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July 25, 2016, 10:00 pm

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Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 Valerie_Jarrett_official_portrait_smallI was honored to receive an unprecedented opportunity to hear a Senior Advisor to President Obama speak about his health care reform efforts at BlogHer 09.

Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 Valerie Jarrett, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 spoke to an intimate group of bloggers at a luncheon today.

Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 And I was 15 minutes late.

Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 How humiliating! This was definitely not the event where one should be “fashionably late”.

Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 Ms. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 Jarrett was totally cool though, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 and said “Come on in and tell us who you are!” Apparently I had just missed intros; the discussion was just starting.

Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Now I’ve been pretty clear about not wanting a government run health care system, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 and I attended the luncheon knowing I did not have a clear grasp on the President’s proposal. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 (I have downloaded the Bill, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 have not had a chance to finish it.) I wanted to keep an open mind; I wanted to learn as opposed to opine.

The best way to learn is to keep your mouth shut and listen. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 That is exactly what I did.

It was not easy.


Ms. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 Jarrett is warm, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 sincere and truly passionate about the President’s efforts at health care reform;  Ms. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 Jarrett has full faith in the ability of the President to positively reform our health care system.

Now, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 if I heard and understood correctly, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 what the President wants is a public plan as an option; a choice to obtain health care coverage through the government should you find yourself unemployed/without any health care coverage.  Ms. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 Jarrett was adamant that the goal is not a single-payer government run plan, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 but there was some group questioning of (1) why the idea of a government plan is perceived as scary and (2) whether or not it would be tantamount to socialism and indeed, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 what would be wrong with that anyway. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 One blogger noted that she knew many Canadians who were happy with their health care.

These questions were more rhetorical in nature. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 Honestly, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 I don’t think time would have permitted in-depth discussion.


There was discussion on how bloggers can get out the message of health care reform and ideas on how the President can best communicate his ideas to the public.  It was noted that the President is holding press conferences for which he is asking full coverage because he wants the entire story told, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 not just sound bytes.  (Side note: I found this interesting because just recently ABC News encamped in the White House for an entire day – and the topic was health care reform.)

I actually did have a question enter my mind, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 as I was intrigued by the idea that the public plan was an option: I wanted to know if one could move in and out of the public plan as desired, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 or were you stuck in the public plan once it was chosen.

I didn’t get a chance to ask, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 as the discussion moved forward with two bloggers sharing stories of their personal experiences with the health care system.  Very personal, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 heart wrenching stories. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 Their frustration and anguish was palpable. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 Ms. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 Jarrett listened with empathy; she truly cared about what my fellow bloggers had/were enduring.

I found out later that both bloggers left with her personal business card with her office number for them to call her directly after the conference.  That was impressive.


So, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 some final thoughts.

I like Valerie Jarrett.  It was amazing that she took time to come and speak to us, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 and it was informative. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 She speaks straight, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 she is sincere and she seems very passionate and compassionate regarding health care reform.  I’m a bit more informed about what the President is looking for.  This was the advantage shutting up and listening. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 I don’t necessarily agree but I’m starting to at least get a hold of the concept.

Gratuitous political commentary: I think a little too much time was spent decrying the last administration. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 It’s over; time to move on.

Now for my totally off-the-cuff observation. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 I could not help but notice this was the exact opposite of my experience in DC last week. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 This was a full-on Obamafest, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 last week seemed like an “anything BUT Obamafest”. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 This week the “opposition” was putting out misinformation, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 last week the “opposition” was trying to cram a bill through before Congress could read it.

Is there no middle ground? Does it have to be this contentious? Maybe it’s the way of politics and I’m just now realizing it.

Between the two events, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 I guess I have now been exposed to a “fair and balanced” view of health care reform by Washington insiders.

So….why does it still feel like I have vertigo?


