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Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Welcome to Change of Shift, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 the blog carnival by, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 about and for nurses!

Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 There is no Star Trek theme, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 although I did actually go see the movie again, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 hence the enhanced post title.

Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 (Check this out: for $9.95 and a boxtop you can get a Captain’s shirt from Cheez-Its. Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 The family is halfway through the box, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 with orders from Captain Kim not to throw it out.)

Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 If you would like to take the helm of a future Change of Shift voyage, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 please send a message (see contact button above) and the Communications Officer will schedule a date for you!

Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Like the latest Star Trek movie, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 this edition of Change of Shift will make you smile and get you all riled up at the same time!

Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 But enough about my delusions of Star Fleet, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 on with the main attraction!


Let’s start with a smile! Our very generous action figure colleague from The Adventures of Bob the Nurse, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 invites us for an after work libation in Bombay Bob! Make mine a double!

An unexpected illness allows Keith at Digital Doorway time to ponder our profession and review his career experiences in Calling in Sick on Nurses Day.

Hmmm….looks like some of Sean’s colleagues decided to come to work sick in Hard Worker or Just Hard Headed? over at Be the Next Step.  Why do we do that? I feel a post coming on…by the way, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Sean, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 great looking site!  : )


I’m on the mailing list for the new U.C. Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 an institution I hope to someday refer to as my “alma mater”. Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Dean Heather M. Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Young, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Associate Vice Chancellor for Nursing, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 mailed out a beautiful Salute to the Nation’s Nurses in Honor of National Nurses Week. Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 I thought it would be great to share it with you.

Get ready to get angry.  ER Murse advises us on How to Tell if You Have Been Studerized.  Somebody, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 anybody, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 tell me they can’t be serious about this!  Sutter Health is involved (I’m shocked…shocked….not) and for all the frustrations that I have with the California Nurses Association, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 this is exactly when you want them having your back.  Read to the bottom, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 and be sure to click on the links to the leaked memo from a Sutter Health chief nursing officer, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 along with CNA’s response. Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Forewarned is forearmed.

Oh my. Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Reality Rounds sends in a story that will have you reeling: In the Eye of the Beholder. Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 There is absolutely nothing I can add. Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Bring a Kleenex.  If I wasn’t sitting in the middle of a Starbucks, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 I’d need a full box.


Bob Dylan wrote, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 “….Your old road is rapidly agin’, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend a hand, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 For the times they are a’changin’.”  This is the line that came to mind as I read Barbara’s post from Florence dot com noting While It’s Tempting to Eat the Young, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Here’s a Better Recipe.  They will question; will you be able to answer?

The future may be upon us, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 but the past is our heritage. Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Dr. Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Val from Better Health sends in a tribute to nurses everywhere in Nurses and the Military: A Historical Perspective from Walter Reed.

“When does a seasoned or retired nurse pass the torch on to the new generation?” This question is asked in a beautifully poignant post from Nurse Connect blogger Laura Webb entitled the Nursing Rites of Passage.


Karin at 12-Hour Nurse has a list and she’s checking it twice!  Checking for What Not to Wear, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 that is! I’m down with the list, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 but I do love my earrings. Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 It’s my only splurge!

I’ve been in ER for 18 of my 31 nursing years and I have never heard of what Nurse Connect blogger Kathy Patton describes as a Rare Cardiac Phenomenon! Fascinating…I wonder if I actually have seen it and did not know it!


Thanks to all who submitted and, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 of course, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 for reading!

Be sure to keep your eye on the BlogWorld/New Media Expo 09 website; registration for the Medblogger Meet-Up should be beginning soon!

Gina at Code Blog: Tales of a Nurse will be hosting the next edition of CoS on May 28th, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 so send your submissions to “codeblogrn at gmail dot com”.  Thanks again to Gina!

Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 (Remember, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Change of Shift now has subscription options; you can follow by email or RSS feed. Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 An aggregated feed of credible, acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 rotating health and medicine blog carnivals is also available. Acticin topical 30gm tube $112.00 Many thanks to Walter Jesson at Highlight Health for setting those feeds up!)

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  • Sean

    May 14, 2009 at 2:55 am

    Kim, Thanks for including my itty-bitty post. It seems that Star Trek’s impact was still lingering a bit.
    And thanks for the compliment! That means a lot coming from you. I got lots to read! Thanks again.

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  • Healthcare Today
    Healthcare Today

    May 14, 2009 at 3:02 am

    Beam Yourself Aboard Change of Shift: Volume 3, Number 23 // Emergiblog…

    The latest edition of the blog carnival change of shift has been beamed (posted)….

  • Barbara Olson
    Barbara Olson

    May 14, 2009 at 4:26 am

    Thanks for making Change of Shift such a nice read, Kim! Here’s a link to a post that showcases this edition: If you’re looking to add to your inspiration bank, this post also polls for ideas for the Change of Shift theme June 11th.

  • Jeff

    May 14, 2009 at 5:39 am

    Great job. Thanks for putting this together, I love to see all the blogs I haven’t heard of and see the old favorites all in one spot.

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    Change of Shift « Reality Rounds

    May 14, 2009 at 2:10 pm

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  • beka serdans
    beka serdans

    May 29, 2009 at 2:34 am

    What are we talking about on Medscape Nurses
    How about joining in on the light side – Gray’s Anatomy Final episode of 2009 ( what a shocker, don’t you think ? ); describe your first cardiac arrest and get your hands into legalities of healthcare ! Nursing recession-proof , naahhh, I don’t think so.


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