July 17, 2009, 5:58 pm

From DC to Chi-town to….Vegas?

signWhew! The Better Health “Putting Patients First” medblogger event is over!

I thought it went great, I know I had a blast, even if my legs didn’t stop shaking for thirty minutes after it was over.  I had stage fright, but at least I got to sit down.

This is me in front of the Press Club logo; I have a TON of pictures.  Unfortunately they are either (a) blurry, (b) my eyes are shut or (c) I look fat. This just will not do. I was using my iPhone and Mother Jones had a much better camera…I’ll get some from her!

I’d love to write more except I’m going to have to board my plane in a few minutes. Not to Oakland, though.  To Las Vegas!

They oversold my flight and needed a volunteer to be routed to Oakland through Las Vegas tomorrow.  Oh heck, why not? I am flying alone and had no reason that I had to be home.  Southwest is paying for the hotel and let’s just say I now have enough credit to get hubby and I to at least one Notre Dame home game this year!

Oh, for those of you who weren’t there and wonder what I said, it was something along the lines of “blah blah blah….blah-blah blah..blah blah blah!  At least that is how my memory recorded it. I’ll have to watch the video to remember!

I’ll be posting more, possibly when I get to Vegas….if I can pull myself away from the casino long enough.

Actually, does the Holiday Inn even have a casino?

One Comment

  • Rita Schwab

    July 19, 2009 at 11:24 am

    You look fabulous! And it sounds like your trip was very exciting.

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