This post was written from my own notes and memory. Protonix 20mg pills $138.00 It was actually live-blogged in real time and if you would like to read the entire transcript, protonix 20mg pills $138.00 it is written here: Valerie Jarrett/Health Care Reform Live Blog BlogHer 09.

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July 25, 2016, 8:03 pm

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Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 jenniWhere is THE best place to be in Chicago tonight?

Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 At BlogHer 09, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 with an entire community of women (and a couple of guys) who all have one thing in common: blogging! I had made friends with four bloggers before I even left baggage claim. Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 The energy, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 the camaraderie is unbelievable. Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 Last year I was floored by it, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 this year I’m rejuvenated just being in the atmosphere.


Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 BlogHer09 officially starts tomorrow, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 but the speakers/panelists met tonight followed by a reception sponsored by Sprint. Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 And guess what? Sprint sponsors Nascar, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 so I have an inside connection now! (Hi Sara!).

Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 A bunch of women came walking in with major swag bags from the Hyatt around the corner; I’m seriously sorry I missed out on THAT!

Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 But I didn’t miss out on meeting Jenni from ChronicBabe! Jenni will be sitting on a panel tomorrow entitled “PatientBloggers: You Are Not Your Disease, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 You Just Blog About It Every Day”.  Kerri from Six Until Me will also be on that panel (missed her tonight), propecia 1mg pills $149.00 along with my new acquaintance, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 Loolwa Khazzoom from Dancing With Pain.

Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 My panel will be on Saturday and is called “Healthcare by Committee” , propecia 1mg pills $149.00 or how to use the internet to find information on health without freaking yourself out (that’s my personal definition). Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 Fellow Better Health blogger Dr. Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 Gwenn is our moderator. Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 You would think after last week in DC, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 I’d have this down, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 but I still have “stage fright”!



Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 I’m sporting a “ChronicBabe” pin, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 because while I might not be officially a “ChronicBabe”, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 I’m chronically babe-ish! At least that is what I told Jenni to get a pin. Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 I have no shame. Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 I don’t have any hair left, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 either, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 as you can see. Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 This is what my hairdresser calls “a little off the length and a bit of shaping”.  Hah! Captain Picard had more hair.


Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 I’m telling you, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 BlogHer is such an inspiration that I had ten blog ideas before I even landed in Chicago! And then I walk into my room after the cocktail party and this is what I find on my table!

Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 No, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 it’s not from a secret admirer, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 it’s a “Welcome to BlogHer 09” gift from Columbia: Land of Flowers! It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten live swag at at conference!


Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 navypierFlowers in the room, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 Starbucks Coffee sitting on the desk and this view of Navy Pier from my hotel window.

Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 Oh yeah, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 and the President is around the corner!

Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 Seriously!

Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 Not sure why he is in Chicago, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 but we saw the motorcade out the window.

Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 Downtown Chicago is beautiful. Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 I’d been through Chicago before, propecia 1mg pills $149.00 but not downtown.

Propecia 1mg pills $149.00 I am so blogging this!

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5:10 am

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Oxytrol 5mg pills $104.00 OffwhitelogoChange of Shift is up “down under” with a beautiful edition hosted by Ross at Nurse in Australia! Gorgeous photos of the Sunshine Coast await you (and I’m ready to move there!).

Oxytrol 5mg pills $104.00 Many thanks to Ross for taking on hosting duties and to all those who contributed! The next Change of Shift is being hosted at Man-Nurse Diaries. Oxytrol 5mg pills $104.00 Use the BlogCarnival link on the sidebar or send your submissions to “mannursediaries at gmail dot com”.



I’m sitting here in Oakland waiting to fly to Chicago for the BlogHer09 Conference!

I’ll be speaking on a panel called “Healthcare by Committee” and will be meeting Jenni from ChronicBabe.com and hanging out with Kerri from Six Until Me, oxytrol 5mg pills $104.00 both of whom will be panelists for a patient blogger session!

I’ll be tweeting and blogging and just plain having a blast.  If you are going to be there, oxytrol 5mg pills $104.00 drop me a line so we can meet!

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