April 21, 2009, 9:32 am

A Great Day for Grand Rounds!

cookieIt’s Tuesday….

Yep! That means Grand Rounds!

And Amy over at Diabetes Mine has done a great job with her Birthday Edition!!!!

Hence, the accompanying photo of one of the coolest Cookies by Design bouquets I’ve seen!

Grab a (virtual) “Admit One” cookie and head over to Amy’s place for the latest edition of the medblogger carnival! Oh, and don’t forget to bring home your “goodie bag”!

Amy, you really ARE a “Blogstar!”



Friday is the day!

The Handover EMS Blog Carnival will be hosted right here at Emergiblog.

I’m still open for any last minute submissions from any and all bloggers who wish to blog about the emergency medical system, from the field, right through the ER.  EMT, Medic, Doc, Nurse or Patient!

You got a story?  I want to include it! Use the contact button up top.  I’ll be taking submissions until Thursday at noon, Pacific Time!



The next Change of Shift will be hosted by none other than Gina over at Code Blog: Tales of a Nurse! The theme is being “human”. I have about a few hundred ideas for that! : )

Submissions can be sent to “codeblogrn at gmail dot com”.

Many thanks to Gina for hosting!

One Comment

  • Joanna

    April 23, 2009 at 5:43 pm

    I have been working in Medical Imaging for 3 years and spend alot of time in the ER getting patients. I’ve considered seeing if I can work the ER PRN. I think I would enjoy it. I have my own nursing forum. Membership is absolutely free and includes avatars and all the threads including the premium threads. They are all free. Open to nurses and nursing students only. I enjoy your blog. Thanks.

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