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Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Welcome to Change of Shift, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 the blog carnival by nurses, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 for nurses and about nurses!

Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 This week the theme is….wait for it….nursing!

Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Are you planning on attending the Medblogger Conference/Meet Up at BlogWorld/New Media Expo 09 in Las Vegas in October? There is a special page here on Emergiblog where I will update new information as it comes in. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Registration should be up at the BlogWorld site soon, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 and Southwest has just started booking flights for October. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Feel free to email me with any questions!


Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Ever stop to realize how much of our profession centers on communication? Dr. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Val talked to five nurses about real-life lapses in communication affecting their practice. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Read what they had to say at Nurses Dish on Communication Lapses That Harm Patients over at Better Health.

Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Disappearing John returns to Change of Shift with a great story of integrity, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 the details of which may surprise you. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Check out Something Unusual Today…

Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Lanette Anderson became an RN at twenty, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 just like me! She came from a family of nurses, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 but it still didn’t prepare her fully for what to expect after graduation. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 In Becoming a Nurse – Five Things I Wish I Had Known, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 she shares the perspective that comes with experience. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Posted at


Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Barbara at Florence dot com revisits a post-from-the-past (and provides a great introduction to her blog!) in Welcome to Florence dot com. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 After you have read the post, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 go watch this video on You Tube. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Take a Kleenex. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 This one’s for Fred.

Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Still holding the kleenex? Good. Medic/Nurse has submitted a post that every single ER nurse will relate to: He Said Uh-oh. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 You’ll need the Kleenex. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Medic/Nurse has finished his/her paramedic course and is now, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 officially, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 a paramedic AND a nurse! Congratulations!

Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Okay, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 you can put down your Kleenex…well, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 maybe you will still need it as you will laugh so hard you will cry when you read Male Postpartum Depression over at Reality Rounds. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 You’ll be astounded, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 you’ll be outraged, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 and if you ever suffered from postpartum depression you will be angry, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 but you will laugh.


Mother Jones at Nurse Ratched’s Place is back in uniforms and has a great post on just what is available and what is appropriate for a nurse who might be just a wee too experienced for SpongeBob Squarepants in Uniform of the Day. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Sistah, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 we are old, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 bold and too hot to hold! I was going to use that same ad on a future Emergiblog post, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 ya know. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 I’ve been usurped! It’s not that I’m jealous that you got a blue cape. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Or anything.

Ahem, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 back to our carnival:

We are privileged to witness some profound, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 personal moments in nursing. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Here’s a tale of one of those moments. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 From Spook, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 RN at Drug Pusher, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 read Old Lady With the Low Heart Rate. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Heartwarming!

We live for those moments when we realize the result of our hard work. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Jane had one of those moments! I Love My Job is posted over at See Jane Nurse.


Most of us only know our patients from their illnesses and their stay in the hospital. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Kathy Patton at NurseConnect wonders As Nurses, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Do We Really “Know” Our Patients? There’s a great idea to use in the ICU to help keep us focused on the person-in-the-patient.

In Artificial Nails and Ponytails, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 NurseConnect blogger Laura Webb looks back at her nursing school attire (and this was 2005!) and wonders about current rules and regulations regarding uniforms, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 hair and fingernails. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 What restrictions are you working under, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 and why?

I have to get out and around the blogs more often! I found this gem at Pixel RN, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 who was following the White House Health Care Summit in March. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 She gives a great take on who said what at .…A Nurse’s Perspective.


That’s it for this week, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 many thanks to those who submitted (and those who didn’t realize they submitted until they read this post!).

Next edition, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Gina at Code Blog will be hosting, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 so you can send your submissions to “codeblogrn at gmail dot com”.  Thanks Gina!

Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 And, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 remember, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Change of Shift now has subscription options; you can follow by email or RSS feed. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 An aggregated feed of credible, zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 rotating health and medicine blog carnivals is also available. Zanaflex 2mg pills $169.00 Many thanks to Walter Jesson at Highlight Health for setting those feeds up!

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  • Healthcare Today
    Healthcare Today

    April 16, 2009 at 5:25 am

    Change of Shift: Vol. 3, Number 21 // Emergiblog…

    The latest edition of the nursing blog carnival….

  • […] Check out the Change of Shift article here at the Emergiblog […]

  • Barbara Olson
    Barbara Olson

    April 16, 2009 at 9:20 am

    Thanks for including the story about Fred Knittle, Kim. I’m honored to be in such great company…. the tender stories continued long after you said the Kleenex could go away! Here’s a link to the post I put up announcing “Change of Shift”:

  • Change of Shift « Reality Rounds
    Change of Shift « Reality Rounds

    April 16, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    […] Postpartum DepressionEileen on Heavy CargoNurse Gloria on Male Postpartum DepressionChange of Shift: Vol. 3, Number 21 // Emergiblog on Male Postpartum Depressionrealityrounds on Male […]

  • NPs Save Lives
    NPs Save Lives

    April 17, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    Sorry I missed this edition! I was busy traveling to Great Lakes, Illinois to see my son graduate from Navy Basic. Will definitely submit for Code Blog though.. Off I go to get writing!

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