tourniquet.  Ah, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 a good one!

I turned to put on my gloves.

I turned back.

The arm was covered.

“He’s cold.”

I explained that while I could keep the rest of the patient bundled up, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 I had to expose the arm for the IV.

I inserted the angiocath.

“Do you have to do that?  It hurts.  Can you not do that?”

“Actually, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 I need to do it so that I can get blood samples and give him something for nausea.”

“Are you in yet?  It hurts?  Do you have blood yet?  Oh God!  It hurts.  Why don’t you have it yet? When will you stop?”.

I had the line within 15 seconds, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 max.


I left the room to get the nausea medicine.

I came back in, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 exposed the forearm where the closest IV port was located and turned to get the syringe.

When I turned back the arm was covered.

“He’s cold.”

I gave the medicine and covered the patient back up.

I turned to dispose of the syringe and then turned back to the patient.

Family Member was feeding the patient a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Where the hell did that come from!

In the middle of the night!

“Oh, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 he can’t have solid food right now!  He was vomiting!”

“He’s hungry.”

“Please put it away until we know what is wrong with your father/brother/husband/uncle/whatever.”


I entered the room a few minutes later to do a straight catheterization for a specimen.

The light was off.

No biggie, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 those lights are bright!

I turned the light on, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 explained what I was going to do and bent my head to open the package and set up.

The light went out.

“It bothers his eyes.”

“I understand, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 but I have to see what I am doing.”

The light went back on.

I exposed the little bit of anatomy required for the straight cath and turned to put on my gloves.

I turned back to the patient to place the drape.

The patient was covered.

“He’s cold.”


I threw up my (gloved) hands in obvious frustration and said in a voice that I’m sure was a bit to loud and a bit too harsh, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 with a more than a touch of “pissed off”:

Hon, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 you have GOT to BACK OFF and LET ME DO MY JOB!

Family member apologized and the catheterization commenced.

The patient was covered by the time my gloves were off.

I heard the click of the light switch as I left the room.


I was not proud of that outburst, adhd brahmi 60 capsules bottle $293.00 and it won’t garner an “Excellent” on the patient satisfaction survey.

But I was past frustrated and more than angry.

I was seething.

And I erupted.

And I wonder why I’m on medication for high blood pressure and acid reflux.

What’s next?

I need to find another field of nursing.

But that’s fodder for another post.

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September 26, 2016, 7:53 am

Vasotec 5mg Pills $104.00

Celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 header_nursejackieThat’s Edie Falco.

Celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 You remember.  She played Carmella Soprano.

Celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 Great actress; I love her.

Celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 Too bad I won’t be watching her new character on Showtime.


“Nurse Jackie” is a new series.

I received an email from Showtime asking me if I would curate a selection of nursing experiences for an upcoming “Nurse Stories” web site that would coincide with the debut of Nurse Week and “Nurse Jackie”.


I don’t get email from Showtime every day, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 so this sounded pretty interesting.

I went to the website to check out the show before responding.

I made it through one video.


Nurse Jackie is a competent, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 hard-as-nails, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 take-no-prisoners ER nurse.

With a heart, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 of course.

One minute she’s telling a doctor he’s full of it, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 the next minute she tells a patient to get out of her ER (classic!).

Edie Falco is perfect as the title character.

You’ve all worked with her.

Hell, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 you might even be her!


My first reaction?

Oh..my..god, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 they did it!

They made a show with a strong nurse protagonist, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 and damn! if they didn’t get the ER environment down!

I had goosebumps, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 literally.

I was ready to (a) start getting Showtime, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 (b) spread the word far and wide and (c) take the job.

But then…


They started grabbing her chest.

I think in a the short video I watched (five minutes?) Nurse Jackie had her breasts fondled by three men.

Oh great.

My first thought?

Here we go again with the nurse-as-sex-object stereotype.

(Actually, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 my first thought is that I must be working in the wrong hospitals.)

But it got worse.


Nurse Jackie is a drug addict.

Has back pain.

Snorts crushed up Percocets.

Oh no they didn’t………


Oh yes.

They did.

Now, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 would somebody please tell me why, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 why? they had to portray this nurse as a drug addict?

Did they not see that they had the potential for one hell of a nurse character here?

Did they not see that they could break the mold of media stereotypes in nursing and pave new ground?

Did they not see that there is enough material to build a nurse character out of what happens in the ER alone without adding the oh-so-subtle touch of drug addiction?


If you’re an nurse who spends a lot of time with other people fondling you, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 you might like this show.

If you’re an RN and addicted to drugs, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 you might like this show.

In fact, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 why don’t you go check out the website for yourself.

Watch the video, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 get a feel for the character.

Tell me what you think.

Tell Showtime what you think.

And if you are really pissed, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 write to The Truth About Nursing.

I already did.


As for me?

I (a) am not subscribing to Showtime, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 (b) will not promote the show to anyone outside this blog post and (c) did not take the job.

I am so sick, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 and so tired, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 of stupid media portrayals of nurses.

Didn’t watch “ER”.  No “Grey’s Anatomy”. Celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 Won’t watch “House”.

Here goes trying to explain to my patients, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 again, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 that “no, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 I don’t watch that show because of the portrayal of nursing.”


You blew it, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 Showtime.

Of course, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 it’s not too late to rectify the issues, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 the show has not debuted yet.

But know this:

No matter how funny, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 how dramatic or how well written “Nurse Jackie” is, celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 you are doing nothing to advance or promote the nursing profession. Celebrex 100mg pills $170.00 But then I guess the goal is ratings and nothing defines a “hit” like sex and drugs.


“Nurse Jackie” is described as “Saint!  Sinner!”.



Sound familiar?



Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 217 user reviews.

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